Congressman: Hope Hicks refused to answer these questions

Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) who attended the closed-door hearing with former White House communications director Hope Hicks reveals the questions she would not answer.

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  1. Okay, they (dems & repubs) are running on a “cure cancer” platform…😞
    wth is going on??? THIS MAKES NO SENSE.

    1. Mueller’s tactic did not work well in his investigation on ” fake ” Russian Collusion , moron !

    1. @Shawn Smith : Wrong Liar. How can Trump be the best President ever, if he needs Russian interference again in 2020 to get Re-elected? Trump is only Pres. to do this to America.

    2. I wonder how much they get paid to turn up, what’s the minimum wage for actors nowadays. They have to actors cause there can’t be that many people with lobotomies out there

    3. @Tom Closs : Wrong. It would be ever Greater, if you had the intelligence and could Disprove her statement? Ouch. The Truth stands. Change the truth with a stronger truth. Failure.

    1. Of course he is. Just because it’s been three years doesn’t erase the severity of the offenses. Hilary should thank her lucky stars that Bill Barr wasn’t head of the DOJ back then.

    2. Everything you ignorant people are saying about Mr. President Trump you are actually talking about the dirty rats!! If you like those Rich Democrats stealing money from you then why don’t you just send them the check give it to them!!

    3. That’s right he’s going to still talk about those emails because she destroyed them but they found them, Hilary can’t quit talking about and everybody else on the Democrat side is Mueller’s report remember that one? no evidence no collusion and no obstruction!!! But the Democrats won’t leave them alone they think something’s just going to appear and that report that’s how ignorant all those people are👹💩

    4. @Janie Sanchez : Wrong. Trump loves Russian Teenage Prostitutes who Urinate on him. isn’t Trump married? Trump did this to Melenia while she was pregnant with their Son..

    1. It’s not that hard when all you read on social media and hear broadcasted by the MSM is HATE!

    2. @Stephen Guy : Wrong Liar. The Term “Trump Deplorables” are the Haters today. MSN is Guilty of Fact checking Trump for over 11,000 lies as President. Trump Deplorable Moron..

    1. @William H : Wrong. Are you insane or on Drugs? Are you a homosexual? Then why do you accuse people who aren’t gay to be homosexuals? Trump Deplorable Moron..

    1. that was done under obama, remember the war on police and riots in the streets of American cities? Remember kneeling for the American flag? How about democrats refusing to accept the election results when they lost, and have done nothing but obstruct since that night?

  2. Trump – a disruptive mind! He needs to make sure to control what Hicks expells about him to the public!

  3. Didn’t trump said “only guilty people don’t talk”?.. maybe that’s why hillery sat and answer for 11 hours, and trump blocks any questions

  4. What a circus, a platoon of clowns. Where is the law?
    Not ONE of the people paid by YOUR taxes is doing their job.

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