Connie Schultz: AOC Told Yoho, ‘Permission Denied’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. Yoho , Is that the way you call your wife and daughters??? How did you become a CONgressman?

    2. trump is creating an authoritarian gov, these nameless paratroopers in unmarked cars are unconstitutional and unAmerican. The more he sends to different states the larger the force he builds, yet no one is stopping him from doing so. The last time we heard of such a thing they where moving in on Ukraine, we know he talks to putin regularly so who’s advice is he taking.. We also know he’s not going to graciously leave office if he looses the election, in fact i dont see him leaving. He controls the DOJ, FBI, the republican tribe, he will call the election a fraud, a hoax, rigged, a coup. How can the country prepare for this Now!!

    1. @Rick James5678 why tf are you talking about Hillary? No one was talking about Hillary. Nice attempt at deflecting away from your incompetent orange buddy.

    2. @Rick James5678
      Trump actually said something worse. He told us all how he was able to assault women without consequences. Is that why you think he should delete?

    1. @Darth Wheezius your maturity level is astonishing . nothing you have said you would say to my face especially the mother comment . if not post your address

    2. @Dean Demarest , I dont hate her, you’re mistaking criticism for hate. Democrats are the ONLY people that combine criticism and hate when they direct their wrath, slander, and destruction.


  1. Female, male, black white Asian, Pakastani, it doesn’t matter because when you say it to one of us, you say it to all of us.

    1. @Genghis Smith every time you meet an American thank God you’re not eating sauerkraut you jackwagon

  2. It is not just teaching them to not say these things it’s more important that they don’t think that way about woman. There are men that are very polite but most woman can tell by there actions and body language how they think.

  3. To be sung to the “PIrates of The Caribbean” tune: “Yoho, Yoho, a foul-mouthed dolt you be…”

    1. Please report this hate comment. Ocasio-Cortez has every right to be brilliant, well-educated, successful, strong, empowered and gorgeous without having a long rant full of personal abuse directed at her by some unemployed, uneducated guy sitting in his mother’s basement at 3:30 in the morning. Tolerating abuse from resentful males should NOT be a price that women have to pay for having personal power.

    2. Hm. I was hearing, from Muppet Treasure Island, “Cause when you’re a professional pirate…”

  4. I still can’t get over the idea that people need to be told how to behave in a civilized society.
    Far too many of them are not as civilized as one would hope.

    1. Civilization only works when everyone agrees to the rules. Read laws. When they don’t, this is what you get.

    2. Crom the Wise – Oh, hon! You’re deflecting. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you need therapy. (And nobody likes you. That’s why you’re bitter, lonely, and seeking attention: mommy issues.)

  5. Republicans are acting like Trump of which they have No respect for women……i will never vote republican, old school attitudes. Thank-you for being respectful to your/ our equals on this issue.

    1. @Rob Hartley so you know, if it was your wife, mother or daughter and i was there and heard this, i would have been in his face….and she raised someone like you. There is a certain amount of dignity that goes with the position. They dont have to agree, they can argue legislation, politics, the sunrise, whatever but there is no cause to disrespect a woman in a professional setting, a colleague, co-worker, etc. Its unacceptable. If she had been a man, he would have curbed his tongue because man has the physical option to call you on the words you say and the disrespect you dish out so there is always a certain level of respect. A woman doesn’t jave this option. Imagine him in his home speaking to his wife and daughters? You know probably how you treat women.

  6. Dear all the odd gods, GOP politicians do have a talent for self destruction, don’t they?

    1. I think one of the points was that it wasn’t self-destructive behaviour because they have behaved like this with impunity since the party existed.

    1. LaFayette Mitchell. His present wife was an immigrant and used chain migration to bring her parents over. Two things trump riles against.

    2. @John Hahn Before you start shooting off your mouth know what you’re talking about. Puerto Rico is part of the USA so if Ocasio-Cortez had been born there she would have still been born in the US. That was the point of my post that went right over your head. Furthermore, no part of my post said a word to suggest that if Ocasio-Cortez was an immigrant the USA wouldn’t still be her home. When you have to invent reasons to attack people on social media you’re in bad shape. Get a life.

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    1. Domino Ryan – you are right. Dementia Don’s rallies are Hitler-like gatherings. Let’s vote him out and get rid of this nightmare!!! Vote Blue!! Vote Biden!!!

    2. @Buck Buchanan no he hasn’t. The statistics show that black unemployment lowered under Obama and continued because of Obama’s policies during trumps term. Trump can’t claim his morning bowel movement without assistance

    1. @sfamerken12 it’s the largest population of gun owners and proponents for more guns everywhere!! Truth hurts don’t it?

    2. @Jay Burnz You are the one that said: only white men….
      So, maybe choose your words better next time?
      I am not physically affected by the truth.

  7. This “version” of the GOP is on its last legs. AOC is way too smart for guys like this. Kamala Harris just eviscerates guys like this. Keep it up ladies.

    1. I certainly hope you’re right that they are on the way out. What those GOP knuckledraggers hate even more is that both those women are women of color.

  8. Rep. Ted Yoho ,why? The American people are watching your mouth “F and B” all over the world? News, YouTube etc. you need to be out of office.

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