Congressional Staffer: ‘The Directive Is Clear, We Must Convict Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Gags Double J I seek the serenity of God’s wisdom. I seek humility to do the right thing daily. Selfishly I ask him to watch over my children and Grandchildren. 🙏

    2. God put aside his will over mankind when he gave adam and eve free will, forbidden fruit etc. All things today are based from human ego and opinion without divine influence. Religion and politics have thing in common, they r both full of fanatical opinionated bigots

  1. In any other government job… in any other NON government job environment, creating a ‘Hostile Work Environment’ is punishable either by law or company rules but in Congress it isn’t? The Laws they write don’t apply to their membership?! REALLY???!

    1. @Truth Seeker Trumpers mob attack on the Capitol and democracy was a terrorist attack in the same way 9/11 was a terrorist attack only this time it came from the inside. That mob attack, consisting of all America’s hate groups, was soooooo much worse compared to BLM protests which were held for a justified reason; excessive violence of corrupt cops against non-whites. The terrorist attack on the Capitol is likened to the German Kristallnacht or Reichstag fire; it was a fascist coup attempt and if it had succeeded the damages would triple that of BLM. Also let’s not forget the mental trauma it has caused to all those politicians and staffers who work on the Capitol, a mental trauma so severe it drove two cops to suicide. But ofcourse you rabid Trumpers all know this, still you keep parroting your ‘whataboutism’, too cowardly to take responsibilty for what the rest of the normal world considers equal to the 9/11 attack. The Trump red hat has become a symbol of disgust just like the German swastika.

    2. I worked for an insane sociopathic woman for a few months, luckily I was contracted so was able to walk away, but not before she almost drove me nuts, tho I did take her to a tribunal and another woman followed suit when I walked out, because the mad cow had flushed her head down the toilet. I finished the tribunal on the Thursday, on the Friday (we were mega busy ), I said I was going to lunch and called her to tell her I wasn’t coming back, she was almost spitting with rage down the phone. I started a new job the following Monday. Tip, if there is a bully in your place of work, don’t believe them when they tell you they are friends with everyone including the boss.

    3. @catalinacurio Yes, it’s just ‘INTIMIDATION’ cause what you don’t realize is perhaps YOUR COMPLAINT is the ‘final nail’ for them! Even though you only know that you were the one who had to leave, if you don’t keep in contact with ‘former’ co-workers you may never know that they FOLLOWED YOU OUT THE DOOR! Get that ‘interview’, get that job offer… accept it and then get that ‘SO AND SO’ out! On your way OUT! lol

  2. Rural America loves Trump because he is a real estate developer from New York who loves to declare bankruptcy and that is something they admire. He loves to lie like rural americans do (not). Can’t you recognize a scam when you see it? Are you really just hay-seeds that don’t understand that he is a liar?

    1. Bruh people who actually try fail. I have failed businesses. I didnt lose money but i had to close shop before i did.
      Whats your biggest lost? A sandwich?

    2. @The Truth Is Out 777 All big cities at some point becomes saturated,like sunny Los Angeles,good weather for homeless/poor people.Not enough jobs or industries to sustain it.
      But still California gives the most to the Federal fund 407 billion.It should be allowed to keep some of it and spend on it’s own problems.Biggest cities got the biggest problems.

    3. @john flamengo Absolutely right. Thank you. I was listening to Hannity the greedy liar and he said-do you people from Alabama really want your trex dollars bailing out states like California and New York? Hannity knows full well that the opposite it the truth…

  3. “This decision should not be complicated, and it should not be difficult”. Truer words have never been spoken. Part of the problem perhaps. Bravo, and thank you.

  4. Trump has already been tried by public opinion and the majority seem to agree that he should be held accountable. The GOP should vote according to how their constituents feel. If they did, Trump would be convicted. Obstructing this will only result in compounding the trauma that the attack inflicted on everyone and will further destroy the GOP as a party because they will be signaling that first, they have no morals or shame and second, they would be adding fuel to the baseless conspiracy theories fire, further normalizing a fringe group that in no way represents the majority of Americans.

    1. You don`t know how they feel. Get ready to be disappointed because he won`t be convicted. The GOP won`t be destroyed as a party. So, you don`t have to worry.

