1. @Kathleen Glover thats the divide in this country. You blame trump for everything and cannot own anything like CNN. Riots crazy this year and business destroyed. Lets be very clear. If trump started these riots mask or not you would cover it and blame him. So you blame others. Well state ran country 7 out of 10 death rates in states are demo states. Yeah CNN swill die with trump. Unless china gives us a virus in 2024 demos will get destoyed. Cant cheat like you did this time

    2. @J Coleridge You’re clearly a genius. Too sad you spend more time worried about looking smart, than actually being smart.

    3. @Kathleen Glover So I am curious. When do you believe the American government started to take the covid threat as an actual threat? I know i personally did Jan 31 2020. At that time I didn’t see it as something that would last as long as it has, but none the less knew it was a threat none the less and prepared accordingly. I guarantee the US government is smarter than little ole me, I also have proof if you would like me to provide it.

    4. @Smiley Chris 💙🦅💙 i know u think all u wrote is true, writing from moscow. But here in the usa – biden & harris R our NEXT leaders💙🙏💙peace🙃😷

  1. To everyone reading this, regardless of your political affiliation, God bless you and your family. Stay healthy❤️

  2. My uncle is currently on ventilator support after coding twice due to Covid-19. Your prayers are very appreciated ❤️

  3. Someone says “I don’t like doing things for other people.”
    This person became the president of the United State.

    1. @jerry smith When will the orange cult stop making up lame excuses to defend a man that lies on a daily, steals from charities and attacks dead veterans? The Majority of Americans can see what a low life 3rd rate con man trump is, why/how do you keep ignoring those facts?

    2. @jerry smith What’s the complete truth? Should we not believe our eyes, ears and common sense? You are the ones being brainwashed, not us. We care about truth and about facts, even if we don’t like it. You don’t live in the real world, you live on Trumptopia.

  4. The billionaire begging for money. Now that’s funny right there. I don’t care who you are.
    What is funnier, people giving him money. Which is just sad.

    1. Jelly Bean And what is even funnier is that a portion of the money his cult is sending to him is going towards finding more votes for Joe Biden for president — because the money is going towards some of the cost for the recounts.

    1. Agree. Trumpler is a wannabe fascist autocrat, like his WWII German idol. He would have invited Hitler to annex the USA. We’d have been w Germany and Mussolini’s Italy against the world. Scary.

  5. Its life Jim but not as we know it, seemingly intelligent people with mass cognitive dissonance, Spock would be fascinated, Beam me up scotty.

    1. I must be in a different space of time not to see that the election of fraud was done right on national television when it came to Pennsylvania

    2. @nuala moore I dare you to actually actually read the report!!!!! and not wait for the MSM to spoon feed you your daily dose of baby food. THINK FOR YOURSELF! It’s your US senate drinking the kool-aid not me. the same one you kept hailing when they attacked Trump.

  6. Why isn’t the media questioning the lack of action from the politicians. We don’t need an evening report showing them pretending to work

  7. Wow.. great job Anderson Cooper, apart from a few stumbles here and there that script almost sounded like you wrote it.

  8. At times I wonder if all those years ago, if Trump’s doctor simply misspelled “Brain Spurs” ?……..

  9. Oh you’re gonna blame him for that to your reputation these guys quit on Donald J Trump and the Americans amazing you people amazing

  10. The sweaty guy with the white circles around his eyes, glowing skin, and bizarre hair is worried about how he looks in a mask.

  11. CNN doesn’t know what truth is, you get your talking points every morning and all mainstream propaganda sounds like talking parrots. All fake

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