Conspiracy Theorists Think Covid Vaccine Makes You Magnetic 1

Conspiracy Theorists Think Covid Vaccine Makes You Magnetic


MSNBC's Brian Williams looks at the latest Covid vaccination conspiracy theory that went viral after an Ohio legislature committee meeting where a doctor and a nurse stated that the injections are magnetizing people – something that is completely false.
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    1. @Matthew O’Reilly “Interfere with”, perhaps, but “destroy the electronics”? I don’t think so. For example, any neodymium magnet is “strong enough” to hold a (ferrous metal) key, but doesn’t usually “destroy” an RFID chip inserted into dogs, whales, humans, etcetera.

    2. @Kyle Raglin maybe “destroy” is a little strong but said transmitter wont work in a strong enough magnetic field, and if your body, due to the “vaccine”, is able to produce a magnetic field strong enough to attract objects the transmitter, being inside your body, wont be able to transmit…..besides if its it’s something your worried about then turn your house into a faraday cage..

    3. @mylifejourney 777 Pasting the same remark in every reply you make will catch the attention of the new troll smashing bots. See you later, Skippy.

    1. @LOL POP ~ Antivacciners (sic) don’t need help from anyone to describe their behavior for what it is: *stupid, foolish, ignorant, dangerous, negligent, and parasitic.* Many people have solid medical reasons for being unable to be vaccinated. They’re unlucky, not stupid.

  1. I used to work with a flat earther. Thing is that we worked at an airport. He never could explain to me where the planes go when they go over the horizon.

  2. “can anyone explain to me why my key is sticking to me?”
    “because you need a shower, lady!”

    1. @Corey Wilson yet your comment is sooo wrong. Trump never said Lysol or bleach. You’re telling a lie.

    2. @Roger LoL everyone knows Trump didnt endorse a particular brand of disinfectant. He just became a meme and joke for every stand-up across the globe. Lighten up. Trump “was just being sarcastic.” Right?

    3. @Roger He said disinfectant. The most used disinfectants are lysol and bleach. Calling somone a liar because they didn’t quote someone verbatum is in itself highly disingenuous.
      You’re obscuring the truth heaps more than the person you’re criticising did.

  3. Imagine standing behind these two medical professionals while going through airport security, with all those keys and forks stuck to them.

    1. Maybe people should have to acquire an “internet license” before being allowed to use it. They’d have to pass courses in “reliable sources” “misinformation” and “facebook isn’t the news”, etc.

  4. It’s the same with me, everytime I walk into my kitchen I’m almost stabbed to death by my kitchen knives, this isn’t right people.

    1. Wow, I am so sorry. We have to start using plastic cutlery from now on. Life will never be the same.

    2. its such a pity, after I got my vaccine I had to run to escape getting hit over the head by the dozens of medical objects, keys, metal chairs, and everything else in there. Its a miracle anyone can survive!

    3. I love the comments made tongue in cheek, but at least 30% of our population will take them for the gospel truth!

    1. Hahaha! Thats what i thought too!!!!
      And You know , I rather like those pretty refrigerator magents on my wrist!

  5. “ a number of people applauded the convenience of being magnetized when your going through your house looking for your keys…”

  6. “An unscheduled stop to Crazy Town” As someone who grew up in Ohio, I can tell you Crazy Town is in Ohio.

    1. @James L Never any mention of “The Simpson’s” hometown when people mention Ohio. Probably for the best

    1. Let us be precise. Hemoglobin, or haemoglobin (spelling differences) (from Greek αἷμα, haîma ‘blood’ + Latin globus ‘ball, sphere’ + -in), abbreviated Hb or Hgb, is the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells (erythrocytes) of almost all vertebrates (the exception being the fish family Channichthyidae) as well as the tissues of some invertebrates.

    1. @mylifejourney 777 – I’m so glad we didn’t have people like you around back when vaccines for things like polio and smallpox were developed. Want to to see what it spared you from? GOOGLE smallpox, and you’ll likely see many photos. Yes, photos. It’s still out there, but in remote pockets that vaccines haven’t reached.

    2. @mylifejourney 777 – Do it.
      Before you spread any more conspiracies about what you “know” about vaccines.

    3. @mylifejourney 777 Did you even look it up? Pfizer has been making vaccines since 1882. And what does that have to do with the point? If there’s a grand conspiracy to put something in the vaccines then it’s going in everything. Sorry that you can’t conveniently isolate the enormous danger we’re all supposedly to a single product you don’t like. If it’s happening there, it’s happening everywhere.

  7. “Explain to me why the key sticks!” Erm, I can’t even explain how you survived to adulthood, with all the traffic on the roads and electrical sockets out there.

  8. So far 766 people have managed to down vote while having a refrigerator stuck to their forehead. I’m really impressed

    1. From Canada. Donald and the Republicans are destroying your country from within with fake info. My heart goes out to all the good and smart people in the US. Good luck. If push comes to shove, Canada is a great and peaceful country.

    1. @Jordan Foster I did notice at my local Staples store there was a sign warning vaccinated patrons to stay clear of the paper clip aisle. hmmmmm

    2. And the person who started this rumor showed a nickel sticking to his arm when they’re also non-magnetic. That and I doubt he ever got the shot.

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