Congressmen Work To Secure Location For War On Terrorism Memorial | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Congressmen Work To Secure Location For War On Terrorism Memorial | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Mike Gallagher discusses new legislation he and Rep. Jason Crow are working on to secure a Global War on Terrorism memorial on the National Mall. Aired on 02/24/2021.
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Congressmen Work To Secure Location For War On Terrorism Memorial | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. *_Yes, I agree. And another memorial that includes the names of Hawley, Cruz, Graham, McCarthy, Johnson, …; all the 147 who challenged 2020 election results._*

    1. The senate has a right to contest the election results. IDK why that’s allowed. But, if you look, Biden dismissed Dems doing it during the count for 2016. Perhaps, the best way forward would be to have them abolish that rule?

  2. Well, Jason Crow certainly did act appropriately and compassionately when the Capital was attacked by the Trump MAGA MOB and white supremacists!

    1. yes, crow did, while gallagher, in his tight spot, spins to johnson and trump’s insurrection as being “confusing, hard to understand, i didn’t see or hear that or fascist johnson’s antifascist conspiracy theory, i don’t know, ….”
      poor wisconsin, and, republicanism is dead.

  3. Could we maybe focus on the pandemic or the actual war on domestic terrorism before we plan and pay for a memorial? Or maybe start with a memorial for the 500k Americans who have died from sheer incompetence and greed.

    1. right, it’s babble by 1%er rich kid’s buying new jet skis as the sales guy and mechanic wonder if they brought covid home to his family, will he get company insurance in 6 more months, and can he buy food, heat & light?

    1. what a sly kick in america’s head, eh, by gallagher, to dance and spin support without words for ron johnson’s INSANE attack on the capitol today. support 30k lies, …, deathcult Q!! stone & flynn! PUTIN!! republicanism, the dead party.

  4. You do realize that the Korean Conflict (not a war, no war was ever declared, just a technicality I realize) never ended right? It was a cease fire. Many Americans have died since that date too.

  5. Gee ..are these men & women that you are trying to start this for also some of the same men & women who participated on January 6’th ?
    Why does the wording seem to strike funny on the name ? It seems more like a place to get together each year to celebrate trying to overturn our own government by force since you are bringing it up now. Why should this be done now for what seems to glorify recent events ?
    It seems like a scooby snack

  6. “30k lies documented” red leadership, and gallagher support’s
    the fascism of ron johnson, not a democratic republic supporter.

  7. ‘war on war’ memorial, next? spend for life improvements, momentarily.
    regardless, and we know this yet charge, “to hate hate is to make hate,”
    “what you resist, persists.” buddha thru christ +, yep, we know to never worship war,
    or a gold plated mara lago calf, wisconsin’s, gallagher.

  8. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    1. @Chris Young What about the people who don’t believe in Jesus..? Do you think you should be publicly preaching to them..?

  9. We don’t need a memorial this year…we need Covid relief checks……these guys just looking for kickbacks

  10. These guys would spend money better by taking better care of the familes and veteran’s of those wars…a pile of concrete does nothing for those still alive who suffer every day….yet they cut their hospitals and funding and then think can fix it with a pile of concrete…..ought to be a law for STUPIDLY

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