Congressman Says District Mixed On Impeachment | Way Too Early | MSNBC

Congressman Says District Mixed On Impeachment | Way Too Early | MSNBC 1


    1. @Kelli Shafron
      This is the problem with the EDUCATED LEFT.
      You’re here in anger and are blinded by that anger.
      You’re putting your words into what you think I think and are wrong.
      I never said or thought McConnell was on my team.
      What you are too Dim to realize is that YOU are working both sides of the fence. While I KNOW Mitch is as much a bag of dog squeeze as BIDEN is.
      So Check your anger and attitude until you grow into adulthood, child.

    2. @boyd norfleet you identify me as left. I am not. I identify myself as human first. I ask you to tell Officer Sidnick’s wife and children that they will get no justice because if you are as smart as you proport yourself to be, you would have researched prior to the 2016 election and found that Trump was a failed businessman, a racist, and got his bullying advice from mobster Roy. But no, you just bought the propaganda. Please in the future know that if someone tells you a lie 10 times it doesn’t turn into the truth. I look things up and then I look up the sources. Sometimes I don’t like what I find because all politicians have dirt, as do I, I tend to go with the one’s that say they made a mistake but are willing to grow from it.

    3. @Kelli Shafron
      Wrong again kiddo.
      Sidnicks murderers have been caught and WILL pay the price, unlike the policeman murdered by your glorious Blmtifa crowd.
      That is why you are LEFTIST
      You Support that side.
      Understand now?
      I tire of educating you as that is your parents responsibility.
      Do yourself a favor and tell them that they are failing you.

    4. @boyd norfleet But not for Trump, no one would have been at Capitol on Jan. 6th. But not for Trump’s lies starting in 2015 about fraud NONE of this would have happened. If not for his racist comments at Charlottesville, giving the green light for all of the white supremacists to climb out from under their rocks, and had he simply said when George Floyd was murdered that it was a tragedy and we need to fix this, there would not have been the craziness of the summer.

    5. @Kelli Shafron
      You truly are an MSNBC minion.
      You obviously have not done your HONEST research into the info you reference.
      You should find other sources and listen, really listen to the complete soundbites you have misquoted.
      I wish you well on your travels to enlightenment in finding that the left is not a majority no matter how many times your Marxists media tells you that lie.

    1. @Master Man no explanation?
      Have fun facing reality. I hope you learn what “evidence” is, and why you can’t just make stuff up.

      “Dunning Kruger Effect”.

    2. @Master Man answer these questions, genius:
      1) Why won’t Trump testify under oath, ever?
      2) After four years of being president, with all of his “best people” in key positions: why has Trump never produced a single piece of credible evidence for anything he has accused anyone of, ever?
      3) When did Trump know that the US Capital and Congress were under attack?
      4) What did Trump do to stop the attack on the US Capital and Congress?

    3. @AL- BOT The answer to all is that it doesn’t matter. Nothing happened, nothing will happen. Politicians are above the law. He doesn’t need evidence, alibi or reason when there are no consequences for any action or word from him. Above the law. Period. End of story. Anything else is squawking.

  1. GOP has voted and they chose to be the party of trump from conspiracy to insurrection and we must hold them to it going forward

    1. Many of them voted to acquit Trump because this impeachment was unconstitutional. You will find in the US Constitution under Article I, Section 3, The mandate that the Chief justice of the United States Supreme Court must preside over any presidential impeachment. The purpose of this requirement is to avoid the potential conflict of interest. Conflict of interest reigned supreme during this show trial impeachment.
      The Trump defense team eviscerated the case presented by the impeachment managers. Brick by brick the trumps defense team picked apart the defense allegation and in one case it appears evidence was fabricated.
      Trump is in Florida enjoying the warm weather and playing golf while he laughs at the losers who are the impeachment managers, Nancy and Chuck. The Senate and impeachment managers sadly now are laughing stocks.

    2. @T. R. Campbell god you cultists are insane. You don’t even live in reality. All of that is BS. The senate already voted on if it had the power. There is precedent. It was not unconstitutional. It would have started while trump was president of McConnell hadn’t stonewalled.

      Trumps defense team was aweful. They were destroyed, but spineless republicans and cultists like you gave trump a pass. You have no right to call yourself an American. You support a party of traitors.

    3. @darena12 No the Trump attorneys were brilliant for showing the world how corrupt the Democrats are for urging on Antifa and BLM to fight, fight fight that left 100 dead. Pelosi was quick to want to end the trial after she found out she would be questioned as a witness, in the Preplanned insurrection. If she was innocent she shouldn’t have had a problem with testifying

    4. @ron smith Sadly and with great concern the Trump legal team identified possibly fabricated evidence introduced by “Chinese Eric”. This was shocking and I can’t believe that he thought that it would go unnoticed.

    1. @Elizabeth Ayres You do know what a PMC does don’t you? We did the things the government didn’t want to be accountable for. My perspective is not limited to what they want you to think or know. …BTW Pelosi was in charge of Capitol security she knew weeks in advance there was going to be a protest and allowed them to walk right in the front door..that doesn’t just happen, not in the Capitol Building with every government representative we have in it. Especially with us still in condition yellow and a dozen other states of emergency and cities under siege from various activist groups going on unless they wanted it to happen..That much I’m 100% sure of…

    2. @Altrusian WolfDog Pelosi is not in charge of the federal security apparatus..Trump tried to decapitate our government. He refused help. Pence had to activate the military. McCarthy called him, while under siege, and he said, “Well, Kevin, looks like they care more about the election than you do….” The man timed his rally for certification day, then alters the permit so people can “walk down to the Capitol……” It WAS a set- up. Trump set up rut entire elected government for slaughter, and used lies to do it

    3. @Elizabeth Ayres Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), a trusted Pelosi ally chairs the committee in charge of Capitol security logistics…Who do you think she answers to? Had they done their job we wouldn’t be having this conversation and Pence wouldn’t have had to call up the Guard assuming you think he can do that without the approval of the commander and chief……..

