1. Millions of Canadians are very hopeful that Pierre Pollievre is the positive and productive alternative to the stagnant Trudeau Liberals.

    1. common, no on is perfect. for example, what is bad about importing cheap energy? Yes we should have our own self sufficient energy sector, but not importing cheap energy is totally stupid.

  2. A recession is when your neighbour loses his job.
    A depression is when you loose your job.
    A recovery is when Trudeau loses his job.
    Make it happen Pierre. You are #1

  3. “Law and order” means cracking down on on violent crime not parking trucks illegally and setting up unlicensed bouncy castles.I didn’t think this was complicated!

  4. The garbage coming out of Evan’s mouth, I have never heard these types of questions thrown at POS. He’s stuttering, trying to lead her on…

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