Cooper to McConnell: If nothing is broken, why is GOP doing this? 1

Cooper to McConnell: If nothing is broken, why is GOP doing this?


CNN's Anderson Cooper says Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) claim that "nothing is broken" with the US election system doesn't hold up to scrutiny because many Republicans are still claiming voter fraud in the 2020 election and GOP-controlled legislatures are crafting legislation to enact new, more restrictive voting laws.
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  1. McConnell has two parts of a brain: ‘left’ and ‘right’.
    In the left side, there’s nothing right.
    In the right side, there’s nothing left.

  2. The party of corruption and RIDICULOUSNESS that it is not the GOP, no more of a back bone they are whining and still in the denial.

    1. They are not whining or in denial. Its political theater to keep their supporters voting for them and donors happy.

    1. Spot on Steph! The most dangerous and destructive Senator, in our nations’ history! Full stop.

    2. Minorities and poor people are being made to pay hundreds for ID’s that should be free.

      Republicans are closing voting locations to make it impossible for many to vote.

      Reducing voting hours to make it harder to vote.

      And in some states the Republicans are giving themselves the right to throw out all the votes and declare thenselves the winner.

      Add on to that the criminal gerrymandering to ensure only the votes Republicans want are counted.

    3. @Adam Taylor The dishonest using the “I’m Just asking” Tucker Carlson ruse will not respond to what you posted because they know it erases the B s reasons they are repeating.Your registration IS your i.d . Only one name and matching address gets one vote.Only Anti Americans would make it harder to vote by reducing polling stations,drop off stations,Sunday voting ect.If cons really wanted more Americans to vote they would make it a holiday,but they won’t because they’re intent is to lower the amount of vote of those that do not vote for them.It’s no accident they are looking mostly at the poor and minority areas.Never let these posers hide behind a flag they don’t believe in.

    4. @Terry McClelland how many cases of proven voter fraud happened in the last decade in a presidential election?

    1. @jerry jerry . You remember Obama’s hot mic to the Russian ambassador? That don’t matter he is a Demokkkrat right?

  3. McConnell:
    “If we let everyone vote, especially low income and black people, then us Republicans do not stand a chance of winning any election.”

    1. This is my favorite argument. If you can’t win because voting is easier for citizens then you have a problem. Because the same would be true if people just showed up and took a hit for a day.

    2. Why win elections legitimately and fairly when you can cheat the system and the voters to ensure a win? Hitler always said “truth is not what matters, victory is.”

    3. Exactly. That is their fear. For that reason, his sole purpose is to take the country back to Jim crow era.

    1. @꧁ Progressive Woman ꧂ No. I described Democrats. It fits really well. It’s very accurate and very much on point.

    2. I wish it were that simple. But it’s not.
      We found out last November that there is a substantial portion of the population which is willfully stupid. They are beyond the reach of education.
      We must marginalize them to deprive them of their power to destroy a nation.

    3. gop passed legislation in a few states – starting with GA – to allow state legislatures to simply overturn results.
      AZ did same. and NC. and FL. TX is trying to.
      if that succeeds, you can vote all you want. the gerrymandered state gov will just “decide” for you.
      some republicans in AZ (and dems in TX) are literally begging US senate to “HELP US!!” via federal law.

      this is one minute long (an ad by “Represent US”)

    1. @Cheap made in china well you should know. You voted to put a baby in the Whitehouse for four years.

    2. Honesty and truth are kryptonite to Repubs it seems… so are integrity, professionalism, taking their oaths of office and public service seriously.

    3. @Jacob Lee That Mexico paid for.
      Which can be scaled with a home made ladder in ten minutes.
      And scaled by professional climbers in two.

    1. Gotta get to the grass roots and promote voting and accessibility to voting like never before! Vote for truth. Vote for blue!

  4. Unfortunately, it is time to quit placating these corrupt politicians, and boldly tell them to their face they are caught in lies and need to resign.

    1. @Brett S. perhaps you should go watch Rod Rosensteins testimony last year under oath and learn why Obama and Biden were labeled more corrupt than Nixon. Nice try with the fake news talking points though. Facts don’t care about your feelings

    2. @Brett S. have you been paying attention to dementia Joe? How many campaign promises has he broken already? Why is he and Kamala absolutely terrified to go to the border to see the worst crisis there in 20 years thats 100% all their doing? I’ll wait

    3. @Sally F sorry, I knew truth and facts would
      Make you feel that way. I should’ve warned you. The good thing is that the more you expose yourself to it, the less awkward it’s gonna feel. Give it time.

  5. What’s the use of a party that restricts voting rights and their oath of office is to serve one man? Might as well call it Putin’s Party.

    1. @calel super voting rights are being restricted in several states who are passing laws to prohibit citizens receiving food/water while standing for hours in long lines, limiting hours polling stations can stay open, changing voting days, removing ballot boxes from area that are more easily accessible to minorities and the elderly, requiring certain types of id to vote, replacing democrats in those states with repubs, and more importantly giving repubs in those states the power to not accept election results. I think I got them all. I hope this helps.

    2. @calel super it is illegal, but the repubs do not care. the proof is in georgia, texas, florida, etc

    3. @calel super What is the point of making it illegal to hand someone a bottle of water in a voting line?
      What is the point of taking away after work voting hours?
      What is the point of taking away Sunday voting?
      What is the point of removing Ballot Box locations from areas that need more and not less?

    4. @calel super because that’s why we have voter registration laws and about a million other safeguards to ensure limited voting fraud. By limited I mean, the amount of voter fraud that gets passed the entire country wouldn’t be enough to flip a local school board election. It’s a solution without a problem.

    1. Make them actually filibuster on camera. Giving up because they’re GOING TO filibuster gives them all the power.

    2. i understood that the original filibuster was one representative speaking without a major break, not taking turns with many reps. maybe that way it would not be AS bad.

    1. very true. the bag is his scrotum…look at that thing parading around as a human being. pathetic….

  6. McConnell: “There’s nothing broken.”

    Arizona: “If it ain’t broke, fix it until it is!”

    1. Which is great, except in the states where Republicans have given themselves the power to throw out all votes and declare themselves the winners.

    2. I like where you are. However, we need to remember that the repubs are also changing states laws to give them power to change elections outcome if they don’t like them. They tried to do that with agent orange, but it didn’t work because they didnt have those laws in place. Now they do. That even scarier than removing ballot boxes, in my opinion

  7. “There’s no point in having an election in the U.S.” – Mitch McConnell. I bet this was a Freudian slip and McConnell actually believes that elections are worthless and Republicans should just rule unchallenged forever.

    1. “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

  8. It’s hard to imagine that creepy Mitch McConnell doesn’t have anyone locked in his basement. It must be something of that magnitude that Putin has on him to get him to destroy America.

    1. Moscow mitch only interest is to push a racist agenda that gives him power over decisions being made in the country.

  9. McConnell: “Hanging Mike Pence is a normal thing to see in this country. This is normal, and there’s noting unusual going on at all.”

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