Congress Divided Over Biden’s $2T Infrastructure Plan | MSNBC 1

Congress Divided Over Biden’s $2T Infrastructure Plan | MSNBC


This week President Biden unveiled what he’s deemed a ‘once in a generation’ package. The bill includes spending on roads, bridges, water systems, housing and broadband with a special focus on racial equity and environmental justice. But the White House now faces an uphill battle to get the legislation through congress. NBC’s Joshua Johnson spoke with Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon) about what this bill could look like when it reaches the house floor.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Congress Divided Over Biden’s $2T Infrastructure Plan | MSNBC


  1. We already have the money, but our government chooses to spend our tax dollars on bombing foreign countries, instead of spending money on the American people.

    1. You’re suggesting having no foreign policy? Bombing foriegn countries is loaded way to describe money spent on all the things that include our dealings with the rest of the world. Some has turned out bad, some good. We cant just isolate tough, that wouldnt make sense.

    2. Check out the first bill for TRILLIONS & take the money 84% back to this country and its infrastructure!

    3. @Loisann Johnson Trump is not God. You are not even educated enough to know that.
      Public school kid huh?

    4. @JDoc Fitness we (the US) have 800 military bases outside the US. That is not defense, that is offense. It is why we are the most hated nation in the world.

    5. @Kane Lewis your the one that said Trump will forgive those who voted for Biden….sounds like God complex to me…very very proud of my public school education and my BS degree from State University……stay well

  2. No we don’t have to pay that much, only a small portion, let the Rich and corporations take care of most of the paying, after all they’ll get money back from us the taxpayers who travel anyway.

    1. Taxpayers already pay. We pay state and federal taxes that are earmarked to repair roads and bridges. The corrupt and entrenched political class has a waste of this money spending it on other things.

  3. We know that the GOP will NEVER support a major Democratic initiative. We saw that with Obama and it’s repeating under Biden. Just leave them to their QAnon message boards and focus on making the Dems happy (and making Puerto Rico and DC states).

    1. @Kane Lewis They are looking to expand rural broadband access, remove all the public lead water pipes going to homes in America, and reinforce our electric grid’s infrastructure to make it more resilient (see Texas). So it is more than just roads.

    2. @Matt do you live in Texas?
      The lead pipes you speak of were removed back in the seventies and finished in the eighties.
      The only lead pipes left in old houses are on the drain side.
      Second the lead that was causing the problems were leaching from the sauter.
      No one has used lead pipes since the Roman’s screwed up.
      So if what you say is true. They are lying to us to steal our money.

    3. @Kane Lewis “Up to ten million homes across the country get water through lead pipes – called lead service lines – that connect the main drinking water line in the street to our homes.” – The Environtmental Defense Fund
      (YouTube isn’t liking the link, so Google “Lead pipes: A threat to kids across America”

  4. President Biden unveiled what he’s deemed a ‘once in a generation’ package. The bill includes spending on roads, bridges, water systems, housing and broadband with a special focus on racial equity and environmental justice. If it is not a tax cut for the rich, the Republicans won’t back it. Democrats need to get rid of the filibuster, forget negotiations with Republicans , and get bills passed that will put America back on top as a leader.

    1. Gary, my sympathies, man. They always do this, completely unprompted. Slurs and deflection are their principal weapons. They don’t need evidence, they just do it.

    2. @anthony matthews : Oh get off that crap ! That term, along with racist is now used for anyone who will not fall in line with the democrat / liberal alternative, and now have completely lost their meaning.

    3. @Vote to Count I really do hope it’s not a repeat of that, but given the track record of our government, it’s almost certain.

    4. Gary, they are the new face of the left. They are the indoctrinated soft heads of the new generation. Intellectually bereft, morally corrupt, the woke, virtue-signalling softies of the left wing. The weak, the wet and the weedy. Flakey, brittle types. The beta males, the cry babies, the whining liberal snowflakes who wail and scream about how nothing is fair from their positions of privilege.

      Ignore them, they are the weak.

    5. @Gary Campbell since the same stuff was in republican bills, I’d have to say no, it didn’t have anything to do with it

  5. Start holding the corporate tax evaders responsible and close the loopholes that allows those large corporations to pay zero taxes.

    1. @may wilson what’s funny is it was the Democrats that created those loopholes as an effort to get our economy going after 2008.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 Its become received wisdom in this country that companies cheat on tax but its generally not true. The government grants generous credits and deductions which likely ought to be scaled back and it is possible for multinationals to shift profits overseas but domestic corporations aren’t able to do this.

    3. Lucius, thanks. Grants and tax credits for certain activity, I guess, like investing in capital assets and research and development.

      It’s a huge red herring though, for reasons I’ve expressed on here previously. Corporates tend to view tax as another cost and pass it on to the consumer. I’m generalising, because some perhaps can’t, but many can and do. Ultimately the public pays that cost.

    4. @TheDiamond2009 It depends, when deductions are well designed and the market is competitive, the cost of taxation is not passed on to the consumer. Our current system has some odd quirks, like deducting interest payments from taxable income and the way that capital investment is deducted is weird.

      Aside from that though the corporate tax is a good thing because it can be a tax on “economic profits” or excessive profits arising from poorly functioning markets.

    5. @Liberal Dumbfuck There has been loopholes, in USA, in elections, politics, taxes, and criminal justice system, Since man made laws….

  6. How can we say America is exceptional when we have a crumbling infrastructure? Investing in our infrastructure will literally pay for itself, but ignoring our crumbling infrastructure will be even more costly as time goes on.

    1. @Ma Linda Dimapilis new Yorkers are always looking at Florida. It’s a dream of theirs to move there as many already have.

  7. How can we say America is exceptional when we have a crumbling infrastructure? Investing in our infrastructure will literally pay for itself, but ignoring our crumbling infrastructure will be even more costly as time goes on. If your home has a leaky roof, and inadequate water pipes for the winter, should you ignore it, or should you invest money to make upgrades on your home?

    1. The first bill can pay for it they just need to redirect ALL those trillions that are going to political paybacks & NOT keep the kickbacks and we would have the money without TRILLIONS more to a primarily BOGUS BILL AGAIN!

  8. Republicans have no problem handing trillions in free money to their cronies and themselves that was taken from the labors of the working people but they refuse to give one red cent to maintain their own infrastructure or the people who maintain their lifestyles for them. Entitled greed is all they know.

  9. Florida’s wastewater reservoir system is currently leaking radioactive water near Tampa and the GOP chucklefu*ks saying “Everything is fine”… Riiiiight.

  10. McConnell states openly HE WILL NOT COOPERATE (work jointly toward the same end). Kennedy and Reagan would have chewed him up and spit him out. Your either working for America or against America. Americans still have a voice, emails letters if they are so bored they WONT work chew them up and spit them out.

  11. Somebody said those senators who will vote against this bill should not get any funding from it. Sounds fair to me!

  12. The question “how are we going to pay for it?” Is only ever asked when it comes to things like infrastructure and healthcare, but never when it comes to tax cuts for the rich and military spending.

    1. The answer will allways be ‘you’. Now what do you want to have your money spent on? Giving rich people more money or raods that are fillked with holes?

  13. Already paying a lot of taxes, might as well have them go towards the greater good of the country. I’m for it.

  14. Me and my constituents were promised that if we voted for Biden, Kamala would take over within the first 100 days. I feel absolutely lied to.

  15. They probably would call modern trains a green new deal if they were around during the coal fired trains

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