Confederate Reckoning: The teaching of the history of the Confederacy | USA TODAY 1

Confederate Reckoning: The teaching of the history of the Confederacy | USA TODAY


The teaching of the history of the Confederacy, Reconstruction and the Jim Crow era.
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As the nation faces a reckoning over social-justice issues and systemic racism, we are examining whether schools are adequately teaching the history of American slavery, the Confederacy, Reconstruction and the Jim Crow era.

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  1. Good piece. Keep telling the story of the Confederacy as a treasonous act so we can rid our land of it. You don’t see statues of Nazis in Germany

    1. @Shawn Turner no son, I have plenty to say and facts to support what I say. Unlike you, i could show you exactly that a stop sign is red and white and you would tend to still want to dispute the facts. So I’ll let you think you won

    2. @Hot Rod I’m not your son. I’m an adult and I know my father. What fact didn’t I state? I can give you facts or whatever you want. You haven’t said anything or presented any fact?

    3. @Clay More I’m not adverse to other opinions. I’m adverse to comments that people make without clearing stating why

  2. Let me remove your history and see how you feel, bad or good it’s a part of American history.
    What about the cherokees or the Jews or how chinese and so on were in slaved.
    What about white people who have had to suffer under tyranny. What about there history. Why don’t take a hard look at how this originally started ? It seem to me that this culture feels entitled and want to be treated as such. How do end it, when you yourself keep the flame’s of hate going. I’ve watch how people act on all side and guess what there is no different.
    Who started the slave trade where is it history origin story?
    It’s seem that the white culture is being blamed and hated accused of of racism, all the while the african american culture is doing the exact same thing hating and causing racism. . Not all is to blame and not all blame belongs to only one culture.
    With out history people are doomed to repeat the same ,all people. We learn from the past so we can grow in the future.

    1. @Knight Alderman fascist is today’s communism where if you say something they don’t like they’ll label you that

  3. Come to SC and let real Confederate history be taught. The majority of the white south were poor irishmen. They didn’t own slaves. Very few in the south owned slaves. More slavery was done and continued to be done in the northern states

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