Congressman Deutch: Biden Will ‘Put Our Country On A Path For A Safer Future’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Congressman Deutch: Biden Will ‘Put Our Country On A Path For A Safer Future’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. _”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”_

    Where does it say anyone can own any type of gun? Seems to me you first and foremost have to part of ‘well-regulated’ militia to even own a musket

    1. You’re so right David. Make all of these guncrazies do 1 months compulsory military training a year as a requirement for militia membership.

    2. Who makes up the well regulated militia? Who constituted the Roman Army? Try reading Tacitus and the Federalist Papers. Ignorance isn’t bliss!

    1. Through the Firearms Policy Coalition and the NRA, we are going to make these EOs just as relevant as the assault weapons ban and the hand ban of yesteryear. Biden belongs in the Smithsonian.

    1. You mean like keeping migrant kids in holding pens at 4 and 5X the capacity separated by plastic barriers? This guy is obviously not in charge of his faculties and makes policies based on childish impulses and wishful thinking.

  2. I’m a gun owner and a Marine combat veteran.
    I don’t own an assault rifle, because I’m not in Iraq or Afghanistan anymore. My days of going on patrols, raids and assaults are over. I live in the suburbs now, so why on earth would I need a weapon that was designed for mass carnage on the battlefield? I even told my friends, that if you ever hear about me buying an assault rifle, you should be concerned, and you should probably call someone.

    I’m a practical person, so if I go out and buy a hammer, it’s because I intend on hammering something.
    When it comes to assault rifles, I know them like the back of my hand. You do not want to be on the receiving end of a weapon with a velocity like that. Your chances of surviving are extremely slim, and rightfully so, because it’s a weapon that was designed for the battlefield.

    Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful.

    1. @M McCarthy Geez don’t mention a saw to these people, they’ll go nutz over the nomenclature

    2. Your logic is flawed, and as a Marine I would expect you to know better.

      Common Hunting Rifle firing a 6.5 Creedmore:

      2451 FPS at 300 yards. 1600 ft/lbs of energy at 300 yards.

      AR15 (the scary one):

      2066 FPS at 300 yards. 521 ft/lbs energy at 300 yards.

      The hunting rifle clearly has greater lethality than the AR15, and at significantly longer ranges. Moreover, more homicides are committed with handguns than rifles.

    3. David J & Bat Boy sound like a couple of leftist dirtbag posers or sh*tbag veterans who’ve disregard their oath to the US Constitution. They’re the type of “veterans” that reflect poorly and bring discredit to not only themselves, but to their former service branch, units, and the veteran community at large. I am ashamed of them and refuse to acknowledge any of them as a brother or comrade in arms.

    4. @Dave H That’s what I’m saying, if this person ever pulled a trigger, AR must have been the only one , cuz talks like he doesn’t have a clue

    1. @The News In ASL That’s why we need to make it more difficult for criminals and the mentally unstable to obtain them…

    1. EOs as Biden said are the tools of tyrants unable to persuade the American people. Its an admission of failure and all you have to do is look at NICS firearms background checks and gun sales to know the verdict of the American people. If Biden ordered US marshals to rub your nose in your own feces, would that be leadership and compassion? His followers are pretty much dogs operating under a pack mentality. LOL

    1. Democrats are for peaceful protests like all the riots that destroyed businesses and community’s across the USA…👍

    1. I think the real issue is selective enforcement. Dems won’t admit it but felons are part of their coalition and voting bloc. So the answer is to ban the tools, you know the rock killed Abel not Cain! LOL

    2. Sounds like you are exactly the kind of criminal that shouldn’t have a gun if your first response to any kind of gun control is a threat

    1. How many NRA members commit gun crimes? I guess the media is only good at inventing news instead of doing research. If NRA members committed gun crimes, you would know about it. And this channel and CNN would cover it for 2 weeks straight.

    1. Guts and integrity would be persuading Congress to pass these measures. Biden even said EOs are for dictators and would be tyrants. Is that what you admire, Fraulein Schiffler?

    2. If The Great Silver Turd had guts he’d cease the practice of human trafficking and drug smuggling.

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    1. Not like the filthy republicans will ever do anything to help the American people. Yeah they should be bypassed.

  4. This is who Biden is. He has an empathy and a heart as a human being, and at the same time, he always takes his oath and his presidential duty seriously, unlike the “past guy” who has always taken a “cancel culture” policy by cancelling his oath, his duty, his responsibility.

  5. That’s great! Guns are generally so available. In Colorado alone, I read recently, there are over 2,000 gun shops. (Seriously, if that’s even possible in a rural area perhaps! ) I have no idea. But, I lost my older brother to guns! His own firearm! Maybe, the painful departure was due to a diagnosis of lung cancer. Never mind. Using a gun, though? He gave up! That’s all I knew then!! Yup. I wasn’t able to say that, when I got the call from my dad, several years ago. (But, when the Atlanta, Georgia and Boulder, Colorado gun violence happened within two weeks apart, what does that say about the available use of guns to you? ) Assault weapons! Yup. Identified as well! The shooters were both 21 years old. Again, if President Biden knows what to do, that’s better than the NRA endorsements, so far. We must write bans on assault weapons, period in this country! (They are military style weapons. ) How this goes down, I have no idea how we can justify mass shooters. Anger management issues? Again, shooters don’t consult psychiatrists. Probably not available! It’s a horrible way to be as a nation of so many gun owners.

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