Conservative Columnist George Will Says He Will Vote For Biden In November | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @UnfitWarlord23 I’ve never seen videos of him fawning over dictator’s. I’ve never seen videos of him sucking up to Putin I’ve never seen videos of him bring mocked and laught at. I’ve never read tweets where it’s obvious he’s loosing his mind. I’ve seen all of that with drump and more

    2. rara mcl-k But we have seen videos of Biden saying “you ain’t black, if you don’t vote for me” or literally Biden forgetting so many things? Lol

  1. Tough choice:
    A vote for Biden will save America
    But a vote for Trump will destroy the Republican Party
    Tempting. But I will vote for Biden.

    1. @rara mcl-k The GOP, nor its voters (granted, the vast minority) is not basically good and has long been trending towards “Trumpism”. For decades.
      Reagan and Bushy Jr were proto trumps (incompetent man-children used as puppets for the real people in power working to erode our democracy) and Nixon and Bush Sr. were unAmerican criminals.
      The GOP is an extremist far-right radical unAmerican minority party that has attained and maintained power from low to high office via mass voter rigging for decades and has only become bolder and more repressive in the last decade (cf RedMap and the gutting of the VRA which “independent” Roberts fully supported and even drove the cause for).
      The last legitimate GOP potus was Bush Sr. ffs. We have two illegitimate SC justices right now, with a third possibly soon. In 2018 dem candidates for the Senate won 12 million more votes than repub candidates for the Senate, and yet the repubs picked up seats. Not only should that have not happened, we might of even gotten rid of the most criminal and incomptent potus in history with a dem majority Senate (impeachment AND removal).
      The US has been trending downwards in terms of having a government that works for ALL the people (the dems have also turned into corporate conservatives for the most part, like the GOP was mid century before it lost all its tiny mind) and even with gains and expansions of rights and liberties, many core ones have eroded (the rule of law, freedom, rights, a living wage…) to the point that on worldwide surveys on things like societal health, freedom, upward economic ability, level of poverty, level of illiteracy, etc. the US is far from having a good status.
      It’s probably a hollowed out dying state, no healthy society would ever let someone like 45* (or Reagan or Bush jr) even near the office of potus. I am quite ready to move to a sane, humane, responsible, adult country should ours not get any better soon. Many people I have known fled decades or years ago and can’t understand why I want to stay in the “shithole of the developed world”. I find lately I have no real reply to them save apathy (and I do have things good here as I was born upper middle and etc).

    2. @Progressive Humanist at first l thought your comments were to long …and then l thought to disagree with you about Reagan and Bush jr….. But ………I actually think you’re spot on. So what country appeals to you?

    3. @Progressive Humanist if it somehow gets in again, you’re welcome to stay on my couch in New Zealand.

    4. Trump callousness to the school children is unexceptable. Doesn’t even want to postpone. If he insist of the reopening of school at least must hv safety net in place.

  2. If the election is called for Biden by 11PM on election night, Trump will be on a private jet to Moscow to seek political asylum no later than 11:25PM.

    1. @KrystalOcean daddy will welcome him home and then he will disappear, literally! No Witnesses!

    2. i’m willing to bet herr drumpfh’s SS detail will morph from his guardians to his guards in the heartbeat of his term ending.

    3. When Trump wins, Biden and Obama will be in jail for orchestrating the Russian collusion hoax.

    1. being on the wrong side of humanity? that just means he is a contemporary republican.

    2. Can’t get Right309 …… please show us the evidence of this. And we mean concrete evidence and if you can’t do that you must be a Russian bot and you take everything from Putin‘s playbook to quote the lovely and always appropriate Maxine Waters.

    3. Can’t get Right309 …… please show us the evidence of this. And we mean concrete evidence and if you can’t do that you must be a Russian bot and you take everything from Putin‘s playbook to quote the lovely and always appropriate Maxine Waters.

    4. Trump still has all of his millions of supporters. Biden has no base of supporters. He can’t even have a stadium rally because nobody will show up.

    5. Pamela Mattox : and you are a threat to aardvarks in the San Fernando Valley, you need to consult with a taxidermist immediately. You would better serve mankind with your head sticking out of a wildlife trophy wall. Americans that still have a brain of voting for Trump in November. You have been automatically disqualified. Sorry and there are no consolation prizes.

  3. I would like to thank Donald Trump for his greatest accomplishment – destroying the Republican party.

    1. Trump also saved Social Security & Medicare with his genocide of the Baby Boom generation using Covid. #MAGA

    2. @NOW WHAT Did you hear the head of the Ohio Senate a republican is under arrest for taking $60 million in bribes!

  4. I like the way this guy thinks, there is definitely still time to tweak policy. Biden has shown that he will work with conservatives, and even progressives to a lesser extent. Let’s just get back to a stable baseline.

    1. which is why he will pick Susan Rice for VP. A known safe pick that won’t scare off the republicans

  5. You know when George Will decides to vote for a democratic candidate, you know that the republican party is dead!!!

    1. Steve Schmidt and now George Will, if you’d told me this five years ago I’d have called you crazy 😜. The Republicans destroyed their own party by appealing to the worst 1/3rd of humanity

  6. I love seeing republicans jump Trump ship! Bushs Super PAC money is going to be a big welcome for Biden.

    1. @Dave Schultz You tell yourself that, but not true. Many Republicans are jumping from the Trump-train-of-insanity; you’re just not willing to accept it.

  7. //”The most important thing is to clear the ground so we can start over with American-normal politics.”//
    The obvious that needs repeating even though it should not require repeating.
    The chap is absolutely right.

  8. The behaviour of Trump from the outset has been egregious, divisive and unpleasant.
    My worry is that he has normalised the uncivil and the ugly.
    He will go but he will leave a stain.

    1. The Republicans did this to themselves when Obama was President. Trump just capitalized on it.

    1. @Christopher N actually no he didn’t. He was riding on the tails of the Obama 12 year economy growth. Now he’s scrambling to try and keep it from crashing cause he knows he won’t be able to fix it. Better do your homework, cause they have been saying we are heading right into a 2nd depression and everyone who loves their 401k are going to see them disappear. The only reason the marked is doing well is the super rich are buying up stock cheap and people are putting more Into their 401k but come September when banks demand their mortgage payments and landlords their rent, the market will reflect it as people will start losing their homes and their 401ks will start to reflect it

  9. I may not often agree with Mr. Will, but I have respect for his opinion. To hear him say he will vote for Biden tells us just how much trouble our country is in.

    1. I enjoy Will’s erudition but have never respected his opinion, since he always makes it so obvious in his columns which false premises they derive from.

  10. GOP gerrymandering, Trump’s divisiveness and Putin’s dirty tricks could swing this Trump’s way – vote blue!

    1. Think, everyone who voted for Hillary is going to vote Biden. Trump won 3 states by less than 1%, you think he can pull that off again when 20% of the republican party has turned on him? There is no Gerrymandering in Presidential elections as it goes by total state vote in all states but 2.

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