Congresswoman Reflects On New Security Camera Footage | Way Too Early | MSNBC

Congresswoman Reflects On New Security Camera Footage | Way Too Early | MSNBC 1


    1. @Yourdeadmeat69 my dad is a retired Ironworker lu 584 Tulsa Ok, and I am a former Ironworker form tge same local.

  1. I love that everybody is too polite to say her camera was out of focus.

    I hope the Senate does the right thing, but I doubt that they will.

    1. If they do the right thing which we all know they will they will totally exonerate President Trump then the people NOT the filthy Washington swamp reptiles will re-elect him President in 2024 . Then we can impeach Beijing Biden for treason which is still a capital crime & Pelosi , Harris & Waters for inciting violence in our cities during the summer . THAT will be true justice and democracy .

    2. @Andrew Walton We know all Trump supporters are uneducated people and you just proved the point with your ignorant statement. Statements like this only show how pathetic Dump supporters really are.

    3. Indeed, the good, honest people have more important things going on than making sure a computer camera is perfectly focused. Here’s some fun facts, out of his own mouth; “election fraud” at 1 minute 40 and “drain the swamp” both campaign tactics the 45th got from other people and not important to him, just tools for power:

  2. Where is the video of lauren boebert giving the tour prior to the Capitol Riot? Who give the directions for the crazy pink hat lady to give orders? Need more evidence on all the Senators who are involved in this Riot? I want to know this??

  3. For decades Republicans have been getting away with lies and distorting reality. Now it’s all on HD video, captured in real time.

    1. And in spite of that HD video, they’re still going to get away with it because they have the spines of jellyfish.

    1. @wild rural Total disconnect from Law and Order will elevate distrust and resentment for the GOPestapo!!

    2. This is the part that is not emphasized enough, beyond the months of inciting rhetoric, the fix was in, the capital was purposely left with inadequate defensive response forces. The capital police that died and the hundreds who were injured were set up by Trump and Republicans. Trump as president is the head of the federal govt and commander in chief, so a myriad of forces not being prepared and not reacting to situation they knew was going to happen and they could actually see happening on video for hours is ultimately Trump’s responsibility. The National Guard, the FBI, secret service, homeland security, capital police all failing in preparation and reaction to the riot is much too much of a coincidence, Trump arranged for the response to be inadequate. If instead of VP Pence, Pelosi and all the Senators and congressmen being inside the capital it was Trump do you think the response would be the same if Trump himself was in danger??? In 10 minutes from the first sign of violence there would have been troops, tanks, helicopters even jets deployed.

    3. @Eric Takahashi Total disconnect from Law and Order will elevate distrust and resentment for the GOPestapo!!

    4. The police let them in and took pictures with them everyone hates Democrats even deep down inside Democrats hate Democrats

  4. There are rioters who would testify trump led them and they believed him! They are getting charged and their leader doesn’t have consequences?

    1. This is Trump: I don’t know them people and I never seen those people before and beside they’re never Trumper.🤔😂😂😂

    2. That’s What Happens When You Follow A Narcissist! That’s a Who He Is…He Doesn’t Care About Them…He Doesn’t Have The Capacity To Care Outside Of Himself! He’s A Narcissistic FRAIDY CAT!

    1. @Carriemchardy Carrie The Trump cultists still don’t get it, do they? Or, maybe they need to lie to themselves because if they faced reality, the truth of their stupidity would be overwhelming.

    1. Why is it that some of the US Population could see right through Trump and know he was a liar, a grifter, cheater and only cared about himself and the other half of the population believed he always told the truth, was a God fearing man, sincerely cared for others etc.? I don’t understand how some of us had our eyes wide opened and others were as blind as a bat.

    1. Pence is no hero. If there was any chance he could have changed the result he would have but he was tied by the constitution. For 4 years he backed trump 100%.

    2. He had nothing more to gain in licking clown-face’s balls, as Trump had deemed him a traitor via Twitter, and in trouble himself if he hadn’t certified the ballots, so it was not heroic. He had no choice left.

    3. @Max Moon I think Pence was being pragmatic, he may want to have a further career and the big donors do not like the insane and _erratic !_ narcissism of Trump.

  5. The House Managers need to hammer home that there were zero attempts by Trump to end the riot once it broke out. So he claims he had nothing to do with it , well what did he do to stop it ? Via tweets , news conference or sending troops immediately.

    1. I agree. This is the most damning thing, imo. People he KNEW could have been killed and he hid in the White House and rejoiced.
      The GOP may never live this down if they vote against conviction.

  6. If the American people can’t trust our congress to prosecute the former president, due to his party affiliations. How can we trust trust any change in the justice system. The republicans are showing us that the checks and balances are only for some and not all.

  7. To all GOP Senators and Congress Members.
    We know he is guilty.
    And we know that you know he is guilty.
    And that’s all that matters.

  8. And it took hours for him to tell the mob to go back home and that he loved them and to remember this day forever how sick is that is like we seeing this from a Looney Tune cartoon presentation 😵

  9. Why have we heard nothing about Boebert? They have video, did she lead family, or insurrectionists on a tour before the trump riot?

  10. How many of the capital insurectionists will be prosecuted , and how many will no longer be allowed to possess a modern firearm????? UH-OH !!!! OH NOOO! LOL

  11. It’s an outrage to think the Republicans have already made up their minds and won’t find Trump guilty, guilty, guilty!

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