Controversial Church Goers Arrested | Manhunt for Child Abductor | TVJ Midday News – Oct 19 2021

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    1. Thats a fact they get church tooooo easy this is why these things hapoen not everyone who say Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom of heaven

  1. Police tried their best what they must do again wonder if ppl know police n soldier can tired like us smh

  2. We need to excavate the entire complex ….lots more babies and adult are missing in the area over the years…..judgement in the earth

  3. Why? Isn’t the leader charge for murder. This is looking bad for Jamaica in the world. He was the one that gave the order so he should be charged for murder

    1. We have to wait and see. This guy is linked with some VIP even Famer prime minister Simpson. There are a whole lot to know about this guy and the people who is in this Cult. But knowing how Jamaica system runs. He might not even face a Judge.

    2. That’s not going to happen under this current administration…if u want to do something wrong in Jamaica and get away with scratch now is the time..ask Ruel Reid and a lot more if u don’t believe me..

  4. That man only set out to give negative vibes to the churh and pastors .He is not a pastor but a cult leader and must be seen for what it is. This could have bin like waco and like Jones Town in Guyana where many people died from the hands of cult leaders. The government must pay attention cult groups within jamaica.

  5. Mr owens hit the nail on the head too much church and yet still crime on the rise .Need some regulations to bring back order in the religion sector

  6. Follow all the commandments of God..period full stop. Cant go wrong been obedient to the true words of God. Read the good book for yourselves and ask the Holy Spirit to open your dark understanding.

  7. We are here! Qualified Social Workers ready to work! Look out for me Kennesha Douglas graduate of the Northern Caribbean University. Just imagine how many people can be assisted if we are hired. Let us make our country a better place it’s very unfortunate 4 people to a population of 3mil.

  8. The archbishop should look bk at the history of the Anglican church before he throw stones, this cult leader is just what the bible says would happen in these days, people departing from the faith , giving heed to seducing spirits.

  9. In this case fear is a good things, they will stop hug up every and any damn stray that come their way, they were too open and giving, now and first time is different ppl have to stay vigilant and look out them yeye.

  10. Good luck to Elaine and her future ventures, she needs to keep moving upwards and do not stagnate, life is too short to get stuck in mud, you have to pull your feet out and keep moving.

  11. There are hundreds of “red-flags” that are clearly visible in a person who called themselves “pastors and leaders” to determine whether they are cults or leaning towards cultism.

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