'Containment Zone' Set Up Around NYC-Area Coronavirus Epicenter | MSNBC 1

‘Containment Zone’ Set Up Around NYC-Area Coronavirus Epicenter | MSNBC


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that the National Guard has been called in to set up a one mile radius “containment area” around the New York City suburb of New Rochelle, NY. “New Rochelle is a particular problem. It is what they call a ‘cluster.’ The numbers have been going up. The numbers continue to go up. The numbers are going up unabated. And we do need a special public health strategy for New Rochelle,” Cuomo said. Aired on 03/10/2020.
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'Containment Zone' Set Up Around NYC-Area Coronavirus Epicenter | MSNBC


    1. Alright guess we all gonna fight for the purple weapons then, I’ll let y’all know my gamer tag xx420blazin’xx, also y’all let me know who y’all is, so we can team up in the new dark zone

  1. I bet the hotspots are mainly wherever they actually tested. So any community that is responsible and starts testing people with flu/breathing symptoms, they find it there and it gets labelled as a “hot spot”. Whereas if they actually tested everywhere, they would find it everywhere.

    1. @Gerardine Cizmar Trump will solve the problem! “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?”

    2. Nicholas White it’s pretty clear at this point it’s all over nj as well. I manage a busy drug store a stones throw away from an infected area and this last week has been eye opening. I have worked there through nine cold seasons and have never heard customers and employees coughing so much. In addition to the increased sales of “Coronavirus panic essentials” I noticed some more interesting sales anomalies. Hand sanitizer is sold out but regular and effective liquid hand soap is still on the shelf. Mucus reliever and strong flu medication sales are slowly decreasing as normal for this time of year but cough suppressants and cough drop sales have acutely ramped up this week. All through February the sales had been normal. Fever reducers and upset stomach meds have also really picked up in the past few days. Workers are beginning to call out left and right. I will still continue about my daily routines worry free like I do every flu season practicing good hygiene and precautionary measures. Unless I’m asymptotic I will be feeling symptoms soon. If that happens I will isolate and rest until I feel better. Then everything will be normal again. Just like the world will be normal again when this virus dissipates. It’s that simple. No need for panic. Just use common sense and think logically and rationally and all will be fine.

  2. why does the media focusing and “blaming” the spread of this virus to the lawyer? they even will show pics of his face, i think that is shameful

    1. Aw 2 https://youtu.be/VgJvoP2t95c There were conspiracy theories flying fast and furious after 9-11. They never let down after Hurricane Katrina. When Obama took office the FEMA camps started up plus the body bags, FEMA coffins (which may have another purpose), and the ammo buying. The ammo shortage has continued for some calibers. Hard to find.

    1. click your Timbs three times and keep repeating out loud “There’s no place like the Bronx.”

  3. February 27, 2020 The Commander In Tweet Said:

    WE have 15 cases…but that will be 10…..or 5 …in a couple days….it will be 2 soon…maybe….ZERO….who knows….15 ….but really 8……could be 3…..it will be ZERO soon

    1. Unbelievable + the result of having a self obsessed, power mad, business man in charge. No concept of reality.

  4. He is blinking in Morse Code.

    Message reads: Hide your wife, hide your kids, the Rona’ is on its way.

    1. He’s tripping causes his girl called and said he chicken nugget.. that’s why Tyrone making her bust facts

  5. I’d probably be mad about singling out that one guy as a typhoid mary, but he’s a lawyer. Carry on.

  6. Until they start testing everyone who has died from influenza and pneumonia we will never know what the real mortality rates are.

    The symptoms are similar to influenza and pneumonia there have probably been people who died of COVID-19, but were misdiagnosed on their death certificates.

    Also, we don’t know the real mortality rate because some governments (China, Iran, USA, and others) lie.

    1. China lies, Iran has no idea, and in the US most people die in their homes without having money to go to the doctors. It will be like the Spanish flu, the numbers will keep coming up after it ends.

  7. This is a load of garbage the National Guard is being deployed to restrict movement. They are using the lie of handing out food JUST to get their boots on the ground. This is the equivalent of sending in “advisors”……we all know how that ends over and over again.

    1. Be grateful at least someone is acting. Trump and his crones knew about this weeks before it was made public, I can ‘t believe he didn’t. The only trouble is it may be too late. You are another Italy.

    2. I thought it strange that we suddenly have peace with the Taliban. Bringing home the troops…..

    1. I don’t think this sort of “containment” is going to work. What they’re doing is similar to killing a specific ant in a giant ant colony

    2. @Martha Marcy May Marlene your correct i dont think it will either have yall seen the walking dead (i know different virus) but similar situation

  8. “We’re not trying to contain people” “were trying to contain activity and travel.. hmmm who is active and traveling? Maybe people, so your are containing people…

    1. Jesus christ. I’m sorry I dont like criticizing people’s grammar but please make your writing easier to read. It hurt reading that.

    2. @Jake4923 there’s literally millions of non native english speakers on youtube with far worse grammar, try to criticise them

    3. Jake4923 come on , I accidentally put an r on you. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.. The point is the content not grammar mistakes. I make them a lot cause I figure most will understand I have a day job and am not writing a book I’m commenting on YouTube… However if your offering free editorials go ahead……

    4. Yes I caught that too, we’re not trying to contain people. I hope he’s not a part of the brain Trust on this problem

  9. And you thought “Outbreak” was just a movie. “Outbreak” is about to become a reality, so get ready.
    _“The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on this planet is the virus.”_
    —Joshua Lederberg

    1. @Torria Landry wow. See none of us are. But lets be real WE knew for so long now that something BIG was coming about. Lets just stay positive & focused on our lost ones in these times.

    2. @Rose Nieves
      I’m gonna watch Toxic Skies today. Thanks for informing me because I had never heard of it before.

  10. Ever since we were first hearing about this just all the way in China it’s been so unclear what to believe. I definitely don’t think we know what’s going on.

    1. Read between the lines. The news you hear is what they WANT you to believe. Want to make you either feel safe or fear.

  11. It’s called the build up to medical martial law per city as needed until your whole state will be locked down

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