1. I really needed to laugh…..prom King got me started and the show tune had me rolling!! 🤣🤣🤣thank you

    1. Cooper is quite stupid but death of a mother may trigger some introspection. I am expecting some changes for better.

    1. @Charlie If there is even a bigger tax cut you will never see it because you live in a city that gets taxed to death by libtards or you both just make peanuts !

    2. @GTA Game Place Of course he cares he is an outsider and non politically correct and see the same thing most of us see. He had nothing to gain to take his position , He did not like policies from past Presidents and the destruction and corruption the libtards have turned too. You dont realize it because you are a illegal, green card holder, free loader or just brainless from birth ! You complain about tax cuts you didnt get because you get taxed to death by libtards that run your state yet vote libtard and if a libtard becomes president YOUR paycheck will get much shorter to pay for free college, college debt wipe out, free childcare, free healthcare yet for illegals.. you are a total brainless libtard !!!

  2. Whispered on the floor of a bankrupt casino. <--------------sums up the entire Trump con admin.

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