1. @TILT A BLACK man got SHOT in the BACk by a POLICE OFFICER near WENDY”S.
      Show some COMPASSION

  1. That’s not a bad idea at all! 💥
    If we had done this after the Civil War, who knows where this country would be today. 🤯

    1. Jay Gibson you are. Im talking about now. A handful of republicans are of color and a lot of the the people you named aren’t even republican or are alive

    2. Jay Gibson the grand wizard david duke is a republican.lol answer me this. How many KKK members of today identify with the democratic party??? I’ll wait….

    1. @tin pan alley 1619 Broadway But he is right. M.J. may have sung it….but only a person can change their ways. And that goes for anything. Not just race.

    1. But everything bad is happening in Democratic ran cities. Some that are completely ran blacks. Explain your reason this is Pres Trumps fault.

    2. Again, take a history class cause you know nothing about WWII or Hitler if you believe that. MOARON

  2. IF the cops fear for their lives when the black man used the taser on them, THEN why wouldn’t the black man fear for his life when the cops used the taser on him?

    1. @Howie Will I democrats haven’t made the cities better in 50 years, yet you fools keep voting for them

    2. @Troy Stocker yeah, like the white man is soooo law abiding, you freaking mongrel. The difference is simple, white people don’t get pulled over for driving while white or for driving a car the racist cop considers too expensive for a black man to be driving. Think about that for awhile, asshat.

  3. Above all else Stand America. This has got to stop. BLM. You have to stop taking fathers,mothers sisters and brothers from their families

  4. Ironic that so many of the troopers I served with at Ft. Braxton Bragg would have been enslaved by General Bragg!

    1. black12212 like in the George Floyd case? New Flash, he’s in jail & will probably be there the rest of his life.

    2. @Randy Couch Memorial Day weekend had the most gun violence in 60 years, plus Illinois has strict gun laws too

    1. They did chase him, until he turned around and fired a stolen police taser at the officer chasing him. Don’t fire weapons at the police.

    2. B. Britt, I remember the Chase’s as well, if cops had to shoot they only shot the assailant in the leg to stop he or she.

  5. I love this man. (lets stay together) loved him in the 60s and now he is talking out adout injustice to our fellow bros. and sisters.

    1. Does he talk about the 70% fatherless rate in the black community?? The real cause of this issue!

    1. it remains mildly amusing but even more so pathetic when russian trolls ‘drop by’ to comment on youtube videos about American issues while they pretend to be Americans. granted, they wish that they were. even as bad as things are here right now, thanks directly to trumputin and putin, it is still better than their ‘country’, under putin. add to that the fact that trumputin is only here temporarily but they are stuck with their dictator for life. funny, putin is a dictator but also a worldwide laughingstock, on oh so many levels. that these poor pathetic trolls do this for money, 85 rubles for each direct reply, is even more pathetic. they prostitute themselves for just about the equivalent of $1 American money… wow, really pathetic. but also really quite amusing.

  6. we need to EDUCATE, ppl become what they’ve learned, specially inside their family nucleus, I believe racism can be erradicated through education, knowledge and sharing between races….😉

    1. Get off the Trump thing it’s never going to happen anyway would take 2 party’s to agree and we know that won’t happen!

  7. @3:45 The reporter said ‘when George Floyd was shot’ – George Floyd was not shot. The police officer [kneeled on] his neck/throat area for over 8 minutes.

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