Conservative and NDP MPs react to auditor general's report, Liberals don't send representative 1

Conservative and NDP MPs react to auditor general’s report, Liberals don’t send representative


MPs James Cummings and Rachel Blaney discuss the auditor general's report on PHAC's COVID-19 preparedness.

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  1. Odd isn’t it that Team Trudeau refused to be held accountable yet claim so much success. Dr. Tam claimed we were prepared should the virus arrive in Canada and that it would be rare if it did. Shameful

    1. Dr Tam also told the Canadian public Early in the pandemic that wearing a mask wasn’t a defence against covid .

    1. Not true. If they are all useless why does it need to be Trudeau? That’s a dumb way of thinking

  2. Accountability with the Liberals is handled by filibustering, proroguing, and not attending.

  3. You know what I find most interesting about all these independent reviews worldwide by independents is that there aren’t any independent politicians to do the job an independent always can.

  4. Remember how the NDP back in October sided with the Liberals in the non-confidence vote thus preventing an election from being called?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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