Coons: Working To 'Find A Path' Forward On Impeachment & Confirming Biden Nominees | Andrea Mitchell 1

Coons: Working To ‘Find A Path’ Forward On Impeachment & Confirming Biden Nominees | Andrea Mitchell


Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), member of the Judiciary Committee, tells Andrea Mitchell that he'll "be working with my colleagues to make sure that we find a path towards accountability for President Trump and those who supported this unprecedented challenge to the certification of a free and fair election, while also trying to advocate for the prompt confirmation, particularly of the vital national security and foreign policy nominees that will make up the core of President-Elect Biden's cabinet." Aired on 01/12/2021.
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In addition to politics, Mitchell covers foreign policy, intelligence and national security issues, including the diplomacy of Secretary of State John Kerry, for all NBC News and MSNBC properties.

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Coons: Working To 'Find A Path' Forward On Impeachment & Confirming Biden Nominees | Andrea Mitchell


    1. @Jack Golf LMFAO they do this every time.

      They literally don’t know what’s in the Constitution until the media grabs their puppet strings lmao

    2. @Fender 89 yeah my entire point was that you clowns only find out about something when its relevant so you act with your fee fees.

      instead of being an actual informed voter, youre just a reactionary clown

    1. @M J parlour is actually the next.. not twitter not FB not insta.. parlour deserves it and if you dont think so. Well son we know ur mindset

    1. @Fender 89 seattle and portland are completely ruined, filled with homeless and criminals and the police defunded and LA and NY have had massive crime hikes and a huge exodus of citizens tired of the BLM riots that target innocent businesses

    2. @Fender 89 I’m sorry…I must have dreamed about this place they called CHAZ. You might have hear about it, mayor called it the “summer of love”

    1. They don’t understand half the country likes Trump and they can’t get rid of him. If he goes to jail there will be an all out civil war

    2. If I recall, it was Mitch McConnell & many other staunchly loyal to Trump Republicans who kept us from getting $2000. Not the Democrats. The Democrats had thrown their absolute support behind a bill raising the stimulus to $2,000.
      And it’s not about wanting to impeach Trump. He knew what he was doing when he incited that mob. People were already marching on the Capital well before Trump uttered the word peaceful. It’s easy to make a case for something if you first remove it from the context of all the words spoken before. And not just by Trump. They knew who they had been targeting with the inviting of Trump’s followers. Who they wanted to make absolutely sure were in attendance. As did most everyone else. Trump knew exactly what he was doing, & now he gets to pay the price of trying to overthrow the will of the people. There were an awful lot of Americans who felt disenfranchised when Trump was handed the presidency by the Electoral College. Especially given the fact that the popular election wasn’t even close. But we didn’t revolt & rampage through the hall of the Capital demanding Hillary be made president. Quite the contrary. Trump put himself at the center of the Russia Investigation. Nothing he went through was anything that he could have avoided if he’d have just chosen to act like a reasonable human being instead of basically flaunting the fact that he’s got things to hide & if he could control his need to tell flagrant lies. This isn’t about anything other than basic accountability. He fanned the flames of insurrection. He fanned them hard, with clear intent, & in the light of day. Presidents of the United States aren’t rulers. And they most certainly do not have the authority to overturn the will of the people. But he decided to lie to his supporters & rile their anger to the point that they would invade the Capital, & interfere with our democratic processes, there is no question of the Democrats in the House wanting to do anything. They know what their duty is, & they know that, as bad as it may look to some, they have no choice. There must be a price for sedition. Trump isn’t our ruler. He isn’t even a leader in any true sense of the word. He’s suppose to be a public servant, fulfilling a job on behalf of the people who serves at our will. He has betrayed the public trust in the worst way possible. He must be held accountable. And impeachment is the first step.

    1. Pretty much so. I guarantee they won’t do much in the next 2 years except the following:

      1. Raise taxes.
      2. Attempt to pass all kinds of anti Second Amendment laws that will do absolutely nothing to decrease “gun violence”.
      3. Allow more illegals to come here, especially the ones with criminal records and let them run around and commit more crimes (sometimes with stolen guns), and then blame gun owners.
      4. Attempt to make another deal with Iran, maybe even worse than the first deal.
      5. Find someone else to blame for everything not to their liking, although the TDS is quite strong, they might continue blaming Trump.
      6. Screw up the economy once again, un-employment will rise.
      7. Blame Trump for everything, oh wait, we covered that already.
      8. Find a new “crisis” to blame Trump for.

  1. *Desperado*
    *You keep on searchin’ for somethin’*
    *To get back at the Orange Man*
    *For so long, now*

    *Oh, you keep on failin’*
    *Seems you’re just too blind to see it*
    *This crusade you obsess about*
    *Will hurt you, somehow*

    1. When the economy goes to $h1t again among many other things, it will finally sink in. I have met plenty of two times Obama voters who voted for Trump. The problem is the young generation who just got out of school somewhere with a professor who convinced them this country is bad, and that everything should be free.


  2. The picture on the background is probably from the previous riots. The time of the day and the fire do not match.

  3. Should be working on a path forward to getting us out of recession. Why do they only ever talk about work when it’s for them.

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