Conservatives surging in popularity with male voters: Nanos data | TREND LINE


  1. I find it hard to believe female voters are still enamoured with Trudeau who thinks women are helpless without Government help. Most of the females I know are better qualified to be PM than JT.

    1. Don’t forget PM blackface sexual assaulted a news reporter then said she experienced it differently.
      Or him having an affair with a high school girl when he was a teacher.

  2. I notice when you change sortby, the commentsdisplay change. Completely changing the nature of the conversation. Be aware of that. That’s how attempts to changeelections are carried out, onediscrete step at a time.

    1. @theTOOLshed1 You are both emotionally stunted and confused. Pay attention. You’ll understand why. Eventually. May be a few more lifetimes for a person of your capacity.

  3. I’m voting for O’Toole so I can see why he’s winning. Everyone I talk to is voting conservative

  4. I thought pretty boy would be a great prime minister. Boy was I wrong. Can’t wait to vote conservative

    1. Only reason he got my vote was for cannabis legalization. Glad to see O’Toole is going center-right. A conservative party I can actually support.

  5. Surging among all voters because the other parties are absolutely awful and unfortunately the PPC do not have enough support for your vote to matter. We need ranked choice voting.

    1. Ranked choice voting is a disaster and resulted in the last leader of the conservative party who’s name I can’t even remember.

      It causes middle of the road politicans to win every time. That’s not compromise, it’s just disappointment for everybody.

  6. I have gone online to read every Party’s platform in detail. I have found that for common sense and being best for the country, actually the PPC’s platform is the best .For anyone or company that invests money to make a return on investments, I was amazed to see that the PPC states that they will eliminate the Capital Gains Tax, which is HUGE for investors.

    1. The PPC does have the best policy. Sadly, it is being shut out because there are too many political parties in this conuntry. We are OBESE with political parties.

    2. PPC definitely makes the most sense and sounds the best…which is why they stand no chance unfortunately. Once again we have to vote to get someone out, not in.

  7. Not sure how you got these numbers. Yesterday on a candid poll on Yahoo the results were about 60% for Erin O’Toole and 20% for Trudeau.
    This looks more trustworthy that ‘doctored’ and payed for so called ‘polls’ which are looking more public influencers than neutral opinions.

  8. The Conservatives have some nice policies this election, but subsidizing big business is a no-go for me. We’ve seen time and again how trickle down economics hurt the working class. NDP isn’t great either, but they have my vote just to get Trudeau out.

  9. I have no clue why folks call liberals “progressives”. There is nothing progressive about them any more. Its straight up lunacy.

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