1. @TNTCanada 420 Yeah when the emergencies act was invoked for WW1, oh wait that was Liberal, well for WW2 oh wait that was Liberal as well, the 70’s FLQ crisis, hmmm Liberal too, Seems like they have a history of invoking this act. Two that were needed and well you can decide for yourself if a bunch of drivers was a huge threat to Canada, not just Ottawa with traffic issues. They have had 8 years to fix the supposed “Conservatives Premiers (I think you mean Prime Ministers there TNT)” yet all they have done is made things 10,000x worse. Hyper-inflation by calling on the money fairy to print money that comes out of no where. You and the next 3 generations of your family will have fun paying for this extravagant spending spree your beloved Prime Minister has been on. Maybe he can invoke it again and freeze people’s bank accounts again and take their money this time to pay his bills owing!

    2. Demand pull inflation. Look it up, because that’s you see here, not cash printing. Peepee wont tell the truth because it knocks his platform over. “premiere’s” like ford wasted billions buying emergency medical masks & gear because he didn’t keep the reserves updated & used the $$ on stickers that didn’t stick, liscence plates you can’t read at night, highways nobody wants thru farmland & wetlands everyone needs, & paying legal bills from pointless lawsuits. Trudeau will make sure that this time, healthcare $$ goes to healthcare

  1. Jt told injured veterans that they are asking for more than Canada can give, then turned around and helped fund a war in another country (non NATO) on a completely different continent…..

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