Controversial Church Pathways International Member Speaks | TVJ News – Oct 27 2021

Controversial Church Pathways International Member Speaks | TVJ News - Oct 27 2021 1


  1. That’s why when you see people dropping down on the floor banging up their heads etc hurting themselves – those people are temporarily possessed by the demons. My gosh man!

    1. @purelighthealingcenter good and bad is within everyone, stop trying to attach it to some invisible god that nobody ever seen, religion is just a money making business plain and simple! The first pope said it well , I love this new religion, we’re all going to be filthy rich 🤑!!

    2. @Page One As I read your responses, they serve as a reminder how some “bright” folks fail exams – they give a most eloquently answer yet neglect to respond to the specific question or point they were asked to address. My point to you Sir, is that you cannot prove that those who hold a view of God’s existence are wrong. Either I am correct in saying that, or I am wrong. And if you feel (or know) that I am wrong, simply provide proof. And since your response (statements and questions) above did nothing in that regards of proof, then it is pointless to address them.

      And as for the catch phrase [quote] “A lie is still a lie even if you believe it , a lie is still a lie even if you’re emotionally attached to the lie” [end quote], Lol, it sounds great as a catch phrase but did nothing to refute the premise of my argument. But since you may not understand why that is so, let me spell it out. Given there is no way to prove God’s non-existence (or existence), then your argument is based on your belief and therefore you have no basis for labeling the opposite view as a lie. You seem to have overlooked that for a lie to be labeled a lie, it must be measured against truth, and truth is provable. But you cannot prove your so called truth, and that is precisely why your claim holds no higher degree of certainty than the opposing view. Lastly, whenever you find proof, please come back. But until then, there is nothing further for me to add.

    3. @Dak G this is why I consider myself a agnostic, I’m not asking you to prove the existence of god I’m asking you for evidence for the existence of 1 person mentioned in the bible like Moses or sweet white Jesus, we know for a 100% fact his name couldn’t have been Jesus because the letter J was first introduced in 1524 ! And I find it hard to believe that a man that walked on water and feed 5000 peoples with 2 fish and 2 bread 🍞 and died , then raised from the dead 💀 There’s no historical evidence for his existence, the earliest writing of him is said to have taken place about 200 years after his so called death? There’s also a messiah that with identical stories as Jesus, said to be born in a cave in Ethiopia! It’s not a catch phrase to ask for answers, if I kidnapped raped tortured and enslaved you for 400 years would you believe anything I tell ? The Buddha said believe nothing you read believe nothing you hear even if I said it if it goes against common sense and these stories all goes against my common sense, I don’t know about you but this sounds like a well thought up scam and lie !

    4. @Page One that’s white Jesus you talking bout .
      Christianity is white Supremacy but the Bible is true.

    1. It’s almost mystical. Never in my wildest dream could I ever have imagined any Jamaican to be as gullible as to submit to such a satanic being as Kevin Smith.

    2. what boggles mind is that, why is this story so big but yet we all not paying attention, even Netflix I saw going to do a story 🤔 it’s time tuh realize fam

    1. This was the tye of explanation I was looking for who did and who say…he’s says it perfect…others act like they was still believing in this man

    2. Shelese u r speaking my language, that’s what I’ve wanted to hear….something from the horse’s mouth.

  2. People need to stop be sheeps , alot of pastors in Jamaica right now are manipulating people for thier money bout in God’s name

  3. Who goes to church and is not aware that no one calls himself God. These people really lacked knowledge of God

    1. @Kay Moore every Christian has to pay because that’s the whole purpose so don’t lie. Lol all I’m saying is you all are following a story with 0% of proof just like Kevin’s people. He wasn’t using nothing but good old words. Why church no heal some people or stop some of the crime? Why pastor go Dr so regular even when he is not sick? Why your favorite pastor no use his kids university money to feed the poor? Why they don’t share up the excess food and money? Why lightnings never strike a child molester pastor or a rapist?

    2. @Odane Hutchinson your mindset just remind of Kevin’s people. You try to find any little reason to convince yourself that it’s possible. I’m not saying miracles are real, things have a way to work out sometimes that definitely tells me that there is some kind of energy here. But going to church to pay a pastor has nothing to do with life powers. Everyone in every walk of life even those who don’t believe in God still have miracles, it natural. But that doesn’t tell me that a man died for my sin and I should born again. It didn’t tell me that the creator loves me so much that he wants me to spend hours per day just praising him. The things you say about God makes him sound crazy. When you do the right thing in your daily life that how you give praise.

