Congress To Investigate Law Enforcement Handling Of Deadly Capitol Breach | MSNBC 1

Congress To Investigate Law Enforcement Handling Of Deadly Capitol Breach | MSNBC


NBC News' Ken Dilanian reports on the plans from members of Congress to investigate the law enforcement response to the deadly Capitol hill riots by Pro-Trump rioters.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Congress To Investigate Law Enforcement Handling Of Deadly Capitol Breach | MSNBC


    1. Please report ALL QANON and CULT45 trolls without mercy please. They had no mercy on January 6, 2021 so do your duty please as a citizen against terrorism.

    2. @Dyn Jarren I would be doing you a greater kindness if I gave you an education, but you seem pretty deep in denial.

    3. @C S Sheezus! The man is a clown show who deserves to be disbarred if not outright charged with inciting a riot!

    1. I call b******* on that, Trump Before Christmas start at Town everybody on Twitter, stay tuned for January 6th it’s going to be big it’s going to be epic we are going 2 win this election, Trump had the same plotted and planned for weeks

    1. @AbsoluteTruth No one should have died. If republican leaders had been truthful and made constituents understand, all would have been good by this time. Instead, they chose to lie and abuse the system . Just so very done with those who do no do their due diligence and follow others to their destiny. Wimps

    2. Please, please watch Michael Moore’s video on “This is not the end.” see the flag flying at half mast for the fallen police officer except above trump’s. Yes, I feel for my black & brown brothers. It would’ve been much different, wouldn’t it, had non-white people been part of the treasonous morons. We know the entire story, don’t we? And, it had better be solved with prosecution of everyone involved from djt on down.

    3. @traderdan what a fraud u r. u belong to the party of slavery who till this day keeps blacks in shitholes like Chicago and u have the audacity to call them brothers. Really, how abt Antifa and BLM who r responsible for a1000 deaths (most of them black) and millions in damage and property loss. how abt the instigators who infiltrated the movement….how convenient u forget the attempt by the brown shirts aka Antifa on the WH. u hypocrite. Funny how the rules only apply to others and not the demtards. pity u dont have the same standards u hold others to as u do for yourselves u opportunistic fraud.

    4. @AbsoluteTruth that statement doesn’t really articulate a point. I’m always looking to learn from others, but you lost me with that response, and oh, I’m not a Democrat you cretinous clown.

    1. Can people stop comparing an anti racist protest to a violent coup. How ignorant does one have to be to actually do that!

    2. Please report ALL QANON and CULT45 trolls without mercy please. They had no mercy on January 6, 2021 so do your duty please as a citizen against terrorism.

    3. @Joan Dudley BLM is not treated like terrorists, they are supported by billions of dollars of donations and promoted by the NFL nba and giant Corporations like Target and nike and youtube

    1. @Montez Nonyabusiness My friend, if we had organized the riot we would have succeeded and Nancy’s carcass would be rolling thru the streets right now along with every traitor in Washington. Sloppy is the Antifa fingerprint based on Nazi tactics and strategy. Demtards too stupid to be original. Just ask Soros, the former Nazi who finances Antifa and BLM

    2. U mean like the Demtards pimping America and calling it patriotic!? or Do u mean like the Demtards aiding and abetting our enemies like Iran and China and calling it patriotism, hmmm!?

    3. @methylene5 I have never regarded him as more than a spoiled, entitled rich guy. He has been in the news a lot, for decades…articles and reports recounting his sordid affairs, lawsuits for stiffing people, bankruptcies, and other such scandals. I have never liked him. Not since I first learned of him, in the 80’s. I knew what he was.

      I’ve been warning my conservative friends and family about this, I knew it was coming. My 82 year old lifetime Republican dad said, “Republicans don’t think that way.”
      It’s no joy, being right. A man with no moral compass should never be given such power. And you are just another sucker, to him. To me, too, tbh, sorry.

