1. “I think, I believe, Maybe” it seems that’s enough to start a war or to kill someone just because is evil…
    Well Russia still invading Ukraine, Saudi Prince killed and American, NK still launching Rockets… I don’t see U.S killing any top commander from those countries 仄儭仄儭仄儭

    1. @Ataxia Just calling upset Iraqis “Iranians” isn’t going to impress the people who actually have to live with the hostile situation created by Washington (from thousands of miles overseas). The only Americans in harm’s way are those that Trump campaigned on bringing home!!

      Even Pompeo admitted there is zero threat of homeland attack.

    2. Peter Tillman You are deluding yourself beyond compare. Just look at the stock markets in United States of America anybody involved in military war. Their market went up 2 the 5% just after Trump told all of his people that there was going to be a conflict,. Oh lets look at the stock markets know. They are ramping up their production of military grade weapons to sell to Iraq, look at the Russian economy they are ramping up their production to help Iran!

  2. “Imagine, if you can, the suffering visited upon those children, including many still in diapers and requiring afternoon naps, by the administrations cavalier brutality and incompetence the anguish of little girls and boys removed from their parents for weeks or months because of a president lacking a conscience and a government whose data systems were not suited to the task of reunification. Those wounds wont heal easily, or ever.” 70,000 families separated at the border by this “good” administration. More than 10 children have died, so far, that we know of.

    1. Nobody cares. We didn’t tell them to bring their kids with them when they go to break the law. If I get pulled over committing a crime I don’t get to take my kids to jail with me do I? No so I don’t care about illegal immigrants getting some special right that American citizens don’t get. Illegally crossing the border is wait for it…………. illegal. Pampering people for breaking the law is exactly how we got the problem in the first place

    2. ty,for caring.please keep educating people. These children can’t speak out,for themselves. Trump,and his lot have no conscience,people.

    1. @Eva Gabor can’t you see
      Pre. Obama they have know
      Loved your dresses on green acres
      Shout too the snout Arnold.

    2. @Christian Innerhofer You watch the news and seen the protestors tearing down Soleimani’s pictures they put up after his death?

    3. That’s because the “answer” wasn’t an answer to the question (in regards to the nuclear deal)

    1. Guys like this go on with a State Dept/CIA script in their head they try to stick to. A tool to set us up again and I believe a big false flag is in our future probably already taking shape now. This is how they work and hopefully someday all Americans will agree and revolt against the elite group of bankers and industrialists who have been doing this same thing to the US for over 100yrs. Dynasty’s are real.

    2. He didn’t dodge the question. He put it in context. Another liberal dimwit with absolutely no critical thinking skills!

    1. He’s trying to be concise with facts in the short time he knows he is allowed to respond. Truthfully I was surprised when the interviewer asked a question, and he answered with facts and the law, and the well defined parameters of the law at that, and then the interviewer said, “I see where you stand” like it was an opinion and not fact. Certain reporters seem to act like opinions are facts, and facts are opinions. Was a good interview and not because of the reporter.

    2. CNN pretending they can read minds, again. CNN is pro war until the shooting starts then say they are against it. Typical Democratic BS. Progressives are for peace. CNN is against them.

    1. @EasilyConfusedDinosaur Iraq voted us out. Trump ran on getting us out… what is the fucking problem? The only Americans in harm’s way are those that shouldn’t even be there.

    2. bobshenix National Security as in do the dirty work so our nation stays number one, morally what we do is wrong but so be it, it keeps us at the top

    1. we needed to find a different fuel source some time ago.we need to do this more than ever,instead of this blood of our soldiers for fuel BS!!!!!

    2. @B ever sense the first invasion of iraq, it would seem that u.s. forces are being used as nothing more than the enforcers of the u.s. governments extortion racket. its sickening, our government using our brave u.s. soldiers as if they were mercenaries.

    1. @Peter Tillman Yes. You do some research. Just search “trump says left troops in Syria only for the oil” and you will see him literally say it from his own mouth.

    2. @Miguel Janerios Do some research as to why he left the troops there? Its not because of money! Research my fella.

    3. @Peter Tillman I have done plenty of research. Come on at least try to formulate your argument. I posted about a video of Trump saying it was for the oil, and you clearly havent even watched it. You certainly havent tried to rebuttal it. Why would Trump say that, then? I await your intelligent response.

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