Condoleezza Rice Remembers George Shultz: 'We're All Better For The 100 Years That He Lived' 1

Condoleezza Rice Remembers George Shultz: ‘We’re All Better For The 100 Years That He Lived’


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice joins Andrea Mitchell to remember her fellow former Secretary of State George Shultz, who passed away over the weekend at the age of 100. Rice calls Shultz, "a lifelong learner, and great mentor to so many people like me and so many others. A terrific teacher, a great businessman and above all, he will be remembered as the person who channeled Ronald Reagan's great instincts about the Soviet Union into policies that helped end the Cold War. We're all better for the 100 years that he lived." Aired on 02/08/2021.
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Condoleezza Rice Remembers George Shultz: 'We're All Better For The 100 Years That He Lived'


  1. Tell us about Iran-Contra, Condy. If your mentor is such a wise and great guy why did he essentially create a market for hostages?

    1. She was also named in Bush’s articles of impeachment for propagandizing the American public for war with Iraq. 1st article.

    2. Maybe you should try to explain your comment re hostages? What hostages?What market? What’re you braying about?

    1. @Maria Herrera it’s people like you who’re too stupid to realize that the reason you have the standard of living is because of American muscle.

  2. She better remember amongst others the most important thing that Karma will never forget her, she is got blood on her hands,she sold her soul to the devil.

  3. No baloney George: “… could be a brilliant talker. But his most intimidating skill was his ability to keep his mouth shut …”

  4. Never liked his policies, but he always held himself like a decent human being. Unlike the Trump Republicans of today. He didn’t make me want to strangle him.

  5. Condoleeza is one of the smartest persons to ever serve our government. However, she got that Bush taint on her and it ended her career.

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