Conway: Amid all the lies, Trump told one fundamental truth 1

Conway: Amid all the lies, Trump told one fundamental truth


Conservative attorney George Conway discusses President Trump's lies about the January 6th insurrection during an interview with Fox News.

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  1. Trump needs to be held accountable for the riot he needs to be arrested for the murder of the police officer

    1. @Martin Oguiza They were let in the building. Trump asked for National gaurd, and the Democrats in charge of the Capitol police deny the request. It was a setup, and there were paid agitators in the crowd. There were also FBI informants, and FBI in the crowd. The truth will come out.

    2. @Simone R it was trump who said it was no more dangerous than a cold, at the same time he was on tape saying how much more dangerous it was. His actions and statements aided in the spread of the virus. If it is found to be a chineese bio weapon, he absolutely aided in its spread.

    3. @Simone R 💯!

      It says if the powers of this world knew what they were doing they would not have crucified our Lord

      The thing about the devil is he never learns in those who don’t turn from their sins to Jesus Christ they never learn either so they constantly find themselves at a dead end is the devil laughs at them.

      God is going to change the spiritual winds and suddenly these people that think that they’re all protected that think that they’re cool because they have social media platforms censoring people because they have the MSM line on their behalf making excuses for their bad behaviors

      They’re going to see that the truth of God’s word is true when you seek to set a trap for others you’ll fall into it yourself when you seek to roll a stone upon others it will roll back upon you

      So all these people that are pointing their finger celebrating the death of Patriots encouraging violence against those who don’t agree with them they’re going to find themselves being in the crosshairs of judgment they are going to find themselves reaping what they have sown

  2. ” I like people who WEREN’T captured…OK? ”………….so then why did you give so many PARDONS to those who WERE ???

    1. Because those he pardoned had information which could implicate HIM. Trump only does something if it benefits him.

    2. @Matt Jackson aka transactional treasonous trump. Tfg’s entire “presidency” was akin to watching a train wreck on a continual loop; one fuq’up after another, culminating in the insurrection. The movie industry is gonna make a killing on the 4 year terror reign of the trump syndicate. And no – donnerhea will not garner any royalties from those films.

    1. @Angela Barnes True words. I only thought I knew most of my family. Thanks to #45, I have seen their true colors and watched them morph into horrible people I don’t recognize. Sad. Like any cult member, they deny that they are in a cult and refuse to hear any truth that contradicts the dear leader.

    2. Because he hates the same people they hate. I wish it was more complicated than that, but it’s not.

    1. @Charlie Sierra 22 The only people more dishonest and morally corrupt than Trump is the cult that need’s liars like him to lead them. When this finally over you freaks won’t be able to go back to just blending in and pretending to be normal ever again. Your reputations and credibility are trashed for life.

    2. @Laura Gomez Thx for the support. I know Michael isn’t right (hence the Bull @ end of msg.) My older son loves Canada, so it’s on my bucket list. Younger son in Redmond, WA already – had Trump been re-elected, we’d all be there already!😊🖖

    3. @Charlie Sierra 22 FYI: Donald LOST both the 2016 &2020 Elections!

      In 2016 he was Appointed to the Oval Office by the Electoral College!

      The 2020 Election was Legal & Fair, that you choose the delusion of a MADMAN over FACTS is sad, really sad!

      Bless Your Heart🙄❗

    1. Maria B well, you can influence whether you want a America were the stronger Guy wins or the Rich Guy because he can buy more resources than you or me. America was at this point already just look at our history. Or you can have a civilized Country were we have Regulations to Equalize the raw Powers and make the best for everyone. The collaps of the Surfside Towers is one small example. If there where the right Laws in Place it would’n have happened .Or do you still believe Climate change is a Hoax ?

    2. @Maria B Than go vote for the People acknowledging that before it is to late because it is literally 3 minutes to 12

  3. Republicans realized that if it is easier to vote, they will lose. That’s why they are making it harder to vote.

    1. @David Clark meanwhile biden’s the face of fascism that’s right without corporate America corporate MSM silicon valley unholy world Biden would not be in the White House

      You talk about giving companies tax breaks now it’s called trying to help companies hire people so that there can be a decent middle class in America which the wicked left hate because they want to turn America into a dependent class where there is no individual freedoms and property ownership
      .you wicked liar!

      You support a platform that’s catering to fascism.


      I played the Jesus Christ that people amongst them may be saved in their spiritual eyes will be opened and they will speak out against the absolute intentional hurtful propaganda of CNN

      Jesus Christ please move against these lying spirits all over social media

    2. @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound I’m sure you have brought a lot of people closer to God. Adios.

    3. @Delmonico Farquhar Jesus Christ changes the hearts of sinners all day every day so turn from the platform of lies that has you being a liar to the love and truth of Jesus Christ to be forgiven set free and cleansed you need to ask the Lord to cleanse your spirit of the lies of the Democratic party.

    4. @T Fox yep, sometimes elections go like that! People wanted a peaceable man as President, instead of a needy, out of control criminal that successfully killed lots of the population through incompetence….but then preferred the steady, reliable Republican hand close to home. It’s simply weirdly logical, human psychology in action.

