1. @Megalord Ng The church didn’t turn communist… but they recognize the pastor is fulfilling 1 Timothy 4: 1…

    2. @Megalord Ng What a nonsens! Telling to you that Trump is spreading lies (what is the truth) makes
      somebody to a communist? Do you even know what communism is?

    3. @Carla Jay wow you declaring Taiwan independence for CCP is amazing, did you lose a organ or two to CCP lately?

  1. I would attend any sermon this man gives. He listened to the convictions of his heart and stood on that. Do you know how many Christians who know what the Bible says and does the opposite anyway because following the Bible isn’t popular all the time? I really hope he’s able to open a new church of his own. 🙏🏽💯

    1. @Satanic Microchip v5 secularists are even worse at intepreting scripture than those hack trailer park “700 club” republicans, maybe just sit this one out.

    2. @Adam Frost
      Aww… Scared?
      What did I say that was wrong?
      Maybe you should sit this one out and read your abrahamic death cult mythology.
      Hey, lemme know if you come across any of them talking donkeys.
      I wanna get one.
      Make it two, that way they have someone to talk to while I’m at work.

      Superstition fails.

  2. This pastor is spot on! There is a big problem with TRUTH these days and people must stand up and call it out!

    1. @eric marie That’s technically true, but it isn’t what the commenter meant. ‘Truth’ means observable, verifiable traits of Trump. He’s a compulsive opportunistic liar and completely untrustworthy. That’s ‘truth’ and watching the man in public will confirm it, because he’s artless at lying.

  3. So let me get this straight… this man preached to you for years, prayed for you and your family, probably presided at weddings, baptisms and funerals; went to hospital visits, counseled you and comforted you at your lowest moments and then he preaches one sermon about a politician that angers you to the point that you demand he be fired….. that says more about the congregants of this church than it does about the pastor.

    1. @Wiz IsWise357 Hilarious. Did you not see all those evangelical televangelists SCREAMING on T.V. when Biden won. Even though “all power is given of God” these red faced screamers all but cursed from the pulpit. Just more false teachers worshipping another false prophet.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em They apparently forgot the whopping ending to that chapter. You are correct, they have taken to calling him their Golden Leader on Earth? My mouth flopped open, I’m pretty sure their god is going to get pissed, if we are using biblical history. I guess if you believe you can interpret your religions foundation in any way you wish, there might be some room for pretending some “other” people got wiped out by the wrath of god. Personally I would be taking that lesson to heart, spitting in the face of god seems foolish.

    3. @Fred Ede They are simply incapable of rational thinking. They all suffer some degree of derangement and cognitive dissonance.

  4. PASTOR WILLIAM KOPP. I’m not evangelical, but I’m very happy and proud of YOU. You are the real Patriot, You are a hero, You are a very decent person and wish American people recognize that and give You the credits and respect that You deserve. Blessings for You and Your family.

  5. Ok. I’m shocked as hell – we have one brave soul in the land willing to speak ‘Truth to Power’! I support this guy!

    1. Agreed, but the church should not be postulating about politics. Any church that does should lose their tax deductible status.

    2. Narrow is the path…

      I’m no longer a Christian, but the parable of the Sheep and The Goats, and the parable of the Narrow and the Wide Roads, stuck with me since I was a child.

      If there’s anything real to Christianity, the vast majority of those claiming to be Christians will not see heaven.

      So, this pastor being fired doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

    3. @Sheila Boston The pastor said in the interview it was not a political sermon but a sermon on morality. If we are electing people to positions where they create and enforce law then the morality of those people should be discussed, even in church. Especially since some people, MTG, Boebert and others, are talking about having a single official religion in the united states.

    4. @Sheila Boston – Obviously this pastor’s congregation was wearing ‘red hats’ on their sleeve and he got tired of the hypocrisy and wanted them back on the path to following Jesus instead of money, power and trump cults.

