Conservatives divided over climate change? Erin O'Toole has to 'watch out' says Nanos| TREND LINE 1

Conservatives divided over climate change? Erin O’Toole has to ‘watch out’ says Nanos| TREND LINE


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  1. Whoever is going to help inflate the cost of living & implode the economy oh an get this great TESER going. Ill vote for, Blindly…..

  2. Stupid carbon tax. Just a money grab.
    I’m sure 90% of Canadians aren’t in favor of paying another tax.
    Maybe the politicians should ask the ppl they govern if they want to empty their pocket books even more!

  3. I guess the only way Conservatives can beat the Liberals is to become Liberals….Ummm…Hmmmm….. Sorry, Erin. You’re gonna need fancy socks, too!

  4. Climate change exists, but Canada barely has enough factories to keep the economy up lmao. If you can’t make money, you cannot develop the factories to better standards.
    Climate change is over-inflated. Yes it happens, but Canada’s role in causing it is minimal, and were wasting millions on a pointless effort to impose taxes rather than the government building windfarms.

  5. Doesn’t Canada have the lowest if not one of the lowest emissions ratings for an industrialized nation. Given our huge landmass and the canadian shield I would bet that our carbon capture is probably if not close to our actual emissions

  6. Middle Finger to Conservative and Conservative can go to HeII, Gas and Oil will never back and Middle Finger to Losers Alberta (SeIfish’s Headquarter)

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