Congress Affirms Biden As President After Completing Electoral Vote Count | MSNBC 1

Congress Affirms Biden As President After Completing Electoral Vote Count | MSNBC


After a day of riots at the Capitol, Congress counted the Electoral College votes and confirmed the win for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Congress Affirms Biden As President After Completing Electoral Vote Count | MSNBC


    1. @Tom Terry
      Like they say, “no point in being stupid if you can’t show it off!”

      Good job showing it off!

    2. Well said friend.

      Trump will only be remembered by being the most corrupted disturbed and dangerous president in Americas History for many many many generations to come.

      Big love from EU to America.

  1. “I’ve seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are.” – Michelle Obama

    1. @Tracy Smith “My President, President Trump”

      Hope ya’ll the best of luck in some fringe banana republic with deep pockets so he can continue to grift. I’ll send over the Uber on Jan 20th to Pennsylvania Ave

  2. Storming Congress to stop Biden from becoming President is akin to stealing the Times Square ball to prevent the new year from coming

    1. @Drew Everett Didn’t one of the nazis shut down time square so he and his wife could have it all to themselves?

    2. I think a seperate bunch of nimrods ‘stormed’ the capital building; the ones the capital police are taking selfies with and opening barricades on their own to let them in. I believe that was a seperate bunch probably hired by folks with hidden agendas, not one in the best interest of humanity.

    1. There wasn’t ANYTHING peaceful about the terrorist storming of the Capitol. Trumpists and QAnon have infiltrated every level of law enforcement, incl the military. Veterans were amongst the MOB too. And proud of it. In fact, the woman who lost her life was one of them.

    2. @Christopher Jones except one is supported by the POTUS against the US and is a direct result of his brainwashing or rather the washing of the lack of brain there are in those domestic terrorists.

    3. @RejectedSpiritX No it’s NOT! They (Antifa) date back to Hitler’s era and WW2, they were enforcers of the party as they are today. Called “Brown Shirts” then, in my summation they are the equivalent of a political KKK. History, something ignored today.

    4. @roncha tex more like history, something Trump lovers like you love to cherry pick and flip flop. I’ve read the books and with comprehension.

  3. His reality-tv show where many die for real is now cancelled. I’m sure he plan a network reveal.

    1. Thank God social media silenced him for spreading lies. His lies led to this riot on the capitol and continues to divide the country more n more.

    2. Nope. Not yet. By my count, as of today Jan. 07, 2021, he’s STILL got nearly 2 weeks to do even worse damage with the Intel he’s STILL got access to (yikes).

    1. I think of Yul Brynner as Rameses in the 1956 The Ten Commandments movie saying this, everytime i see or hear it.

    1. @Luis Corona But Seriously if I were fluent in Russian I would probably join Snowden, and Seagal in self imposed exile from this land of fruit and nuts. And it is accelerating fast to total insanity! This makes the 60’s look like a fire drill!!!

  4. … hope this disturbing event today, will reunite the REPs, DEMs, and the whole country at the end. Here is your chance to a fresh start and to forget this presidential Showman. Greetings and best wishes from Germany.

    1. Good luck with that! Did you not see how they STILL had the audacity to continue with objecting to an obvious free and fair election?! That says it all. Shame isn’t a strong enough word, maybe disgust.

    2. Not until there’s accountability for all of the criminal enabling of the last 4 years. They must not be allowed to walk away from this.

    1. @syxxgames Im german, idc what happens to americans. but even from across the ocean I can see whats going on and it sets a dangerous president

  5. These people that breached the capital where looking at and rummaging through classified documents.
    Do you realize that?

    1. @Andy Monk I think you should go back to watch the whole rally So you can see where trump really got those people riled up to go and do what they did and so did really Giuliani and so did trump junior when he says hes coming for them at the Congress in at the senate and that’s exactly what those mobsters did out there they went for the senate and for our country’s leaders is sad but there gonna pay

    2. @Lil Capital Hill
      I don’t condone anything Trump does, his rhetoric is obscure and obscene. I don’t like him. Period.

    1. @forandon behalfof what about Obama, Hillary, Comey, Hunter and the pedophile ring in the swamp. They deserve justice while you mete it out!

    2. @Naruto Uchiha the President allowed??Allowed what? Did he lead the charge? I heard his speech and he said nothing of violence. Look at the security cam video you see 2 members of Antifa NOT Trump.

  6. I’d like to know how pence really and truly feels abut his boss after the last 3 months. Maybe one day he’ll tell us.

    1. He’s as guilty of crimes as Trump is. Don’t forget this guy defended this insanity for the last 4 years. He should be prosecuted and never hold public office again

    2. I have no interest in what Pence thinks about anything, since it’s a given that it will be vapid and misinformed.

    1. gljm 1159 I see you’re sufficiently competent with the simple stuff, huh?

      Go collect your participation ribbon, Shemp!

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