Cooper: ‘Everyone Should Be Inspired By Trump. If He Can Be President, You Can Do Anything’ | MSNBC


    1. Ooo!! Maybe that’s why it was reported that Trump used a “quiet tone” during his TV Rant Briefing?! To Make his Dumbo voice sound more “sane”!? Sarah can play Trump drunk or stoned!

    2. @lloyd gray there is no denying it. that was dumb. another difference between me and the sheep here. i can call out trump. the sheep here just regurgitate whatever bsnbc feed them

    3. @angus the cat no doubt it was politically inexpedient, whether it was dumb or not really depends on what kind of dirt she’s got. Like with Stone, sometimes you gotta take one on the chin to protect your nuts

    1. We are so distracted when he speaks by his orange leather face, his raccoon eyes and the piece de resistance, that freaking comb overs of all

    2. Yah…a real “laughing stock”. The US is the least impacted on GDP than any other developed country. We are down -8.5% and many countries are in the 20’s.

      A real laughing stock. Other leaders are taking notes…

    1. @The Realm did you think of that yourself after you learned which orifice you push your ice cream into?

    2. I realized that a month ago, every day i read the headlines and I’m like okay he did it again (every single day)

    1. @Joe Slapperasski The Trump dynasty is only just beginning… Democracts support Transvestites and HOMOSEXUALS. 👈😆

  1. Satire and laughter have always been the worst enemies of fascism. Historical fun fact: nazis couldn’t take a joke either. It’s a tell you can rely on

    1. @Mike Mcmullin Show me. I can’t find any reference. Not arguing, it sounds plausible, but I can’t find a reference.

    2. True, there was a cartoonist from New Zealand. Who was second on Hitler’s most wanted list, after Winston Churchill.

  2. Sarah you are the only way I can watch and hear DJT for hours, he has made American Comedians Great Again!!

    1. jorge: Yea, but I hate seeing that pretty face ruined by the ugly voice that comes out of it.

  3. Sarah makes listening to the moron bearable for me. When he’s talking I’m swearing at the TV, when she does her thing with the same screed I’m laughing again so thank you Sarah 👍

    1. Is Dementia Joe ever going take off his pajamas and come out of his cellar and talk in his own Words.
      He has to stop reading those scrips!

    2. so whenever they show a clip of trumpski ranting or babbling (there is never anything else) can we see Sarah mouthing the words?

    3. Cliff Medina
      You can’t use the “teleprompter” nonsense again. Especially since Trump mumbles his way through written speeches all the time.

  4. Susan Rice: “The Obama administration left Trump with a 69 page playbook that I like to call, Pandemics For Dummies.”

    And that’s exactly where President Obama and his security counsel messed up. They should have left Trump with an audio book version called “Pandemics for illiterate dummies.” 😄

    Trump: “We have the best fatality rate in the world, and I can prove it. See, it says it right here on this piece of paper. We have beautiful fatality numbers. So this proves it. No one has ever had a more beautiful fatality rate than we have right now.”

    Reporter: “But Mr. President, that looks like a Chuck E Cheese menu you’re holding.”

    Trump: ” Okay you know what….you’re fake news, and you… you’re fake news too. You’re ALL fake news. This press briefing is over!!!  No more press briefings. I’m off to my bunker!!!”

    1. How could a fatality rate be great!? are you kidding me? Trump is a moron! trump is treating us like cattle. “Trump: we have a great fatality rate” Ok now ground up all the dead, and market it as ground beef and chicken. “A little skin color Joke”

    2. @American Patriot President Obama never groveled before a foreign dictator who every US intelligence agency agreed interfered “in a sweeping and systematic fashion” (direct quote from the Mueller report) in a presidential election on his behalf and for which his campaign had been “receptive” and had 272 contacts with Russia-linked operatives with 38 in-person meetings, had a buddy (Roger Stone) who had frequent and direct communications with Russian military intelligence and WikiLeaks about stolen Democratic emails, and had a campaign manager who gave detailed state polling data to a Russian oligarch… a dictator who has freely admitted he wanted Trump to win. And despite all that, Trump stood beside Putin and said he believed him that there had been no meddling. The Obama administration became aware through the FBI during the 2016 campaign that all this was going on through intelligence intercepts of Russian activity, and indeed looked into it, as any administration would have in the interest of national security. You can try to play bait-and-switch all you want, but Trump is a liar, a coward, and a traitor many times over.

    3. @American Patriot Trump made a fool of himself in front of the Queen when he was in UK as well. When Trump his speech at UN meetings, the world is laughing at him. Trump commuted his criminal friend, Roger Stones, is this not criminal? He now also send Federal Officers to Portland to suppress those protesters, and they were arrested and brought into an unmarked vehicle, is that legal in US? This is only the beginning, Chicago and New York will be next. Where is your first amendment when you needed it? So now US can have secret police roaming around and arrest anyone that is protesting? That sounds more like Russia to me. So before you comment on Obama, please look at what your beloved President Trump had done.

    4. David J,
      Chuck E Cheese menu, lol.
      “In memoriam
      Here lies the greatest president in history
      He owed it all to Chuck E Cheese.
      May he rest in eternal peace and gastronomic bliss.”

  5. Lol I’ve never seen a news anchor smile SOOOO hard for so long lol. You can tell she’s really a genuine fan lol

    1. Yes, I thought that myself, watching this video from today! We all owe Sarah a Huge Thank you for lightening us up.

    2. We’re all fans of this gorgeous female! Well, Trumpers ofcourse not but who cares!😂😂😂😂

  6. I wonder whether Trump realises how irrational he sounds, when he hears his words reflected back through her clips.

    1. The parental controls have probably been activated on his accounts and has missed all of the videos. He may be able to see them when he grows up.

    2. Bra according to tRump he is perfect at phone calls, golfing, emptying bucket of chicken etc..

  7. A man spewing meaningless, useless empty words for the sake of impressing and convincing viewers he’s a genius.

  8. ‘Imposter syndrome’ is not an exclusive ‘woman thing’, for the record. Sara is fresh air during this bizarre drumpfian world.

  9. I don’t want to take anything away from Ms Cooper but trump basically gives her all the material himself 😂

    1. @Vivian Stimpson
      “Judge” Jeanine is hilarious, the way she pushes her Dermafill ridden face forward like a Pit Bull chewing on a wasp, and her foghorn voice ranting a load of nonsense!! No wonder the world is laughing!

    2. hamiE63M
      No ill word about Cooper either, but Trump performs his own material better than anyone. He’s the Master of Self-Ridicule.

    3. @Jim Battersbee I’m glad I just watch the car chase videos, but now that you told me about her, I think I’ll just stick with the car chase videos. ROFL

    1. If you look at the data, the greatest country in the world often has more infections, more kids in cages, and more men in unmarked vehicles driving around and scooping people off the street.

    2. only a truly weak man believes trump is powerful. trump is a miserable failure on every level a good man could be judged on.

    3. With all due respect Mr. Cassady, the orange turd occupies the highest office of our republic… a republic which happens to possess the most powerful military on our beautiful planet. No man or woman that possesses the willful ignorance of that orange turd should EVER occupy the highest office of our republic, and control this worlds mightiest military!!! Any decent human being knows that he is only as powerful as his intellect, but he still controls the greatest military on our beautiful planet… and that in itself is horrifying.

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