Conservatorship Shouldn't Take Away An Individual's Autonomy: Psychiatrist 1

Conservatorship Shouldn’t Take Away An Individual’s Autonomy: Psychiatrist


Psychiatrist Carlene Macmillan joins Morning Joe to discuss Britney Spears' conservatorship. Dr. Macmillan also describes what conservatorships are and why she says they shouldn't take away an individual's total autonomy.

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Conservatorship Shouldn't Take Away An Individual's Autonomy: Psychiatrist


  1. I’m surprised that someone was allowed to use someone like this for so long when they were basically stealing from a talented person
    Edit: The entire reason behind a conservatorship is to protect someone from this

    1. Everybody involved is making money so nobody cared to call it out. Even the judge turned a blind eye.

    1. F off with your toxic reminder. If your family is bad to you . Always protect yourself from their harm & be better then them, show teach them that you value more family relationship then $$$ wealth .

    2. @S N the same happened to me with some greedy relatives. they even sold my belongings that where stored in my dads basement, while I was working abroad

    3. @Karsten Bursak I’m sorry. It is terrible that the people we should be able to trust most, stab us in the back.

    1. @S N a paltry sum, given the industry. Not only that, she earned it herself. To then be GIVEN money SHE earned, as if it were pocket money, is insulting & demeaning.

    1. Well most conservators are in it for the money. If a person has no money they’re the government’s problem. She has earned a lot of money and thus more weasels and rats have crept out of the sewers.

  2. Brittanys dad needs to step down!! That’s his meal ticket so he won’t go without a fight! He’ll do his best to convince the judge Brittany is crazy and can’t do anything on her own and how she has to be on all these meds!! He’s such a disgrace!

    1. The forced meds are bad enough, but forcing her to keep in an IUD is revolting. I thought the days of chastity belts were behind us.

  3. A corrupt judicial system allowed this to happen and a corrupt judge keeps her there. Everybody is getting a free ride.

    1. @Helen Patterson She’s literally a hostage with others using her identity to steal her inheritance. Her father is in fact deceased. Fraud abounds.

  4. A decade would be awful enough but it’s actually thirteen years and counting. I can’t imagine why no one stepped in long before this to help her but it sounds like they controlled/filtered everything so even if anyone reached out she would not have known. Thank goodness for the chorus of voices of her loyal fans that spoke up for so long and I believe gave her hope and strength. She seems to understand that she needs help managing her life but what shape that takes should be her decision.

  5. I work as a support and care worker for people who really can’t make everyday decisions (clearly she can do this managing a 90 min show as the main act), that said it’s my job to encourage them to make their own decisions even if they may be at risk to do so. In the UK it’s called being person-centered and respecting an individual’s right to make choices for themselves

  6. I wish Brittany could come live with me. I’d make her tomato sandwiches and let her do whatever she wants. Within reason.

  7. I swear it’s her family that’s making her bonkers. She needs to get as far away from her daddy and family members as possible! Alcoholics especially are famous for crazy making mixed messages.

  8. If a conservatorship is for people that can’t handle their own affairs was actually put into practice across America then that means about half the population especially those who are always behind on there rent and car payments and other bills, frivolous with their money and being wasteful with any money that may come their way would be under conservatorships. That sounds to me like it’s just another law that was written to be intentionally vague.

  9. She had an emotional breakdown. She’s allowed to because she’s human. But its been 13 years! When exactly was she supposed to get her life back? This mess needs to end already.

  10. Jamie is abusing his father-daughter relationship saving Brit’s money for “HIS” retirement.

  11. The sad thing is…..this exact situation happens to many, many people all the time. It’s only because of her celebrity that this is getting made public. It’s horrible what happened to her, but you have to understand that she isn’t the exception….this is the rule, when it comes to conservatorships.

  12. Unbelievably even after the elderly get RIPPED OFF the only recourse for someone trying to help is a grossly expensive legal guardianship which only further adds to the problem.

  13. 👆🏼….they will find misappropriation of funds AND he lost his daughter ….it’s always about the money….

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