Conspiracy Theories That Ran Rampant During Trumps Final Days In Office 1

Conspiracy Theories That Ran Rampant During Trumps Final Days In Office


Michael Wolff, author of “Landslide” addresses the damaging misconceptions former President Donald Trump clung to at the end of his term.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Conspiracy Theories That Ran Rampant During Trumps Final Days In Office


    1. Covid came from a lab…… oh wait……
      Lefts will censor everything…. oh wait…..
      Fauci is covering up…. oh wait….
      “Conspiracies”….. sure

    2. @Ampersandrascottepstein traffic children and picked a girl up from that pizza place. If you dont think that pizzagate then you are dumb

    3. @Ampersandrascott u literally just repeated the epstein case which was real and said it was fake lol

  1. He put more energy into trying to overthrow the election results, than he did in his entire term as president. Good riddance.

    1. @Hugh Jass bro, you stay on here crying. You cry every single day. It’s going to be a rough sixteen years for you.

    2. @Hugh Jass …..can I ask you a question? Why ALL OF A SUDDEN is racism a big issue and dealbreaker for you now? Did you have this same energy during Trumps tenure as POTUS, or is it just a convenient talking point you abuse to forward your skewed narrative? Black people or POC do NOT want your “fake” sympathy as if you really care about the morals of racism….you dont…so stop lying to yourself…clown

  2. “‘Tis the time’s plague when madmen lead the blind.” Shakespeare, King Lear, **Act 4, Scene 1** [added as edit]

    1. There were guardrails, thank God. We might get another and more competent delusional autocrat in office. Our civil society needs to prepare for such an occurance.

    2. @PugglesMcWardog In the words of the famous Alfred E Newman, “What, ME worry!”.
      Go TROLL somewhere else YOU 2 WEEK OLD troll!! Did you just join YouTube to do this? Try saving your Orange messiah….

    3. @PugglesMcWardog There’ll be flights to the 7th Planet from the Sun soon, maybe you want go there and worship your Orangeness. Bring along your Trumpets… Thanks.

    4. @warpedjaffas1 typical liberal arguement hahhahahahahaha

      Get mad and end the discussion. You people are pathetically hilarious.

      I cant imagine how many times a week you lie to yourself….

  3. Q. How many Trump followers does it take to change a light-bulb?
    A. None. Trump just says it’s fixed and they all sit in the dark and applaud!

    1. Yet Vegetable Biden and his band of slugs have screwed up everything in 7 months!!!!! Seems he’s ahead of schedule.


    3. @Nobody Knows If “Trump supporters” are dumb then I guess “Biden supporters” are literal vegetables then?

      Leftist bigotry knows no bounds

  4. “All aboard ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”…

    “Mental wounds not healing
    Life’s a bitter shame
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train
    Let’s go”
    Ozzy Osbourne, Crazy Train.
    Diaper Dons finale.

    1. Greetings, my intercontinental family. When we reach one thousand subscribers we’ll be able to study together on live

  5. Let’s admit it, the Orange One liked to hold court, with hangers-on, toadies and jesters.


    2. @David Eby lol at you, the White House was a total circus when Trump did his 4 years of golf. You’re ridiculous, bro, Trump provided and continues to provide us with nonstop laughs. This is what happens when you hit the bleach a little too hard! Lol.

    3. Covid came from a lab…… oh wait……
      Lefts will censor everything…. oh wait…..
      Fauci is covering up…. oh wait….
      “Conspiracies”….. sure

    4. @David Eby the world leaders literally busted out laughing in Trump’s face. You are a clown.

    1. @Hey Yo Hey, remind me. When is it that Trump will be reinstated? Is it August, or has the date changed?

    2. @Hey Yo And that, folks, is how members of the Trump cult deflect rather than face the truth. When is it Trump will be reinstated? You guys keep changing the date. Right now Biden is actually putting through an infrastructure bill. Something that Trump promised but failed to do in 4 years. Sounds presidential to me.

    3. @Owie40 If this non president was so worried about covid why does he keep letting people in through the border? Face it Quid Pro Quo Joe is useless and you know it.

    4. @Hey Yo Non President? Man, that shows a lot of ignorance. Are you one of the idiots who say he stole the election? If so, do you have any proof? Of course not. Trump says it, so you just repeat it.
      If you want to talk about quid pro quo, you must look at Trump and the Ukraine affair. His own ambassador Gordon Sondland admitted there was a quid pro quo.
      What’s this about Biden letting people through the border? You’ve seen him let people through?
      You really want to talk about covid? Then start with the piece of garbage whose poor handling led to the deaths of more than 500,000 Americans. You know, the guy who called it a hoax. The guy who said he liked playing it down. Yeah, orange clown Trump.
      The guy you called useless developed a successful vaccine program. And like I mentioned, he just secured an infrastructure deal. So keep ignoring facts. That is exactly the kind of stupidity Trump needs. Remember to send the tax dodger your money.

  6. Trumpworld sounds like the world’s saddest, most broken-down theme park, where all of the rides are closed due to maintenance.

    1. @Upper 90 cost of living has been through the roof and rising since Reagan…
      there is no war anywhere in the middle east, but that has always been conflict, going on 60 years now…
      the US has never been energy independent…EVER
      there is no such thing as a “border crisis” ….just because proven fake news and conspiracy theories say so….
      you’re clearly uninformed and clueless.
      no wonder you live in a trailer park

    2. @Stephen Kershaw it was just only 8 months ago where gas was under $3, it was just 8 months ago or a dozen of eggs only cost $2. Stay being ignorant you are definitely good at it

    3. All of these people here refused to even bring up the results of the Arizona audit. That just shows that they are liars and deceivers. Even the news wont show it. YOUTUBE ALREADY TOOK DOWN SOME OF THE VIDEOS YESTERDAY LOL!!!!
      The media and democrats are scared!
      I’m just here enjoying the show

    4. @Ganieda Morgan that’s so silly that its funny. You are like a demon who spreads lies and laughs about it in a dark corner. Some of these people cant tell if your joking and will spread it as fact without doing research lol

    5. @Travis Some of these people are wondering if you understand punctuation…your comment is typical. Have nothing left of fact to back you up, resort to slurs.

