Congressman Says Trump Criticisms Of Him Are an Attempt To Distract | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Congressman Says Trump Criticisms Of Him Are an Attempt To Distract | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. General Field Marshall bone spurs faked an injury to dodge the Vietnam draft, but Conor Lamb is a fraud??? Uhm. Ok. Got it.

    1. @rtorres81rc Yes. Nixon was pardoned. He recognized what he did wrong and stepped down in disgrace. He was pardoned in an effort, not to save Nixon, but to save the honor and dignity of the office of presidency. Trump has destroyed all honor and dignity associated with being president. Lock him up. Throw away the key. Oh, and take Mitch, Barr, Graham, Nunez, etc with him.

    2. @Biggus Dickus Up is down, one color is another, right is wrong, & East is south? That’s been the way things have been since about 2015 when orange person began his campaign. And here we are.

    3. @rtorres81rc Gerald Ford, on 9/8/1974 pardoned Nixon for what was termed “the good of the country,” and to move us “forward.” I pray no one gets any ideas to do so with 45. I, & others have an idea of where 45 belongs.

    4. @Glenda Graves Everything you said, to God’s ear. I pray. 45 has a hot seat in H&$@ after whichever Federal Prison he lands in.

  2. President Trump, How can you sell a product with a 1% fatality rate? Is that why the stakes didn’t work? It’s a destructive record

    1. Biggus Dickus now, now, it’s challenging not to, but sinking to his level isn’t the best answer.

    2. 🤦🏽‍♀️ that is some nasty but real shiii. When they showed her partying with him and got on his lap and danced. Ewww

    1. @Gail Lawing
      That’s because he is so vindictive, if one opposes him he sets out to make up lies and do a character assassination. Remember how Lt. Vindman was treated for telling the truth? Trump is truly the skunk at the picnic.

    2. @maynunal it was a distraction from trumpski’s incompetent handling of this pandemic.

    3. @hifismiffy trumpo never had adulted very well. Now, he excels in pre-k, as well as toddlering.

  3. President Clown, the five time draft dodger calling out a marine. That hole he’s digging himself into just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

    1. @Norman Peterson I know all this ? Like what ? Obama bombing black and brown countries?
      Go to a VFW on any given day , in any town in America. Take a survey. Trump wins 8 to 1 , at least.

    2. i hear the few vets talk great about him out loud but talk to vets one on one not so great.

    1. White people need to make these other white traders accountable ! We try to save everyone we need to makes more accountable for their own people !

    2. @stormy weather Dismantling what little social economic/health safety net Obama was able to build leaving people to literally fend for themselves or die, funneling every last dime he can get his grubby little hands on to his and his children’s bank accounts, fomenting hate – for the media, for our friends and our neighbors, picking fights and starting trade wars, screwing over the Americans who really keep the country running – the taxpaying worker, and abusing the power of the Office – tarnishing it forever…THAT is what tRump has “accomplished”. #f***tRump.

  4. The corrupt criminal in the WH is obviously in full panic mode, kicking and screaming hysterically on Twitter. What an insane whiny snowflake.

    1. frank hayles , yeah, y’all triggered lucky fisher for sure,,,, hahaha.
      Let me ask, what is it that you all like about being Democrats, besides hating OUR President?

    2. @Douglas Tiffany Don’t kid yourself lol. It’s not just Democrats who see the immense list of shortcomings & disastrous decisions made by this man. Progressives, Independents, Libertarians, Green… even many Republicans.

    3. @Lucky Fisher 72 The loudest screaming has been from the president himself. “I get no credit.” “Everyone is so unfair to me.” He has made a living playing the victim, from stiffing contractors for “substandard work” (though praising the magnificence of the buildings they built), bankruptcy courts to both the Russia investigation and Ukraine. Look, if you have Manafort as campaign chair and Flynn and Page on your staff, you can’t complain of the attention garnered by these and others who worked for Deripaska and other Russian interests. He is responsible for the attention he has gotten, and somehow has yet to have been held accountable. Ask Don McGahn.

    4. @Douglas Tiffany if I had wanted to hear from you I would have pulled the chain 💩 head

    5. frank hayles, hahaha good one skippy. Did ya think of that yourself or did daddy help ya. Hahaha
      That was so comprehensive and insightful…..

  5. He did not fix all these things that he talked about he is the fraud he lied to your face just to get to be the president of the United States of America I know he was lying all the time all he want is a wall put up with his name on it anything else he didn’t care about he used the American people President Donald Trump is the fraud jmw

    1. Johnny Joe And you just know he is seething that his arch enemy Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize…. I love that and would love to be a fly on the wall when that subject is ever brought up to Old Cheeto!

    1. @Robert Lavelle wow..unfuckingbelievable. how when he’s worked hard to gut the gov infrastructure that helps them. he’s making sure no one can get a test and lies about their fellow americans who have died from this virus.

    2. john abbot , what is OUR President doing , that you can’t believe?
      Please try to be as specific as possible… I really want to hear what it is that the left hate so much.

    3. @Douglas Tiffany Actually he has done nothing. Why There are 100 thousand dead. Oh sorry he sees it as a badge of honor. And he is great at attacking better than him on Twitter. Why well a coward draft dodger. A loser business man. Basically if daddy paid his bills he would have been on the streets. But hey his best quote. I love the uneducated and stupid people because Without them I would never have been elected. You are one of them. Now child take your Lysol injection and run along.

  6. If the President does not like him, he must be against- Corruption!!! Definitely Vote for him!!!!

    1. To all on this thread , get jobs and move out of moms basement …
      It’s time to grow up.

    2. Cynna1065 , I’m a truck driver and worked more this week that y’all have collectively this month.
      Yes I own my own home and put my daughters through college.
      I do do this for fun. I don’t do fb or instagram.
      I’m so looking forward to OUR President winning AGAIN. The cringe factor form you people will be incredible 🤣
      TRUMP 2020, KAG 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ☮️💟

    3. @Douglas Tiffany Show your support, I know how hard it’s been for real truck drivers. Go to rallies, don’t ever wear a mask, take hydroxychloroquine every day… and your kids too.

    1. @Willy Win… No one in Washington is a bigger fraud/crook than Trump (Trump Univ). When he was confronted about paying prostitutes, and stealing from his so call charity, he lied. How can an obese man refer to someone else as fat? He’s insane and so are his enablers.

    2. Good thing he wasn’t in Minnesota. I heard they handcuff you and kneel on your neck for fraud.

    1. GyozaSauce You are wrong wrong wrong! How dare you say such a terrible thing! I expect nothing less than a public apology and a personal apology too!
      Trolls everywhere.

    1. I agree but it takes the VP and Cabinet to formally declare him unfit. Do you think they would? I don’t because they are in too deep.

    1. @charlie morris Trump also has something on ’em. He got a respected military doctor to lie about his height and weight. The only thing that could be behind that is blackmail. If Trump has proved nothing at all this past year, it’s that blackmail is his go-to method of intimidation.

    1. We have a saying in Ireland 🇮🇪 it’s pot calling the kettle black. In or there words he is saying one thing but meaning another. Basically lying again

  7. Can you imagine the attacks on Obama if he talked sh** about people who served this Country?!?!?

    1. Obama saluted a service man while holding a coffee in the other hand. Fox lost their minds and demanded that he step down. Yet they’re eerily quiet whenever trumpski tweets lies about vets.

    2. @Leonie Romanes The Fox crowd didn’t mind when Trump was saluting and back-slapping with North Korean soldiers.

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