  5. But why can’t this country help its citizens like other countries have.. $2000/person/month till the end of the pandemic & it needs to be retroactive from March 2020 to pay back rent, bills and mortgages. Come on people call your Senator’s and tell them you want/need this help. I’m sure small businesses and restaurants would appreciate some revenue from people spending money on the economy too… right! Pick up you cell phones and let your voices be heard.

    1. Because rich Republicans who lie and cheat and steal from the American tax paper and have excellent insurance coverage don’t feel the hoi polloi should have any benefits. They are not worthy. You know like Trump and Jared feel that people should pull themselves by their bootstraps like they did getting 100s of millions from daddy.

    2. @Vincent Parisi WOAH horsie! Wow! You are drunk on that kool aid! First of all, the idiots in Congress, on BOTH sides decided to send payments out to EVERYBODY under a certain threshold whether they lost their job or not! Which is downright STUPID. Those folks don’t have the sense of a homing pidgeon.
      And perhaps if those same idiots Democrats and Republicans did not spend 1.8 BILLION dollars a year to maintain UNUSED federal buildings, that would help.
      Or how about the fact that in the December stimulus bill Democràts threw in 130 MILLION dollars to fight aquatic invasive species? Do you think that money would have been better spent on Americans? Because I do.
      How about Democrats putting in a US/India/Ghandi/King Foundation with a price tag of 30 million a year!

    3. Yeah make your voices heard! Tell Republicans that big businesses don’t need help and tell Democrats not to put things like 10 MILLION dollars for gender programs in Pakistan in the bill this time! Because they did put it in the last one.

    1. Hmmm, because he’s not in any other party right? No hate? No judgement of people you don’t know, no wishing people dead, no violence and mahem and murder. None of that stuff on the other side. I wouldn’t associate with either one for a million dollars.

    2. @Mike Ledner “Y”All have a NICE LIFE”!!!!!…..n y”all on the no fly lists, take my bus service (doesnt exist, but sounds Nice!), on ME!!!

  6. Its simple just when women and people of color are gaining in power and influence the white supremacists decide they don’t want democracy.

    1. Man i remember when those racist stormed the capital building during obamas election confirmation. That was crazy

  7. Remembering the letter of WH staffer “Anonymous” and how Lt Col Vindman was shown the door by the Don of Trump’s mob, it’s a no brainer for conviction after buying off the Giuliani and the AG Barr enforcers.

  8. Gabby Richards I am a Democrat living in Florida on Social Security and I applaud the stands you have taken knowing that you may very well be dismissed as a result of the letter that you sent to the Congress. This was a very brave thing that you and all your Associates took upon yourselves. Maybe for once Congress will listen to The Very people that voted to put them in office and that would mean you too all of you. My hat goes off to you my dear God bless and be safe in all future endeavors

  9. Call people out by name. All the people who contributed and supported and maybe participated in the attack should be called out by name over their actions – unforgivable

    1. All democrat senators without exception would crucify Jesus. They all stick together in their craziness.

    2. @denis charette Fascist Romans, the Republikkklans of their day crucified Jesus cuz he was an extremely popular socialist that people were calling ‘King’

  10. I am happy to see these staffers stand up for their rights! If a staffer was found and ID’d as working for certain politicians, do you really think they would not have been threatened? Everyone ignores them and just talks about the politicians hiding…but the staffers were too.

  11. Actually, anyone who participated in the insurrection, should be tried for conspiracy to commit murder and felonious assault against police officers. That includes anyone who entered the Capitol, Trump, Giuliani, Donald Jr., Greene, Fox personalities, etc.

  12. One of the first instructions Trump gave to his “new” lawyer was to argue that the election was “stolen” from him. So there you have it. Same old lying Donald Trump. Jettison him for good!

    1. Tells you how insane he is… Not like we don’t already have 5000 examples of it… Is that he would even use this as a defense. It’s totally irrelevant as to his words and incitement. Even if there actually was evidence of fraud and the election being stolen…It would never justify what he said and did. His narcissism and psychotic behavior is so painfully obvious. He is his own worst enemy. What is terrifying is how many that still support him When there is absolutely no excuse and not knowing that he is constantly lying…those that just believe him even though the truth is unavoidable and in front of them every single day…And this whole mentality has snowballed and is certainly not ending anytime soon.

  13. Anything other than conviction sends the message to the world that it’s ok to attack the United States.

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