Congress ‘Absolutely’ Needs To See Transcripts Between Pres. Trump And Erdoğan | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Congress ‘Absolutely’ Needs To See Transcripts Between Pres. Trump And Erdoğan | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


"This is far from a great day for the Kurds, and it's a tragic day for the United States and for our reputation around the world," Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) said on the negotiations between Turkey and the U.S. Aired on 10/17/19.
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Congress ‘Absolutely’ Needs To See Transcripts Between Pres. Trump And Erdoğan | MTP Daily | MSNBC

63 Comments on "Congress ‘Absolutely’ Needs To See Transcripts Between Pres. Trump And Erdoğan | MTP Daily | MSNBC"

  1. Hey we do weird corrupt crap all of the time, who cares?🤷‍♂️ – Mick Mulvaney

  2. The new American flag is now called “ Bonespurs & Stripes”

  3. This was Putin’s plan all along.

    • I find it interesting that Trump is giving Putin this particular Christmas present now…as opposed to last year or the year before.

    • Texas has a better economy then Russia. Nobody cares about Russia except the warhawks that want WWIII

    • This operation was more successful than Putin could have dreamed of. Putin’s a genius, Trump is a moron. It’s called “synergy””.

    • @sham421 just what has Putin got to offer for any American to do his bidding? Name one thing? Look how much our establishment Democrats have done that was communist Chinas ‘bidding’. Just research a little bit. Russia is broke. War is all about the economy now and Russia is a nobody. Common sense please.

  4. We need to see transcripts for all of Trump’s calls with heads of state. Who knows how many other countries he has tried to bribe?

  5. So Pence lied to the world. What a surprise. Just what we need from this robot.

  6. “All roads lead to Russia!!!” — Nancy Pelosi

    • EXACTLY! Russia hasn’t had power in the Middle East in 70 years. Now that America’s abdicated its responsibilities, Putin is unrestrained in partnering with Assad.

    • Russian flags are flying over our former Kurdish military bases. Our troops had to retreat & were fired upon. Let that sink in.

    • @RS W President bone spurs made a destructive unilateral foreign policy decision that is reshaping the world as we once knew it. Putin’s goal has always been to break apart NATO. He’s halfway there thanks to Donald Trump.

  7. Pence: ” Mr. Erdogan, President Trump just needs you to throw him a bone to make him look good. It’s no secret that he’s a pathologically insecure little man. He’s taking a lot of heat right now for his decision to betray the Kurds. So what do you say to a 3 month cease fire?

    Erdogan: “I’ll give you 120 hours, starting now.”

    Pence: “WE’LL TAKE IT!!!!”

  8. No, they need to hear the recordings of all his questionable calls. Printed word lacks vocal inflections.

  9. This isn’t a “negotiated deal”, this is more like caving in on a “hostage situation”.

    Trump completely screwed himself over, making things worse for both the US and Syria.

    Undeniable fact.

    • He conveniently made things better for Russia, again by solidifying Assad’s control in Syria. Remember when he named an unregistered foreign agent with ties to Turkey as his National SECURITY advisory…well he just skipped the middle man and took orders directly from them allowing for the ethnic cleansing of our ALLIES. For what? Russia, Turkey, Assad and ISIS have all won, WE ONLY LOST. Trump claims to have made a deal, the senate hasn’t a copy much less have they ratified any such thing as is required by the constitution.WHAT DEAL?

    • DeeMarie Lining | October 18, 2019 at 1:11 AM | Reply


    • Not Dave's Channel | October 18, 2019 at 10:14 AM | Reply

      Negotiation is about give and take. Turkey has taken control of part of Syria and America has given it to them.

  10. Everything Trump is doing is for Putin’s benefit.

  11. Congress ‘Absolutely’ Needs To See Transcripts Between Pres. Trump And Erdoğan from pastor Andrew Brunson case and onward.

    • Blink Once on Sunday! | October 18, 2019 at 12:32 AM | Reply

      Congress needs all transcripts from every call Trump had with Putin, Erdogan, Zelensky, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping and Prince Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. There is a very disturbing pattern of behavior here. Every communication Trump has had with a world leader is suspect at this point.

  12. Trump & Pence were played by Turkey and they have both dishonored the nation. Shame on both of the lying liars.

  13. Congress ‘Absolutely’ Needs To See Transcripts Between Pres. Trump And Erdoğan.
    OK, but your gonna need to get a translator…..for Trump’s part.

  14. Trump demands loyalty but doesn’t know the first thing about it.

  15. Freed Isis, and gave the green🚦to the Ottoman Empire. Oh fudge 🤦‍♂️

  16. Daniel Trammell | October 17, 2019 at 11:02 PM | Reply

    Mike Pence, is a fake Christian and lies just like his devil boss Trump.

    • Sounds pretty real Christian to me

    • Oh no, he’s a real Christian alright. But there are plenty of Christians who are hypocrites, and who do evil and corrupt things despite what the bible teaches. Which is not surprising, given the fact that almost everyone cherrypicks which parts of the bible they choose to follow.

    • @Imaculata IT’s not hard the new testament can be boiled down to the golden rule and most christians don’t even try to follow that, but if we did it could be a fair and wonderful world

    • @doppler Even then plenty of verses are wide open for personal interpetation. I think the best thing to do is stop expecting higher standards from Christians like Pence. He is a rotten person regardless of his religion.

  17. It is time to impeach this cancer on america and in the people’s house we are being destroyed shredded ripped to pieces by a insane selfish man it is time for him to leave !

  18. Do republicans still think they’re winning? What a joke

  19. Derek Hollingshead | October 17, 2019 at 11:20 PM | Reply

    This should be a defining issue for the Republicans in the Senate.

  20. The urgency to remove Trump is clear.

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