Conservative Party ‘poised to make the case for change’ with leadership vote


  1. Conservatives want Pierre and Leslynn, and Roman together. But don’t get confused, it’s Pierre Poilievre as the leader all the way!!!

  2. I voted only for Pierre! He can lead Canadians past the mess created by our present leader since 2015. If not Pierre, I will not be supporting the CPC.

  3. If the country is looking for change, why are the panelists focusing on whether the new leader will look like a liberal on issues like climate change? (I’m not a climate change denier, most cons aren’t either) Shouldn’t the new leader look like a conservative?

  4. Ya I can’t understand why poilievre isn’t focusing more on climate issues….. you know, the 457th most important issue for conservatives

  5. Climate has and will always be changing but there is no climate emergency
    “Irish Climate Science Forum “”

  6. Canada has over 27 million eligible voters so whether it is 500 voters or 600,000 voters it really doesn’t speak about anything in my opinion.

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