  6. Finally someone with courage and bravery. Thank you Pastor Kopp. !!! Morals are nowhere but this guy has them.

    1. demons! the NT says be slow in laying on hands; you can find many pictures of evangelical pastors laying on hands, praying, onto Trump, even on his inauguration; Paul speaks of the spreading spiritual cancer [to run from it] – it’s demonic, its how cults are born

    2. well they got rid of a man of integrity says exactly what these church members are followers of the antichrist trump and have no honor or integrity

  7. There should be more pastors like this man. More pastors speaking the truth to their congregations. Sometimes people need to hear uncomfortable truths. Everything Pastor Koop spoke is the truth and his weak congregation were left uncomfortable.

    1. Isn’t Christianity about morality?
      If it’s not, I wouldn’t be interested in Christianity.
      These people are making this choice too easy.

    2. So a racist man, who brags about groping woman, makes fun of disable people and dead soldiers, incites violence and division , and never tells the truth, is a christian ? He said on an interview that he does not need to ask God forgiveness, in case you try to say well nobody is perfect 🤔

  8. Dang there are actual pastors with a moral compass that don’t subvert real Christian values for radical conservative ideology? I wish there were more pastors with insight, critical thinking as self awareness as him. People like him should be treasured, emulated and protected from the violence of the insane right. Godspeed to him.

  9. God bless you, pastor Kopp! So nice to finally hear someone speak the truth!!!! Thank you for a bit of sanity in this crazy world.

    1. God has a plan for this Pastor Kopp should wait for patienty on God’s words and stand still for the lord something will come to him and give him a new assignment Amen

    1. The Antichrist corrupts the entire world with lies. The few Christians left suffer for telling the truth. It’s an old story, which evangelicals conveniently never learned in church.

  10. We need more pastors like you to continue speaking the truth and abide and walk by the word, if you declare to be a Christian. It’s easy to just say it, but, by the actions we’ve witnessed, however, they’ll continue to use the church for their own beliefs, It’s only what they all prefer and want to hear, lies. Period. We, as true believers, stand well aware what God wants for our country; Peace, love, and unity. We must pray to end all evil governing in this country and thank God for giving us our freedom to choose to save our Democracy… Amen 🇺🇸 🙏🇺🇲

    1. I don’t understand how Christians treat trump like the 2nd coming of Christ. If he was truly “anointed by god” as he claims then why would he have lost the 2020 election. The Bible says good always triumphs over evil, so wouldn’t god take the election into his hands and good prevail…. That would be if god was actually on trump’s side

    2. It’s not right to support trump in sermon. Bit it’s not right to criticize trump either. Church is about worshipping jesus, not politics.

  11. He spoke the biblical truth & God is backing him up. Please let him know there are many of us out here that agree with him.

    1. @David Pearson So be atheist already. No one is telling you that you must have faith yet you want to deny or discredit others theirs.

  12. Wow! I am not a Christian but I believe in people, in honesty and in integrity. I support this man! Thank you for your bravery. All it takes is one voice at a time to break this spell.

    1. @Lucinda Butler any righteous person knows evil 😈 when they see it. These so called Christians are hypocrites if they support Trump. The devil 😈 of darkness.

    2. @Lucinda Butler fear, anger, hate, all those negative emotions are thee darkness: only love, compassion, and empathy can put the light in darkness.

    1. Despicable congregation. They aren’t true believers. Just a bunch of hypocrites. Who are they to condem a man for telling the truth??

  13. Praise God for Pastor Kopp, you did what was right. You spoke the truth and many can’t face the truth. Their politics mean more to them than being a true Christian

  14. Thank You, Pastor William Kopp, You Are Speaking #TRUTH & Light, In All Of dtrumpf’s & His Minions’ Lies & Deceptions & Darkness, GOD Bless You & Your Wife, for Standing Strong!!! Prayers for You🙏💞💖🙏

    1. @u2mister1 All by yourself? That’s got to be some kind of record. Congratulations!! It’s so much better than being a Trump-monkey.

    2. It’s ok…. he’ll most likely go to heaven while his former congregation will burn in the flaming pits of hell.

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