    3. @lighthouse I never told you to do that, I don’t know about Kevin’s people but at the same time, the God that I serve gave us free will, it said in the Bible, we have a choice to worship him, so please don’t make it look like I’m forcing anything on you and stuffing anything down your throat, I’m telling you based on my perspective. I know for a sure I’m not going to sit down and worship a man, and I never said anything about going to die and be resurrected again, there’s only one man that do that and that’s Jesus (again my perspective), I do know for a fact that no other man can’t do that, and in the Bible, it said suicide is a sin, so please don’t mix me with the wrong people I’m begging you 🤣🤣🤣🤣. However long story short, you are a man of your own, so do what you know I s best for you or what you really want to do, (however though this will be the last time im going to respond, I really don’t have the for this 😂)

    4. @Odane Hutchinson as a nation we got to fix things and find the best ways to move forward. We owe it to our kids, to the future of Jamaica. Blessings though and don’t forget to pay your 10% plus church building fund. 🙏

  4. Mi wonder if the Anti-Christ going to come from Jamaica? Serious business, if this can go on in Jamaica, nothing is impossible.

  5. They all sold their souls to the devil and didn’t know it. This young man needs some spiritual cleansing. This is heartbreaking.

    1. @jsimeonf go and take several seats. Don’t come for me cuz I did not call you. If you didn’t like me comment cut yuh eye and pass it ok

    2. @jsimeonf Clearly you are derange cuz I made no mention of violence in my comment. You picked the right one today cuz I will entertain your BS

    3. @Kay A lady clearly you have no comprehension skills. I did not say YOU are committing crime or you are corrupt

    4. @jsimeonf You can’t take a hint??? Remove yourself nuh man. Walk away. Did you accomplished anything out of this conversation??? You’re trying to prove what point??? You don’t know me from a can of paint and you’re trying to judge me on communication skills and me being a the common factor as to why crime is in Jamaica based on a comment that has nothing to do with you. My comment will never create war and confusion in Jamaica but if that’s what you want to believe then that’s on you. As a matter of fact alot of people commented on this young man getting some sort of intervention and counseling. Given that the nature of this incident circles around Christianity, clearly spiritual intervention would be one of the solutions so that he can know the truth about GOD and regain the Lord’s trust. I guess you don’t know that Spiritual Cleansing doesn’t mean going to the OBEAH man but it’s a process where you get in tuned with the Divine, regain his trust and knowing one’s life purpose. If you have no belief in spiritual warfare keep you mouth closed. Don’t try to belittle or chastise someone because they don’t see it your way.

    5. @Kay A FYI I’m just pointing out the obvious. You listen to respond and cuss people out not to learn anything ..bye👋🏾

  6. I believe every word this young man has spoken, yet I find it hard to understand how any Jamaican could submit themselves to such madness. The levels of gullibility and stupidity of the church members have baffled me beyond comprehension; even more so by far than Kevin Smith’s levels of depravity and maniacal behavior. Good grief !!

    1. agreed but what it really shows is in Pentecostal churches people really follow and are excited by a powerful man of God rather than read scripture for themselves. I can promise anyone that if i had attended that church just once and i hear some kind of foolishness being preached i would get up and naah go back. trust me i’ve done it before so for anyone to believe that they could be killed and brought back to life shows they stopped reading and understanding scripture long ago..

  7. You guys got to understand that the people are not stupid, they were under a spell as the man says. They were taken over by demons, they did not even know what they were really doing, it’s like they were blind to the torture. I feel bad for them, especially who died!☹️🙁

    1. Demons? But they read the bible and pray everyday so if their faith was directed in the right way they would have been set free and delivered but when their hearts and minds is fixed on a individual ie Kevin Samuels then yes they are easily deceived

    2. @dannydct1 yes, i agree. But remember the only thing the devil cant do is to give life or blow breath, so they can still be under the spell and read the bible and pray everyday. They were not praying to god our heavenly father who made us, they were praying to the bishop, who was saying he is god and he could ressurect them from the dead!

  8. The members of this church are to be blamed . They exalted this man to be equal to God and Kevin with those adulations thought he was God who could make the dead live again. Power turn Kevin into a mad man.

    1. But what about the higher ups who are linked to the man. Noh sah something bigger is behind his business of organ trafficking. The truth must come out.

  9. I believe this is the very first honest member from that society to speak out. I would really like to hear from more of them

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