1. @WE THE PEOPLE 🙌 The fact that he’s already lost the popular vote twice is a reality that you’re not smart enough to get

  1. Morality is doing what is right, no matter what you’re told. Trumpism is doing what you’re told, no matter what is right.

    1. @David Leo Morley That is so wrong. In every aspect. Seems like you just put a bunch of words together hoping for likes.

      If you think they like Trump cause he was a celebrity, you’re not paying attention.

  2. It is only in the United States that an individual can attempt to overthrow a government, assume it loud and clear and not be worried.
    It’s maddening, incomprehensible

  3. IT standard policy is to store “backups” for just such “mistakes”, such as deleting. Who was providing the IT systems for the Secret Service workers?

    1. @lucial Lugo yes sir both sides. I would hope that we can do better than Trump and we did we got captain Pluto the whole world is laughing and we don’t understand the joke. We jumped out of the frying pan into the fire and the burns are going to last

  4. What? In this great country, it’s truly sad that the only republican candidates offered are trump and DeSantis? 😱🤔Very interesting! However, I’ll have the 🍿 ready! Can’t wait to see them tear each other apart at the debates! 😜⚖️

    1. @Ron Hunter there is not a dem one that would vote R over any D for President and that includes Biden!

    2. @Susanne Elmore …. Sorry but I just disagree. That’s like saying there is not a Republican that wouldn’t vote for a Democrat and that clearly wasn’t the case.

  5. I do not believe Trump will run again. But he will keep that up in the air so he can get as many donations as possible.

  6. If Trump does run and win the Republican nomination, his next coup won’t fail. He learned a lot in his first attempt.

    1. ​@Ricardo roams oh, I know plenty about Canada. It’s not the Valhalla you’re making it out to be. Good luck with your health, that’s heart-felt and not sarcasm.

    2. @Plant Based , I never claimed that Canada was heaven on earth. I grew up in cold country near the Canadian border and the thoughts of now leaving my home in California for the climate of Canada does give me pause. Vancouver and Victoria are the only large cities in Canada that don’t regularly freeze over but housing there is more expensive than I want to pay. I just feel that Canada does some very important things better than we do. And the impact of Donald Trump and his followers is not good for the nation, in my opinion. I no longer feel I fit in considering the direction the country seems to be going. I’ve spent a lot of time in Canada throughout my life and now that I’m retired I’m not tied to a job or family commitments. I’d like to give Canada a try. Mexico or anything south of the border doesn’t interest me. And Europe is nice but I like the idea of driving back anytime I want. Thanks for your kind words about my health. I appreciate it.

    3. @nowbacktoyourprogram I am not that familiar with US terms but liberal politics is to me politics not benefiting most, a form of right wing politics but different from the one Trump, Putin, Erdogan or Orban stand for. More one that for instance Macron or Merkel/Scholz stand for, or Obama. Jumping from liberal to right wing populist or the other way around is not going to solve anything for most I guess.

    4. @arnoldhau1
      Meathead and his girlfriend were liberals on a popular TV show in the 70s during and after the Vietnam War- still plays on reruns. Clint Eastwood is a Rebulican actor, producer.

    1. @Greg Tennessee he said Biden 2024 and I said you must be joking I voted for him in 2020 but we must do much better in 2024 there are some strong people out there Jamie raskin Katie Porter Pete and Beto just to name a few Biden is washed clearly better than Trump but that’s putting the bar a bit low is it not

  7. Isn’t it the hight of bad luck it just happened to be the texts from the 5th and 6th of January….🤥

    1. @Rough Habit “the highest form of”, in this case, “the worst possible “.
      (I’m being sarcastic here)

    1. @joseph hertzberg True, but the question was, “How is he [Captain Bone Spurs] going to run, let alone govern, from a prison cell?”

  8. What is the purpose of the Jan 6 committee if they’re going to do nothing. Trump should be barred from running for ANY political office again for the rest of his life.

    1. i originally thought that the purpose of the committee was to find out what happened on Jan 6. when Pelosi blocked GOP nominations on the committee it became evident that purpose was to benefit the Dems in the mid-terms and to ensure that trump did not run again.

  9. The committee should immediately refer this to Homeland Security and Oversight committee and FBI and DOJ. Special Prosecutor must be appointed. This is NATIONAL SECURITY.!

    1. @Bruce Li hey they have it. And guess what nothing criminal on it. You might not like it but not criminal.

    2. @Connie Gaylord
      Yeah check it again sister
      He had crack on a scale on the laptop
      He was bragging about how big his drug stash was too

  10. If trump is allowed to run again, then whatever democracy we had left will be over an done with. For the life of me I can’t understand why anybody would vote him to do anything. It defies logic

  11. You have to question the party that would allow him to run with all the crimes he has committed!

  12. Wow, what a wild prediction. Who could have ever guessed such an obvious outcome, especially since Trump has been all but stating he will be running for the last few weeks anyway?

  13. It was not incompetence, it was intentional. All Secret Service Agent who deleted messages should be arrested for evidence tempering.

    1. @See Me be grateful you have someone like Biden for fucks sake. Imagine what another 4yrs of MAGA would have done to your country. Would have destroyed it.
      I’m not even an American.
      He may not be there for his second term but he’s brought some respect back to your country.

    2. @Mr American I want to hate you, but I clicked on your tab and saw NIN Downward Spiral, so we may be akin… I believe Trent would take issue with your groomer accusation, still.

  14. “Trump is the purveyor of American’s Carnage, that will be Trump’s true legacy and he deserves to be remembered as that.” – Jamie Raskin

  15. It’s disturbing that one person can create so much chaos, death, and damage to the country and still be able to run for president, while there are people in prison over weed who can’t even vote.

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