  7. The problem with conspiracy theories is that it gives the opponent super human abilities that No group or individual could possibly possess!

    1. The disgusting part is the fact that Faux News actually invented most of these right-wing conspiracy theories and then relayed them to Crooked Trump and his team, Crooked Trump then mentioned these conspiracy theories back to the media, Faux News would then pick up the stories about these conspiracy theories and present them to its audience as “facts.” Faux News audience would then cite these right-wing conspiracy theories as the reason why they dislike the Democrats and want to destroy them any way they could. It’s a never ending vicious cycle and that is how most of these right-wing conspiracy theories are circulated among the right-wing community.

    2. @Grand Wonder You people were spreading lies and fake news nonstop before Trump even took office lmao.

      I haven’t met a single leftist who wasn’t a hypocritical bigot

  8. The Emperor’s New Clothes, except the kid who pointed out that the Emperor was naked got black bagged and taken to a black site.

  9. Thanks to all who defend democracy & objected to criminal violent trespass at incalcuable damage to a nations

  10. “If Trump had been asked, he would have refuted it!” Oooo…k? Hey guys, ask the known pathological liar if he lies. He said no? Must be telling the truth!
    Jesus, these people.

    1. @kata1178 we’re still talking about trump (and his congressmen sycophants) because he’s still at it with his lies and chaos. The Republicans asked trump to head the GOP and now they only take orders from trump. There is no Republican Party anymore, only the party of trump. And when he tells them to throw a wrench in the works to screw us over, they do it. Voting laws, bogus recounts, spreading conspiracies and propaganda, etc…..and he’s taking in millions from his followers in donations by spreading the big lie that he won. Which he did not.

    2. @KLR KLR You’re blaming Trump for things you’ve done nonstop for over 4 years in a row.

      Why are leftists such hypocritical bigots?

    3. A leftist calling someone a pathological liar, on a news station known for pathological lying.



    1. @Armando Garcia Stop dividing America, the political parties confuse people and its time to re- register as no party voters and no party candidates.

  11. Me, too, Michael—I hope there will not be another book because he’ll be in prison and away from contact with the outside world.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis No little boy our intelligence never agreed on Russia bounties and it proved false! Stop being a little sheep!

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Trump denounced white supremacists and neo nazis on live television and you people continue to spread fake news propaganda and pretend he didn’t.

      Meanwhile voting for an abhorrent racist and his VP who got exposed for also being an abhorrent racist during her time as a prosecutor.

      Leftists only care about spreading hatred and bigotry, you are a shining example of that.

      Do better. Be better

    3. @David Gray Every thread here is nothing but leftist propaganda and bigotry. Don’t you people ever get sick of lying and being hateful?

    4. @Billy Scenic Im betting that inflation Biden Hairy Legs went down on Putie as well, like all the paid Russian Trolls here

  12. The saddest part is they went along with it, and still going along with it. Everything could have been stopped and Trump immediately removed from office a long time ago if the Republicans actually worked for Americans. His enablers are a cancer to America. A cancer to their own supporters.

    1. You are spot on with the truth!republicans are so brainwashed by Fox conspiracy theories B.S. they are like little republican Russian Bots! Not citizens of the United States of America!

    2. Yes. Because they found a route to get their majority back in the House and the Senate. Party over people. That’s when they become garbage. And we all know what we’re supposed to do with garbage right?

    1. @Travis Jesus, anyone asking how trump is treasonous has clearly NOT been paying attention for the past 4 to 5 years. Clearly it’s never stopped a trumpthumper sticking up for him with a lack of knowledge. This BS has gotten so old already.

    1. @Moe Zura there are still twits who think dementia donny won? or could even have a chance at winning an election?

    2. @Jay Larsen if that were true, why are state GOP looking to run an additional “audit to “find” what previous audits couldn’t? Regarding the only GOP sponsored audit, why would Doug Logan announce that the original promise of the audit taking 3 weeks would continue indefinitely after 3 months and without any results announced? All we know about the audit, other than it will continue indefinitely, is that “it’s extremely difficult.” (Doug Logan, 7/15/21).

    3. @Moe Zura And your proof is…. delusional. Even Doug Logan’s “forensic audit, which they said would take 3 weeks, has taken 3 months+ and was announced that it would go on indefinitely, as of 7/15/21, and with NO results yet found.

  13. One thing is for sure: Nobody in that administration was working for their money – or managing the country, in the last few weeks.

    1. You’re right. Trump essentially “stopped working” as president after the Nov 2020 election and seemed to put most or all of his time and energies into filing his fraudulent election claims, working with this lawyers to get these claims into courts, and flying off on the weekends to one of his own golf clubs at taxpayers’ expense.

    2. @Jay Larsen Wrong….you’re stupid.
      The dance party the Losers had was in January….Bottom Boy45 didn’t do anything but WHINE in the last days…he just whined like a friggin little Punk…’every body hates me, nobody likes me.
      I’m gonna eat some worms!’
      He’s soft just like the Klowns playing tough Army guise…because there’s not a man among the Scum.

    3. @Jay Larsen no; that wasn’t attempted until January 6th. What’s your proof of any other attempted coup?

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