Conversations Around Violence In Cities Begin To Resurface 1

Conversations Around Violence In Cities Begin To Resurface


President Biden announces plan to tackle gun violence in major cities after statistics show a 22% increase in the gun assault rate. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Conversations Around Violence In Cities Begin To Resurface


    1. We’re not that far from it at all, relatively speaking. And, the defunding police, no bail nonsense has only been going on for a year or so.

      The crime rates of the 80s-90s were the culmination of 20+ years of idiotic liberal policies. Murder rates in many big cities are now rising at the fastest rates ever recorded, even including the 1960s. Given the current record accelerated pace of skyrocketing crime, wait until the current iteration of idiotic liberal policies has run its course for five years and get back to me.

  1. Famous robber was asked why he robbed banks. He said, “because that’s where the money is.”
    If you take the money out of crime, it withers.

  2. As if these things and trends ONLY occur when a Democrat is in office.

    Typical status-quo trash. So annoying. The right wing is a blight.

  3. one things for sure though, the root causes are the same. in other words the lack of resources is the tie that binds the two eras together. and it may even be worse because before the entire economy was broken. but now you got guys buying space ships while the minimum wage is claimed to be equal to socialism…

    now that kind of unfairness leads to crime, it also leads to breakdowns in mental health, which the surveys of today never ever tie together, hmmm?

    long story short : crime in the inner city spiraled after about a half decade of serious struggle. specifically in fact when crack became a growth industry. so if the inequity and it’s unfairness now is not a priority same things bound to happen, period!!

  4. Don’t Derek Chauvin have Federal Charges coming? He will get Fed time and he will have to do it consecutively. There is no Parole or time off for good behavior in the Federal Prison.

    1. NOt to mention the charges persuant to his attacking a 14 yr old boy choking him out..

  5. This dude helped normalize the racial disparity in America. He preaches about the lack of justice and at the same time creating the chaos 😈🤑

  6. Tiffany Cross. You set an example of how qualities of beauty and intelligence are not contradictory. 20 years from now, many women will be standing on your shoulders.

    1. You are not going to live 20 years because there will be nothing between you and the criminals. You are defunding yours and everyone else’s life. Get a grip and realize that you are not immune and a George wannabe will find you and defile and demoralize you. Police deal with the dregs of society and you are naive. I wish you luck and the best of health, I will even say a prayer for you because you need it.

  7. I can’t disagree with anything that was stated from this panel. What surprises me is when addressing the “WHY” nothing was mentioned about psycho-social, socioeconomic or even political tension in this (almost) post-Covid era. WHY? It’s way more than a gun proliferation problem

  8. Tiff!!!! gurl you slapped the PINK of Bill Maher and dragged his carcass across the floor.. Luv you Queen – Keep SLAYIN EM💖💖💖✔

  9. People goes crazy for many reasons, and if there is a gun handy they will use it. With the 300 millions firearms from easy access gun laws by Republicans, it is easy to understand why we have 25X the gun related death rate vs other rich countries.

  10. The Govt needs to open up mental institutions that are closed and have been closed for decades. A lot of these maniac criminals need to be institutionalized.

  11. 9:47 Agreed, and let’s remember guns, and drugs don’t just appear in communities where crime has risen.

  12. Start raising your children. Stop abandoning your moral and financial obligations. The crime… is your fault.

  13. Yup, things coming back to normal allright, here comes all the mass shootings once again because the GOP doesn’t wanna do anything about it, they just turn a blind eye and deaf ear always

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