1. @byron parish Oh, I hope you will do that. Absolutely. It will be such fun, when pedophile democrats are revealed for their true agenda. Praising demond is amazing? Legalizing pedophilia by making it into a “sexual orientation”? And why… Look up:
      *The sexual revolution and children: How the left took things too far*

    2. Not on thing will come from this……just like so-called Russian Collusion…….keep Dreaming!

    3. @Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber I dont think it’s a party line disease. I think they have participants from both parties

    4. Dave Pakman has a segment where he’s interviewing a woman who was raped by Trump when she was 13 yrs old. There was even a 15 yr old witness there as well. He was charged. CHARGES DROPPED. But you should hear her testimonial. If what that woman says is true, Trump is truly a P.O.S.!

    1. What a foolish ugly man.Blind to the truth.He can’t be smart if he is on the left!😃 TRUMP 2020! !

    2. Pa G No problem Trump will
      WIN again in 2020!! Our ppl will not let the left win ever.We will win again in 2024!!

    1. @Ynwa #6 It wasn’t a slave mansion, as there is no such thing. It was, in fact, a mansion built by African slaves.

    2. TRUMP 2024! TRUMP 2028! TRUMP 2032! TRUMP 4EVA! I now see why fake news CNN’s ratings are in the toilet.

  1. Remember this is a clown who goes on foreign soil and sides with dictators. So who hates the country you draft dodging orange clown?

    1. @Cindy Dyer They were talking about Trumpie. Remember he harassed/slandered Obama regarding his origin of birth for over 8 years and don’t get me started on the central park 5 slander that almost got innocent boys executed. Also the housing violations for refusing to rent to blacks. You clump all democrats together. All republicans are not all the same. There is no excuse for Trumpers and yes they are all the same. Just watch 5 seconds of a maggot/klan rally.

    2. @bulldog Brown Hmmm did Russia and China not also sign the same deal. The 2 counties he wants to be best friends with

    3. @Sunrise Sunset you are a delusional DEMONRAT LEFTIST LIBRATARD and if you vote for DEMONRATS then you are ALL THE SAME you vote for EVIL SO THAT MAKES YOU EVIL

    4. @Norse Man Then why did Trump dump on Canada? Perhaps we’re too friendly to begin with. We should have made Trump build a wall (and paid for it) along the 49th to stop his BS from imigrating to the True North Strong And Free.

  2. Vlad Putin is very proud and happy with the STINK BOMB he set off in 2016… Russia is still attacking us! USA FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!

    1. @Nick Briseno illegitimate by definition
      not authorized by the law; not in accordance with accepted standards or rules. He passed all those rules when he got elected.

    1. @Phuket Wurd Or, you could stop being spoon fed all your life and do something for yourself .. go on, try it, it will make you feel so much better

  3. Trump’s the guy always likes rudely farting in the elevator and then blaming others for his own rotten stench.

    1. @Patty M You do mean like when the America hating half breed muslim queer married to that knuckledragging transsexual gorilla said ” You can keep your doctor , keep your plan ” Right ! Better get pregnant by your mongoloid brother before 2020 , free abortions’ are over ! TRUMP 2020 !

  4. Wait for it…Biggest Loser’s biggest whopper of them all: “I won’t be watching Mueller!”

  5. Correct if you don’t like America then leave go back to we came from is then expression will use in New York all the time meaning take a walk get lost

  6. What I saw was when it was happening, ……so are the Trump family just plain stupid
    Or do they truly believe the American people are real stupid

    1. About half of the US population is really stupid and that is enough for the Trumps. They don’t care what the smarter half thinks.

      TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸😎

    3. @Cindy Dyer You are saying that Trumps antics hurt less if you’re stupid and a loser. His followers don’t seem to mind them!

  7. *That”s to show that the “king of the goblins” is in urgent need of psychological help*

  8. ( 1:16) it was quite a chant and….(I like it…) I start to speak “very quickly….?!?!???????
    He should have a spine and said…?I WANT IT…? The LOOK ON HIS FACE IS THE FACE OF HITLER ADMIRING NAZI YOUTH….

  9. When he is standing there soaking it in; reminds me of Mussolini, and his behaviors when giving speeches. Cant tell his supporter that they get all angry. I hope he don’t get in for a second term. I really want to see him go to prison.

    1. If the DNC had not of Torpedoed Bernie Sanders in 2016 WE WOULD NOT BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION TODAY !

    1. The powers that be are the Ones who allowed him into power (Daniel 2:21). Because we rejected God, therefore He has given us what we deserved and wanted. We rejected the lamb and by default have chosen the dragon. (Revelations 13:11). As bad as Trump is, (and he’s the worst president in US history) a feminist would be worst than too bad.

  10. sounds like “good people on both sides”.
    things are never going to change unless we make these changes…

  11. Please, will somebody just end this madness. Maybe he will get struck by lightning(please help us God)

    1. Yes! Cooper getting struck by lightning would be GREAT! Especially if it was a live broadcast.⚡🌩⛈

  12. I never thought I’d see the day when things are actually on tape recorded and people are still denying that it’s happening. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

    1. Smith A. It happens every day on the fake news CNN. You are in the Twilight Zone of your Mommy’s basement.

  13. Wait a minute. I’m supposed to follow “community guidelines” while the president acts like this, insults women blacks browns etc. Come on, I really could go off. It ‘s all they do is lie. Even made Anderson say friggen on air. lol

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