    4. @Altrusian WolfDog The committees don’t give orders. Congress holds the purse strings. She is in charge of funding that, not commanding it. Pence was under siege and Trump REFUSED help.

    5. @John DiGiacomo Thank you. I am saddened by the lies and distrust in our system. It’s messy, but it’s the best on Earth. Work in progress.😉☮️

  2. Charles Manson was poor an died in prison. trump is rich an retired to Mara Logo. America is broke beyond repair.

    1. I see you’re making the comparison between cult leaders Manson and Trump. But I certainly don’t feel sorry for Charles Manson.

    2. He is more of a Jim Jones than a Manson. Jones cowardly shot himself. Trump said he would join them but cowardly watched on tv.

    1. @Wally Censorship said no rational or intelligent person ever. But your comments so prove you are neither rational nor are you intelligent. Just spewing alt-right extremist propoganda opinion outlets talking points. You are just brainwashed and it shows.

    2. @Wally Censorship Did You Watch Dumb Trump Rally? They strom Capital Hill and Trump went the other way. His words we will march down to the capital. Just Gtfoh trolling the reply section.

  3. Why don’t there’s Republicans that were courageous enough to stand up to against Trump and vote guilty switch parties so they don’t have to worry about being censored they can really take down all these maggots on the other side as Democrats

    1. @RobBCactive they can run as centralized Democrats it would help bring the Democrats even more into the center which is a win-win for everybody

    2. @Squibber 55.….……. I think a big reason that they don’t want to switch is because of the abortion situation.,,,,…… REPUBLICAN’S do not understand that Democrat’s ( and left leaning INDEPENDENTS) abhor ABORTION…..they wish they would never happen but they believe in a woman’s RIGHT TO ÇHOOSE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEIR BODIES,….they do not want the government to step in and tell them what they can do with their bodies.

    3. @Lynn Sheehan if they did switch they can help bring the Democrats more to the center it would make a much better party


    1. @tom wool Wasn’t the sniper who shot and killed 5 white police officers in Dallas in 2016 a BLM supporter. You might remember it. It was shortly after Obama said his infamous ‘walking while black’ comment that implied cops racially target blacks, except nobody impeached Obama for incitement.

    2. @Ady Falconer

      First it is without debate that Cops target Black’s.
      2, President Obama never said all police are out too get you so you must go shoot them.
      3, the shooter was military and was killed.
      4, President Obama went to the funerals and was well received.
      Something Donald never did for the fallen officer at the Capitol.

      To proved the differences between black and white justice the lady who wanted to sell Nancy laptop to the Russian’ however crazy’
      That lady was given bail and permission to go to Mexico on vacation.
      Can you see where I’m going.
      Put the politic aside we had a successful transfer of power.
      But it was not peaceful.
      America we had an attempted coup!!!!!
      Will the next one be successful!!!!
      And will he/ she be a Democrat!!!!

    3. Trump topped himself: instead of shooting someone on 5th Avenue, he killed 7 in the Capitol, including three police officers.

    1. @David Galehouse The Constitution says it’s OK to support domestic terrorism? Which Article or Amendment says that?

  5. The (majority of) American people are not stupid, and we know the deal of what happened. Dems did a magnificant job at proving their case to convict. The ONLY loser here is the GOP and they will see it play out in the coming years.

    1. You tried 2 times you failed 2 times Haha lol trumps not going anywhere he will be president again and that’s what cheating lying democrats get

  6. Foreign journalists do get/understand the need for 2/3 majority. That’s beside the point. What most people outside of the US do not get, is how blatant the crimes of Donald Trump a disregarded by nearly half the US population and almost all of the GOP. This will come back to plague the whole world, not just the US.

    1. Quite a few of us non-Americans do get it, especially those who have followed the last year’s events. Trump’s behaviour is explained by his Narcissistic Personality Disorder – the attributes that make us decent people are absent from him, to him these are viewed as, and exploited as, weaknesses. What is truly shocking and difficult to comprehend is the number of willing co-conspirators – the followers. The GOP behaviour is not surprising, their focus is nihilistic, but the extent of the ‘base’ is the scary thing. The only ray of hope is that, just as with the 2020 election, enough ‘good’ people see the horror that is Trumpian mentality, and continue to vote him, and his ilk, down.

    2. Oh we get it alright. The US senate is a clear and present danger to the world. The US has no standing. You cannot call yourselves the leaders of the free world. You cannot tell developing democracies anything anymore. We see the greed and narcissistic behaviour. We see the corruption. You have my sympathy. I feel desperately sorry for your citizens

  7. Just remember these things:
    The Senators who voted guilty represent over 75% of the US population.
    Trump collected nearly $300,000,000 from his dupes while he promoted The Big Lie. He spent $50,000,000 to bring his violent extremist mob to DC on Jan.6th. He has over $200,000,000 left.

    1. But not everyone in their states agreed with the verdict. Just as there are people in states like Kentucky and Texas and South Carolina etc…that wish he was convicted.

  8. Regardless of the outcome, Raskin did a great job explaining the TRUTH. The GOP now has to fight trumps Gullible Party, for votes. Nice job, GOP. You’re stuck with him.

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