Congress passes Biden's Covid-19 stimulus bill 1

Congress passes Biden’s Covid-19 stimulus bill


The House voted to approve the Covid-19 relief bill, paving the way for President Biden to sign his top legislative priority into law.
House Democrats passed the legislation on a party line vote of 220-211. No Republicans voted in favor. One Democrat voted against the bill: Rep. Jared Golden of Maine.
White House press secretary Jen Psaki said today that Biden will sign the bill on Friday afternoon at the White House.
Passage of the bill marks the first major legislative achievement of the new administration and a Congress that is now under full Democratic control, with narrow majorities in the House and Senate.
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  1. I think republicans did not want to pass this bill because they do not want people to have a favorable opinion of Biden.

    1. Remember most of the Republican senators voted to help Trump overthrow the government,so why expect them to care about the American people they took an oath to serve.They worship the Trump,and nothing else.

    2. @Mr Ektid Yes I did my research. If you hate CNN so much why do you troll on a CNN website? Just to pick fights? You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. Philosophy. Check the spelling before you call someone ignorant

    1. NY Daily News -3/11/21: More than 55 NY Democrats call on Andrew Cuomo to resign amid scandals

      More than 55 Democratic state legislators called Thursday for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign — and the Assembly speaker said he would hold a meeting later in the day “on potential paths forward.”

      The statement from Cuomo’s fellow Democrats cited both the spiraling sexual harassment allegations against him and the cover-up of the total nursing home death toll and said that “he has lost the confidence of the public and the state legislature, rendering him ineffective in this time of most urgent need.”////::////

  2. Nothing is sweeter revenge than watching business operate under the table and not letting beedt eyes know about the money. Sorry gretchy its working great. Unemployment and working under the table. Sweet

  3. What was the “new warning” ?

    “The border is not open” is NOT a “new” warning.
    Its a law.

    1. @Sweet Hard-Biceps exactly! They are lied to so they buy more guns. Every single election gun sales sky rocket!

    2. @Trump 4 prison 2021 I mean let’s be real, they will make up anything they can think of to justify buying more guns. They love them, and nothing gets them harder than thinking they’re using their precious guns to fight tyranny just like their confederate ancestors did.

      Oh wait.

    3. @Sweet Hard-Biceps right!!! They just want to go back to a time when women couldn’t vote, couldn’t own their body and govern their own decisions, they want more children in foster care, they want back alley abortions like the 30s…

    1. @rolback unfortunately sexual assault is okay with the left as long as the offender is a Democrat (Republicans do the same thing though when their side is accused they both suck honestly)

    2. @rolback in general. Crime against women dropped so did deaths. Those allegations were false that Reade made, thats 1 woman, most likely made it up. Men who sexually assault women, have multiple allegations, proof etc. Trump has dozens of allegations AND lawsuits AND a 13 year old tried to sue trump AND Epstein for molesting her on epsteins Island there’s photos of her, epstein and trump. But trump paid off judges to have the case thrown out. So here you are with whataboutisms and debunked false allegations. Even the bullshit about Biden smelling women’s hair was debunked by everyone of those women saying he was talking to them…. do you think or listen to what qanon tells you to think?

      If you want to talk about facts, please bring some to the table.

    3. @rolback Where is Tara now? She seems to have sort of vanished, like people who cant back up their allegations often do.

  4. 2:29 Wthell kind of movement is that? It was like she was trying to do the CHA-CHA while banging the gavel.

  5. You should hear yourself Gloria!
    Yes it is transformational!!!
    All aboard!!!!! On our way to hell!!!!!!!

    1. @Shrek Nutai it’s it’s Republicans that blow up the deficit… trump more than tripled the deficit compared to obama… but here you idiots are …

    2. @Miss Barilla De Fenton here…
      330,000,000 x 1,000,000 =
      330,000,000,000,000 or 330 trillion, the package is 19 trillion which is more than 17x the package… Republicans can’t do math that’s why they keep blowing up the deficit… then freak out and try to blame democrats.

  6. More than 90%public comments are all negative. How the hell did he win? CNN can u protect Joeblow now..wake up to reality!

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