Conservative Media Outlets Spark Outrage Over Olympian’s Stance 1

Conservative Media Outlets Spark Outrage Over Olympian’s Stance


Tiffany Cross answers the problematic questions raised by conservative commentators who criticized Gwen Berry’s national anthem protest.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Conservative Media Outlets Spark Outrage Over Olympian’s Stance


    1. @stan marsh according to the left, blacks can’t be racist. So her trove of racist tweets don’t count.

    2. @Bryan anyone can be racist regardless of race, but our country has a history of white racists elected to positions of power that then gave white people the ability to exercise their racism with little to no backlash or punishment. So the thinking is that in the US white racists actually have power to exercise that racism whereas other races are just screaming at a wall, so does the racism of those who are most affected by racism equate to the racism of those who have historically enacted and enforced racism?

  1. The funny part, she would have had her fifteen minutes of fame then they’d be on to something else. This has gotten way too much attention. It’s one person’s opinion.

    1. It’s gotten way too much attention because Trump and his base politicized with surgical precision what they characterized as ungrateful Black athletes taking the knee in silent protest over racism.

  2. Ahhhh, here comes cancel culture. I wish this “outrage” was properly placed on more important issues. We have much bigger things to worry about.

    1. Those weren’t no “bone spurs”. Trump has hoofs on his feet and horns under that weird hairdo. He’s Satan himself!!!

    2. Remember when Joe Biden dodged the draft using the excuse that he had asthma but at the exact same time he was a lifeguard and a high school football star.

    3. @God Loves AbortionsWhy? Because it exposes what hypocrites you are or because only trumps bad for dodging the draft. Lmao at your lack of intelligence.

  3. And beating a cop with a flag during an insurrection is fine with conservatives since they believe it should be ignored and forgotten…
    Get real…

  4. It seems there are more and more nutters calling themselves “conservatives” these days.

    1. @Vet On The Verge lmao. Is the why the dems are trying to nail trump with anything!! Because they’re scared?

    2. @Vet On The Verge say trump actually gets charged with something. Do you think the bidens should be charged?

    3. @Vet On The Verge you democrats are like beaten housewives. Keep going back just to get slapped in the face 🐑

    1. @Fash e I suppose you think rioting burning and looting is peaceful protest also.
      You people are ridiculous

    2. @Censorship Is real: Let me educate you with facts, not right wing propaganda. 93% of the protests were peaceful but that is not your concern so no, I do not think rioting and burning is peaceful protesting. Anyone engaging in it should be brought to account, including all the right wingers who went to those protests to deliberately start fires just so the protesters can be blamed (some where caught in Minnesota and reported on). Also includes all the fake patriots who invaded the capitol in a failed insurrection their dear leader instigated because he could not bear to own up that he lost an election.

      Btw, the topic is not rioters but you try to shift it because you have no good response to the real topic under discussion. Nice try! Who is ridiculous now??!! 😀

    3. @Fash e like I said you’re a waste of time. You probably think it’s right wingers doing all the shootings in Chicago too.

    4. @Censorship Is real: If I’m a waste of time, you’re a PoS buddy. You don’t have facts on your side so you resort to projection and diversion. I know the trick well. It was rioting, then Chicago, next it will be CRT and after that it will be whatever else is exercising your nativist mind. Learn to stay on topic! Stop with the BS.

  5. Cancun Cruz flys off to Mexico during the worst freeze in Texas history; I think he has his priorities screwed up. Why is it that Ted hates Texas so much?

  6. She can leave the team if she doesn’t want to represent America or the National Anthem. She’s not oppressed she’s indoctrinated. Just look at the 2 photos of here side by side. Loving the flag then disrespecting America (POST CRT)

    1. She is sad she lost. She knows nobody is going to remember who came in THIRD 🤣
      She just wants to stay “relevant” and “remembered”

  7. Every immigrant built this country not just blacks. I am so tired of hearing about this so called protest, she did it for her sponsor.

  8. Being an American patriot has nothing to do with cheerleading or chest thumping, it’s about humility and accountability.

    Like a parent to a child, tough-love and discipline build character.

    1. Actually a Patriot is an automated surface-to-air missile designed for early detection and interception of incoming missiles or aircraft.

  9. Oh yeah, i refuse to even ‘watch’ the olympics, because they are so jingoistic/ american style.

  10. I don’t think it’s all conservatives. Many Democrats and independents are outraged that this individual who received so much benefit by living in the United States is now turning her back on the country that she is allegedly representing. She must not understand that there are people who are risking their lives to come to the United States and feels on the world stage disrespecting the USA. Don’t blame this all on conservatives.

  11. She has ppl talking and that was the point. She finished third and nobody is talking about the winner.I’m sure she had this all planned. Remember Krappernich? Krappernick isn’t famous for being a bad QB,he’s famous for kneeling.

  12. Just a note to emphasise that this action will likely harm Ms Berry’s financial position . A Brave principled stance ,the opposite of her distractors.

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