    5. @David Clark true! All they ever talk about is the “democrats are doing this and that.” They offer no solutions to counteract the things they are against. Their leader is consumed with elevating himself and feeding them lies. His supporters don’t know what they want, or they do know what they want and it is so evil, that they won’t let their desires pass their lips. They keep it a secret, but everything in the dark will come to light, it is guaranteed

    1. @Tigerlily55 Lily I read in “Psychology Today” (40 years ago when I was in college) that about 70% of CEOs are sociopaths okay I thought fodder for my paper. Never dreamed this would happen, word for word. Trump is a text book definition.

    2. As a NY’er this guy has been a fraud since as long i can remember. As a banker I am very familiar with his real estate career or lack thereof. I will never ever understand what these people see in him. He is not a Republican in any way or has the least bit in common with his base. He would never associate with 99% of his following. He is a supposed billionaire asking for donations. His lies are so easily proven false. I just don’t get it.

    3. Yeah very sad and insecure orange baby, he was so sure he would’ve won the election because he knew his good buddy Putin was helping, like he did against Hilirey Clinton, but he gravely underestimated the American people. He desperately wanted to be a dictator like his buddy Putin. So now all this sad old individual can do is to go around and pretend to be the president, Indeed it is unbelievable.

    1. @Blue Lagoon “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    2. @Heather11268 Do you even know the meaning or research. Or is it just a word you heard in passing.

  4. Hitler-“By the skill and sustained use of propaganda, one can make people see Heaven as Hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

    1. True. And you can easily exchange the name Hitler for any religious leader. That’s probably why it works so well.

    2. Fortunately Drumpf and his criminal henchmen are morons compared to Hitler and his henchmen.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis Isn’t it? I guess it’s all they can do since they have no policy other than gritting as much as possible from taxpayers and power at any cost. They don’t give a rat’s tiny patootie about democracy.

  5. Fox really should be held accountable for encouraging these lies. They know what they are doing is nothing more than deceit.

  6. The most important thing is, that GQP is getting money from major donors. That’s the problem. They use this money to lure people in into their not existing policies.

    1. And companies that said they would no longer donate, Walmart And ATand T are donating to other republican pacs. Guess they’ve already forgotten January 6.2021. Verizon made a statement saying they won’t donate to anyone who continues to say Biden isn’t the president. We’ll see. Verizon is my carrier. If I find out differently, I’ll drop them. I’m sure losing my 75.00 a month won’t hurt Verizon. But it will make me feel better. Hear that Verizon?.

  7. Trump doesn’t know the meaning of love.
    He is incapable of loving anyone, including himself.

    1. @NBK CNN propaganda? Evidently the cable news network that U watch , who SANE people scoff at, peddles conspiracy theories. And U call it 🦊 News Channel (FNC) The majority of us SANE people know that FNC REALLY stands for Fake News Channel. Touché. That means “gotcha” in case you didn’t know 😂

    2. @Amy Boyce see here’s the funny thing, I don’t even watch your boogeyman fox news, so your comment is completely irrelevant to me. To SANE people, they know that fox is just the flip side of the same coin as CNN. How have you gotten this far in life with the last of your two remaining brain cells? 😂😂😂

    3. It’s also why he has never owned a dog. He’s such a sociopath he literally can’t even comprehend what they are “for”. Also because everything to him is transactional and binary so if there is a winner there must be a loser. He cannot fathom such a thing as something mutually beneficial. And since he doesn’t understand what the love a dog offers is he can’t even own a dog in a transactional way. Because a dog has no value to him and in his mind is just a parasite. And because he literally cannot grasp why anyone would ever own a dog he thinks of them as suckers and losers, too. This is also why he uses “like a dog” so commonly as an insult.

      Funny that something so simple gives such insight into someone’s mindset. But if you stop and think about it for a moment it helps explain an awful lot about him. (And don’t even get me started on his daddy issues!)

    1. @Martin Riggs And trump rallies are like going to the zoo, strange inhuman guttural noises, and a strong fecal odor.

    2. You’re watching too many CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC news. All they do is lie about President Trump – if u don’t agree with the Terrorists in the White House – they lock u up – ruin ur careers – or send u to jail. Look what our Fake leaders in the White House have done to America in the last 6 months.

    3. @UC82pAHWQm3bBp7zWG9h1vNg Might not draw 5 at a rally but he sure knows how to draw 81,283,098 votes at an election.

    1. @Juan-Carlos François will ever remain the darkest days in American..”Heaven help us all”

    2. @Euta Francis You have to be kidding. It was a bunch of stupid people that decided to commit a bunch of stupid crimes in an incident that was over within hours and then the congress went on a certified the election. The melodramatic way of describing that day is so delusional.

  8. He is not just repeating it, he is crying and whinning about it. He cant help himself, he hates being a loser and lies about it constantly.

    1. He know a that the uneducated with believe what a white wonnabee racist dictator says.. he isn’t stupid..he knows that his followers are.

  9. He told another fundamental truth at CPAC: “If it’s bad, I say it’s fake.” That tells you everything right there.

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