1. Yet the scumbag who randomly stabbed me has been out on bail for months and missed a court date and let out again after a one day detention. Unequal application of the law

    1. @gino manshit Oh yeah, that makes sense, that’s exactly how you deal with violent criminals in Utopia!

    2. Did they shout allahu Akbar before or after they did it if so it will tell you what crew they are with

    1. So very right on so many levels. She was stupid enough to take pictures of her breaking her conditions it’s actually amusing

  2. Seems more like its on government if anything. She organized a protest….if the ppl were blocking roads or business then its every single protestor that was doing so that should be charged.

  3. What did she breach? How stringent was the request? Jail is for dangerous offenders. Not organizers from lowly Medicine Hat. Surely.

    1. @just me , Nicole although it actually wasn’t against her conditions. Her conditions were she wasn’t to have contact with him unless both their council was present and they were, they just weren’t in the picture

    2. She had “unacceptable views “I have no earthly clue what that is but that was her supposed crime

  4. I don’t know wether to laugh or cry at this, this women shouldn’t be in jail to begin with if you ask me. You’re not allowed to stand up for what you believe in anymore?

    1. Are you a Judge? Then you really have no standing unless you possess probative evidence.

    2. @Jack G McGowan I’m sorry you had to put your two cents in on my opinion Mr.mcgowan, if you agree with this women being in jail for standing up for her rights. Then you sir are part of the problem.

  5. Am I wrong or did hear that reporter laugh when he said he heard some crying when they found out the decision went against Tamara Lich.

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