1. Don’t be giving O’Toole to much credit, the disgust for Just-Incompetent is the main contributing factor.

    1. @Agnostic Atheist wow, so you’re going to get out voted twice in as many weeks. Cue the Liberal tears and screams…

    2. @Tamarack15 worse !!! if they ever come to power, then you will see their true colours. they are just playing safe to seem “moderate” if thats even possible.

    1. @Brian Stoner You are not alone bro. I have never been able to go more than 10 seconds without switching it off. From there I do my best to avoid putting myself thru the 10 secs.

    2. Yes vote him out, but vote in the NDP. Don’t make the mistake of voting a conservatives in As Prime Minister. Just look at the United States and how screwed up it is because of conservatives and neo fascist Republicans. Do you really want the same for Canada?

    3. @Pura Vida dew the only reason I’m voting NDP is because they want to implement universal dental care which Canada needs bad

    1. @P3N15 none of these are the answer (they are buddy buddy with each other behind closed doors aka puppets who are controlled by someone else)

    1. The only problem is that O’Toole is Trudeau-lite. He threw two candidates out of the party for daring to challenge the idea of COVID lockdowns.

  2. I’m not expecting big things from the CPC but we can’t survive another 4 years of Trudeau. He’s insane

  3. Ask Nick why his poles are five points back of Main Street and others for the conservative party consistently

  4. I should add that I am an Ontarian and Doug Ford’s performance in this province is a constant joke. Since the election was announced, Doug Ford has been AWOL, nowhere to be found. There is a rumour that the Federal PC party has requested that he disappear for the duration of the election because he is not liked by most Ontarians. They are concerned that Ontarians’ lack of confidence in him might rub off on them, as it should. I for one am not forgetting.

  5. You can’t get canadians to strategically vote liberal without the conservatives seeming like a real threat.

    I seem to recall this happening several times before.

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