Conservatives want Telford to testify on China meddling | CTV National News

Liberal MPs blocked the CPC’s efforts to try and get Trudeau’s chief of staff to testify over Chinese interference in federal elections.

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  1. Poilievre is not a breath of fresh air he’s more like a typical career politician that does what he has to do to be electable.

    1. con·cu·bine
      Let’s vote out the liberals & concubine
      aka Jagmeet Singh out !!!
      Conservative Party of Canada🥰

    2. The arm of the liberal party namely the NDP are you to their rearends in this but need the unearned pensions

  2. She will be summoned and it’s just a matter of time. We need politicians to stop playing games and do what over 70% of Canadians want.

    1. @Lar S … Does Doug report directly to Trudeau? NOPE… Province vs. Feds!!! Telford on the other hand, IS the “other hand” that moves Trudeau’s arms and mouth. See the difference?

  3. The boy king knows his house of cards is in danger of imminent collapse.
    “I have a great admiration for China’s basic dictatorship”
    Welcome to Chinada

  4. In response to the caption. Why wouldn’t she, if she’s got nothing to hide? The longer the keep ducking accountability the guiltier they look!

    1. Canadian national security is sensitive regard immigration and demography, and a responsible government want to protect national security and Canadian from a certain descent. Conservatives just want to cause troubles and noise

  5. Why is it “Just Conservatives”… ALL Opposition parties (and Canadians) want accountability and transparency from Liberals. But sure… let’s “blame conservatives”. Whatever happened to actual “JOURNALISM” ?

  6. Not just Conservatives. Concerned, angry Canadians who are demanding transparency, truth, and accountability. Something this govt does not believe in.

  7. It’s again going to be someone that Justin paid off to back him…… he should not be allowed to appoint his servants. We need someone really independent on this issue or he’ll get away with anther “murder”. We finally need JP held accountable. Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree completely. Arrogant, scandalous and self-serving Justin Trudeau should never be allowed to set the rules in this investigation!

  8. The worst part of all this is Jagmeet could literally just call off his support and spark an election

  9. Well, if everyone other than the liberals support the motion already, debate is not essential so a vote must be called at some point. I understood there was a maximum time allowed for philibustering. Whether the vote is now or a week from now the evidence is the evidence.

  10. Yah right , a special rapporteur will be appointed by JT and the rapporteur will be protecting JT, I might add.

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