1. April 15, 2020 “We think some of the states can actually open up before the deadline of May 1. And I think that that will be a very exciting time indeed.” – Trump, in a task force briefing, teasing an announcement about new guidelines for states to begin to lift social distancing requirements. Trump said there were at least 20 states “in extremely good shape.” … June 11, 2020 115,000 innocent Americans dead and over 2M infected with coronavirus because of trumps failure to recognize, understand and make decisive decisions to protect America … and now 21 states are reporting increasing rates of coronavirus infection as trump celebrates Americas recovery.

    1. @Tired of the lies  that’ll be CNN buddy just like everything else thats been programmed into that slither of gray matter between your ears 😂😂.
      Keep telling yourself bunker boy whilst you have to vote for a paedophile, if your lucky he might let you stroke his legs whilst he gives you a sniff 😂🦵👃

    2. @Mary Beaufort Cutner im guessing by your picture you’re in the army yourself. Thankyou for your service mary 💪🇺🇸

    3. I see a lot of people bring up this draft dodging bullshit lol maybe people need to learn what commander and chief stands for 😂

    1. @Johnny What for? “The OANN reporter who broadcast the conspiracy on Tuesday morning previously worked for Russia’s main state-run media outfit, Sputnik, and has a history of weaving Kremlin propaganda into his reporting.” http://www.businessinsider.com (a U.S. reliable media source). The very same reporter should apologize to Martin Gugino for slandering him. Do your research, OANN is no better than Fox News.

    2. Johnny are you serious with that clip? Or you’re just being sarcastic and poking fun at the low budget high school “news” show clearly being filmed in a basement. I was waiting to see his mom walking into frame asking him what he wants for lunch.

    1. There should be justice and fair treatment to ALL citizens by police. We now see it’s always been a policing issue, not just a cop versus black issue.

  2. The dozens of police that resigned because the 2 that assaulted that man were fired… they need to explain themselves. On how they support this action…

    1. Wu-Flu Chan Can you refer me to that video of him saying he was there to incite an officer into punching him? I haven’t seen that part.

  3. “‘When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.’ – George Carlin

    If your United States and other governments around the world had a rigorous screening to weed out all psychopaths, sociopaths, bigots, racists, liars, egomaniacs, opportunists and extortionists from positions of power and influence, including police, things would be quite a bit different; but since the psychological standing and mental health is not taken into consideration in more depth, as can be clearly seen with Trump, then people like him will continually be elected into their positions of influence by the people who are continually duped.

    1. But the voters need to be [a lot] more rigorous, too. That a Trump could’ve seemed like a suitable presidential candidate to so many voters is linked to the fact the US population watches an average of more than 6 hours of television each day. Vidiots don’t generally care much for ‘depth’.

      The electorate, too, should also be screened throughout adulthood, to ensure that they possess sufficient critical thinking skills to perform their civic duty. And not only in the US, because like obesity, idiocy is on the rise worldwide.

    2. @Gayle swenson really, that’s your answer. You prefer to wallow in the pig manure rather than clean it off.

  4. When you speak above a mind set, the presumption is that someone has a functioning mind. We have not seen this in the presidency for over 3 years!

  5. “the President said Gugino fell harder than he was pushed… How does that work, in terms of physics?”

    1. seattlegrrlie have you actually read Antifa home page. They are the facist people who we thought against. Self important know it alls, who use organised violence and bullying. There a disgrace and discredit anything they go along with. An the Americans fought World War Two to destabilise the banking powers of the time. Only reason they joined 5e war, you can read your presidents reasons at the time. No American wanted to join the war, but as soon as it become finical. WHoosh straight in their. You didn’t join for the good of man, Stalin asked America to join years before multiply times. Ya dense bint, read a book. You wouldn’t know fascism if it slapped you across the face.

    2. @Ryan Hall because they aren’t true Antifa. They’re pretending in order to give them a bad name.

  6. “was holding scanner” You mean his PHONE??? That’s LITERALLY what it was.

    I really hope Martin is okay. I’d visit him if I could…

    1. Maybe we should get Bob the Science Guy, Mr Sensible, or Professor Stick to explain the physics of falling objects to her.

    2. @Sophie Robinson I’m sure she’ll learn all about falling once Trumps bored with her.

    3. lol not only physics, but what about optical illusions? That helmet in his hand sure looks like a police scanner, right? “Just asking…”

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