Congress Misses Biden's Deadline On Police Reform | MSNBC 1

Congress Misses Biden’s Deadline On Police Reform | MSNBC


Congress is set to miss the president's deadline to pass a police reform bill. Jake Sherman joins Morning Joe to discuss the mood on the Hill and what could be holding up negotations.

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Congress Misses Biden's Deadline On Police Reform | MSNBC


    1. @Howard Glad you also condemn actual insurrection and fascism from your gool old boys on Jan. 6. Rare for a Trump Humper.

    2. Needs a massive voting reform first. Right now the “Winner takes it all” system makes it virtually impossible for third parties to be relevant.
      Case in point: The US has the most legal political parties of any country in the world.
      There are more parties, but the only thing people achieve by voting for a third party, is strengthening the party they dislike the most. If liberals vote non-democrats, all it achieves is strengthening the GQP and their brainwashed cult-following.

    3. It is about time. Biden is not keeping his promises and still thinks that he can work with Trump’s Republican Party. Both parties are worthless.

  1. So Congress missed the deadline. OMG what a shock . Even though they won’t admit it although most of the American public do realize this, this government is gridlocked and unless something is done it will stay this way for years.

    1. Qualified immunity applied to all members of the political class, not just police. So if we were going to and qualified immunity for the police then we need to and qualified immunity for all elected officials all the way down to your mayor and city Council person. Very likely just eliminating it for the police would be unconstitutional, Equal protection clause.

  2. The criminal GOP syndicate is irrelevant. Treat them accordingly, and pass any legislation that needs to be passed.

  3. Both parties need to stop the excuses and get this police reform bill done. There’s no time to waste at all.

    1. What excuses are the Democrats giving? Where they don’t agree police are above the law and should be prosecuted for criminal acts?

    2. Absolutely right. I’m all for police reform. I’m against the idea of think all cops are out to get black people.

    3. @Samuel Giroux Because millions of black people have to be talked about as if they are one entity, and black police officers are out for black people. What are you even talking about. White right?

  4. Biden’s first mistake was assuming that republicans in Congress are capable of doing their jobs.

    1. Hahaha,like the Democrats did anything while we had a real President,Donald Trump. Pres.Trump had to steamroll the Demonrats to make America great again.

  5. Mitch McConnell said he’s a hundred percent not going to support anything that Joe Biden put forward they gave Kevin McCarthy Everything he ask for he still voted no what other signals or sign do the Democrats need to see to realize they are being played they’re not going to help you with anything you lamebrains

    1. @jon pork Except it’s not a grandmaster chess match at this point, it’s a _Peanuts_ television special.

  6. I see Republican friends have totally missed the point: Biden should act like a decisive democrat. Or nothing is as irrelevant as the political circus with clowns like Gym Jordan, Donald Trump, Rubio, Ted Fairweather Cruise, Marjorie, Nikki Haley, John Bolton,…. And I don’t talk behind dead people’s back or the list is much longer.

  7. @USA:If we start to go on strike for any issue in foreign countries,we will never finish.That’s why last time i told you that i don’t want to see any other flag in USA apart from the flag of USA.
    If the folks didn’t feel US Citizen enough,they can go back to their countries

  8. It doesn’t matter about a deadline to be reached. I don’t want a rushed bill, I want a bill that is right. I’m okay that this deadline was missed.

  9. President Joe Biden is the smartest most quick-witted Democrat out there….. He is definitely on top of his game….. That’s why he is our leader

  10. The White Senators in Congress intentionally missed this Deadline, why because one: they truly don’t Care. Two: Not many white boys or men are being killed out right in public by White Officers. This is a Historical passing that is so deep rooted in White Supremacy, that from their Perspective , is doing nothing Wrong. That’s why Qualified Immunity, is used so easily. They may have used it during the Emmett Till situation. We really don’t know. But it has been used a lot more than we really know. Take the current known incident in Louisiana with Andrew Brown. One Police Officer knew he was going to have to pay , so once he found out he was getting Fired, he Crashed his Car intentionally. (White Weak Way Out). So truly , White Congress , doesn’t really want Change.

  11. Like Veggie Biden would remember a deadline!! Hahahahahahah Veggie Boi moved on and is helping Putin with the Russian pipeline!!! Putin thanks you biden voters for your support.

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