1. @J dawg Another well thought out rebuttal. Backed up with facts and only liers say there were spelling errors. How close do you live to a windmill?

    1. @Neli Borba Stale old news that’s now been proved wrong!..Could you imagine being banged up in a Turkish Hospital 🤔 No thanks! 😏

  1. In Oregon, we went from doing the best in virus cases, to the worst. It’s moving thru our self proclaimed idiots playing wild, wild west in poverty with a view, Eastern Oregon. Finally, I can sit back and watch nature take it’s course.

    1. @President of the Virgin Islands please tell me you’re not irrational and can hold respectful civil discourse without name calling!
      I swear on my honour, what I say is true brother……

      There have been things happening that CNN and the MSM will not report…
      Last Wednesday A.G. Barr quietly went before a panel of 16 Federal judges that confirmed he has enough evidence to proceed with indictments against Hillary Clinton and her 2016 campaign for election tampering, concerning the funding of the Steele dossier……..

      Andrew McCabe has struck a deal for immunity for his upcoming testimony and because the investigation began while he was still “citizen” Donald J. Trump, RICO laws apply and the fifth amendment right does not apply when immunity has been established…….

      No self-incrimination………….

    2. @President of the Virgin Islands McCabe will be compelled by the court to answer ALL relevant questions…..

      I’m just saying bro, it don’t look good…..

    3. @Kyuss Qotsa oops! Someone let the Idiot out of the bag!
      Take a sec, think thru the irony of yer answer, Brainiac!

    4. @Kyuss Qotsa Right Now NK is sending Troops to the border with SK, looks like that photo op was an epic failure.

  2. I’m continuously amazed by Pence’s duplicity. He says he’s a Christian yet he lies to the citizens over and again and openly enables a KNOWN lifelong criminal, grifter, rapist, adulterer and thief.

    1. “He sez he is a Christian yet he lies”……..That’s like saying he is a thief yet he steals. lol. Of course Pence is a Christian, I wouldn’t expect anything better with his track record.

    2. @Rick Drew You got it Pontiac! Religion is for the cowards who can’t come to terms with their own upcoming infinite non existence.

    3. @Melissa H Pence is more of a man than you’ll ever be , PS who did you vote for? And were they a Christian? Hahaha never mind I know the answer

    4. @Mary Elizabeth When I was an Alter boy in the early 80’s (against my will) I walked in on the preist fucking a well respected married church going woman doggie style. She was loving it. I think the real christian values are right about where they always have been…..in the sewer.

  3. No worries. The registrants will sign waivers so that Trump will not be accountable if they become sick with COVID.

    1. Was it you and family of thugs that burned it to the ground, employees who need that job does not have work, such a dumb person.

  4. Looks like we have to face our government secretly decided to go with “Herd Immunity Theory” without telling us. Go figure.;

  5. Of course there’s been no CV press conference since April. Trump wants everyone to forget about his continued incompetence handling the virus.

    1. you cried when he had them, you cry when he doesn’t…Trump will cruise to victory again in 2020, and you liberals will cry again for another 4 years. It will be an awesome fucking thing to see.

  6. It’s very irresponsible to hold an event with that many people during a pandemic. Trump is a moron.

    1. Did you know that CNN is in the basement for viewership? Fox news in number one. And more importantly, Trump will cruise to victory again in 2020, and you liberals will cry again for another 4 years. It will be an awesome fucking thing to see.

  7. Say if you didn’t believe that the Virus was still Rising!! Then why would you have People Signing Waver’s if they get Sick😷🙏go figure

  8. Trump logic: “Hey everyone, I have a tremendous idea, since we’re currently in the middle of a fast spreading viral pandemic, that’s already taken the lives of more than 100 thousand people, let’s hold a rally in an indoor facility, and pack it like sardines with 20 thousand people. It’ll be tremendous!!!”

    If a friend or a neighbor invited you to their house for a party, but said you would have to sign a waiver that states you would not hold them liable if you became gravely sick afterwards, would you sign the waiver and go?

    1. Those numbers r off it says “100k” but it’s a lot less but u people didn’t care about the rioting during covid y do u care about trump rallys?

    2. Exactly nobody is forced to go but they r protecting themselves from lisbility everyone knows there’s a risk but since it’s a free country people will choose wether to go or not

    3. Trump base will and they don’t care. But whatever happens to them don’t want them crying and complaining if they get sick.

    4. Gee that’s a Tremendous Idea, lets just hope they all breathe on each other and the wind blows the right way and they all become winners. Trump doesn’t hire experts cause he’s a successful know it all who is a great business man casino owner. Have you seen “Beau of the 5th Column. ” Excellent.

  9. Thousands of people are going to be driving and flying in from different parts of the country to attend Trump’s coronavirus potluck rally in Tulsa. And the number of infection cases in Tulsa are going to skyrocket afterwards. Count on it. Even Trump’s own people are fully aware that the virus is going to spread like wildfire throughout that rally. It’s the reason why they’re making attendees sign waivers for crying out loud. Trump wouldn’t be holding an indoor rally if he truly cared about his supporters. But like a true sociopath, Trump has weighed the value of their lives, and found them to be worth nothing.

    1. very well said, and not only in tulsa but nationwide as they return home to their families and innocent bystanders. Captain Trips will be their co-pilot at the gas stations and airport terminals, then grocery stores and everywhere else they go at home…

  10. Why do people keep talking about a second wave when we are still deep in the first wave?

    I think there is only going to be 1 big wave that last until we have a vaccine or the population all gets infected.

  11. It is clear that a person with a sufficient load who gets a serious infection and needs intensive care will develop a bill approaching $1million. Now THAT is why the scum Rethugs are having people sign a statement that they won’t sue the Trump Campaign, Inc. (INC!!!!!) or any other group connected with the rally.

    Where are your minds, ‘Merikuns? Where are your fonking minds????

  12. Is “terrific” the only word in his vocabulairy? It pops up in every third sentence. I immediately stop listening when I hear it.

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