    4. “Isaac Asimov’s proclivity for groping women was so widely known that in 1961, the chair of Chicon III wrote a letter inviting him to give a lecture on ‘The Power of Posterior Pinching.’ Marcus Ranum recalls confronting Asimov at a Worldcon some 30 years ago, after Asimov groped his girlfriend in an elevator. The convention kicked Ranum out. In their view, the true crime wasn’t Asimov’s harassment, but Ranum’s complaint about it.”

    1. More,cause that Officer lost his life while some of his so called partner let him down & helped in that take over of the capital. It was an inside job & everybody knows it.

  1. Funny they didn’t see a threat. When Native Americans were protesting a pipeline there were enough funds to “infiltrate” them, spy on them, there were funds for troops and attack dogs…

    1. @Flummoxed Marmoset … it also seems that these domestic terrorists went directly to the Democrats’ offices. Hmmm, wonder why…

  2. He lost his life while “tussling” with protesters? Here, let me correct that for you, “Officer Brian Sicknick was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher by right-wing domestic terrorists attempting to overthrow our government”. Tussling…WTF?!

    1. @Constituent A I know that she openly praised the rioters during the attack via her twitter. She called for them to stop Biden from becoming President, It’s not a good look for her Husband, he may be asked to step down.

    2. Tussling is complete BS! The Officer was beaten to death by a tRump Cultist Domestic Terrorist using a Fire Extinguisher! and every Cultists there during that attack and be charged with that Crime!

    1. He’s a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. It just goes to show there are many types of people there… including CEO, retirees, elected politicians… and they are proof that age and education and privilege ranking class of society… do not necessary come with wisdom, critical thinking, and common sense. Every single one of them (including those I mentioned above) are all now with their mea culpas and their excuses of “caught in the moment”! LOL! Like that is a perfectly good alibi for not seeing the inside of a jail cell! LOL!

    2. @Robert Vernon He’s retired. He’s been arrested and charged with various offense. He apologized for his “poor judgment”… the typical mea culpa bs.

  3. All of this doesn’t matter if they don’t get punished. It’ll be like the president after the impeachment. They’ll just get bolder and bolder.

    1. Sicknick (RIP) was killed by terrorists in a terrorist attack, no different than the officers and firemen that were killed on 9/11.

    2. Crazed followers, drinking the Kool-aid with no common sense. Not making up their own minds. Really for a fight… any reason to fight. Sad state of affairs.

  4. “rioters” and “insurrectionists” are NOT peaceful protesters or ‘exercising their right to assemble.’ They all need jail time.

    1. @PaganTeapot ‘Responds in kind?’ These people have been responsible for the majority of domestic terrorism since 1979. Don’t even try to paint this kind of false equivalency.

    1. If you haven’t read or watched, view the one hour video by Michael Moore . He’ll tell you EVERYTHING!!! If Mr. Moore knows, everyone should’ve known!!!! That includes inside police, military members, GOP members, on & on! Where were the helicopters, horseback police, the entire police force??? Of course, trump ignited the bomb! He belongs in a padded cell or much worse!!!! So do all of his enablers. Every single one of them! Justice be served, I pray.

    2. @traderdan I’m saving that one as it is, as you say, an hour long. Your endorsement may move it up the queue.

    3. Yes!! And Republicans who switched there and remain true to trump need to be thrown out for treason against the constitution

    1. @Bender Rodriquez The FBI recognized this group & others like them as America’s biggest danger from domestic terrorism, despite your one eyed view. I’ll take the professionals in this field’s view ahead of yours every day of the week, thanks.

    2. While you are right, media has to be careful with phrasing like that because prior to a conviction of a person for those charges, it could amount to defamation/libel/slander and a legal dispute for their lawyers to hash out.

  5. “””…..he died as a result of “tusseling” w protesters”?!?!?!? he was brutaly beaten to death w a fire extiguisher by a blind angry mob!!!!

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