1. I like that the Attorney General in Texas has multiple criminal inquires being conducted against him. Think he’s looking for a pardon ! ? 😂

    1. ​@B J The TX lawsuit did not mention anything about election integrity in those states which Trump won. Issues regarding election integrity were known before the 2016 election, Trump and the Senate did little, if anything, to address that before the 2020 election. It is like quitting smoking after you get lung cancer. If anyone in your family has lung cancer, I appologize in advance.

    2. @William H oh,you are Soo Lost ,just like trump!! You Still fighting for the Trumpvirus?? You are Soo Lost. Biden will be our NEW President and there is Nothing anyone can do about it! Give it up,why don’t ya?!!

    1. @M Igorpan20 This is wrong at least for the stock market, over the history it is under Democrat administrations that there is the biggest growth, there are detailed studies on the matter, this is a fact.

    2. @jean-noel Lduring the Obama administration the average American had only 1000$ more in there paycheck each year after 8 years. With trump that has jump to an average of 5000$ in working class families this statistic is from. For my family it was 7000$. So yeah I’d vote for that in part.

    3. @Kevin Biden So, now that you know you failed in your plan to destroy America, what’s your first act of terrorism going to be? I’m thinking elementary school children, as you know they aren’t armed.

    4. @Mike Mason The right is adamantly opposed to free speech in all its forms. Especially protest. On social media, you’ll mass report people to get their accounts terminated. Right wingers have no positive qualities at all. Just pure evil.

    1. @johnny rotten Haha good work. I’m Canadian genius. Freedom of speech and I didn’t threaten anyone 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you need to learn basic laws.

    2. @Grey Whiteman Nice backtracking on all that “pew pew democrat” nonsense. If you were as tough as you want people to believe you would have stuck to your guns and not bring out the water pistols. But now that someone has reported you, its all fun and games,right? Obviously unemployment is doing wonders for you mind.

    3. @Ashley Green Democrats clearly cheated and the world knows it. Your country has become the laughing stock of the world.

  2. This is absolutely insane. We need to get a middle school mathematics teacher to educate the White House on how numbers and voting works.

    1. Well, we’ll see whose name is on those subpoenas next year…and I will bet they spell the name correctly(something you didn’t do) on those subpoenas it will read like this T-R-U-M-P and NOT H-U-N-T-E-R….LMAO

    1. @mia zoey They had no defense in the Impeachment, they let Trump walk free and still gained votes. America really has become Babylon.

  3. He lost. His scotus ruled against him. Now someone needs to hold those AGs accountable. This was sedition, all of them. At least fire them.

    1. @Wes 😂 Nah. It’s simply one state *foolishly* calling out another for not sticking to fed. mandated regulations on its administration of a federal election *in which the other states did actually follow fed. mandated regulations on its administration of a federal election as they didn’t break any federal laws, rules or the u.s. constitution*

      there ya go 👍.

    2. @Lane Splitter Dam are you the guy? I’m all for political back n forth my friend, but u gotta stop pinchin loaves on the lawn.

    1. @Rita Review: Trump wanted a second term. Paula White’s voodoo spell must have worked: Trump came in second, and will get a term(in prison) in 2021.

  4. is it possible for us “We the people” to ask the federal Justice Department to investigate and prosecute this seditious act? We should.

  5. Don’t they get it? Just because we didn’t attend a Biden Rally doesn’t mean we didn’t vote for him.

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