1. It’s the cell phone that will finally put an end to this military paradigm police mentality

    1. @MakeTheMemo CryAgain I actually come here to laugh at CNN and the dumbasses in the comments section. It’s very entertaining. Gives me hella dopamine.

    2. @MakeTheMemo CryAgain care to explain how police video of a cop calling a black man a ‘f****d up n*****” is “staged”? I don’t think the word means what you think it means. Fun fact, calling people losers on YouTube really makes you come off as one yourself.

    3. @Adaddyyumyum Shira if provocative and hateful comments sections on YouTube get you high, you are nothing more than a sociopath

    4. @James Parochetti Well, it gets me off because you people are arguing about something that’s never going away. It’s all a joke.

    5. @MakeTheMemo CryAgain
      Time for your nap and prune juice.
      You’re full of it.

    1. @Joseph Porrazzo yeah blame the democrats pal. totally our fault lmao. the republicans are the problem here ignoring the country and just acting like its fine. wake up. You’re on the wrong side of history

    2. @Joseph Porrazzo meet the problem. Just have to try and find some way to blame things on Democrats. Actually, the majority of police officers, as well as the military are Republican.

    3. @Cropper Copper i hope that you understand that the democrats were the main supporters of racism back in the day

    1. @J R I’d rather have him than a sleepy old fart who stumbles his words and gropes children. He was behind Obama who committed crimes he should be in prison paying for.

  2. Why is it that people have to die for America to do something? It’s sad to think that unless ppl die we won’t see change in this Country

    1. And radicalized white supremacy killed and injured way more officers than what you claim.. The terrorist is organized white supremacy who tends to also joined the force for their sick alter motives. My father for yrs worked amount a few pest with this demeanor. His victory was when he excel to a higher postion in the force. He was one of those policemen who wear his uniform with dignity. Officers like the trash in this video would not be overlooked under his watch. Clean out the trash so officers who are real professional can gain back the respect and trust of society.

    2. Even when people die, nothing has been done. That is what Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter and many people have been fighting for for YEARS now.

    3. People have been dying for centuries…literally.
      The change we see now is remarkable, and only possible because of cell phone cameras.

      And even in the midst of change, these cops are doing what they get paid to do…oppress minorities and the poor,
      And protect and serve WHITE PEOPLE and THE WEALTHY.

      That is the function of the police in The United States of America….PERIOD.


    1. Black people never do bad things like kill other black people do they . It’s all about the cops .

    2. @10k subscribers with no videos it’s a disgusting concept that there is no accountability. Accountability is what makes us better people

  4. This is one of the reasons for protests. Eliminate police unions because they are public servants. We the people do not have unions to get us off on crimes.

    1. All police depts. should require body cams. With instant video proof of illegal and/or unacceptable behavior, it shouldn’t leave any doubt of an officers or perpetrators guilt. With proper guidelines set, it shouldn’t take months or years to fire a bad cop, then.

  5. Yeah, as a moral person i view cops with the same scope i do organized violent criminals. They unequivocally are terrifying.

  6. I’m tired of hearing from mayors all talk no actual ability to do anything about anything.

  7. Police Departments are about Public Safety.The irony is They
    Have no transparency because they don’t have a Regulatory Board. Every Doctor, Lawyer, Vet, Nurse, Hairstylist, massage therapist, nail salon has a Regulatory Board.

    1. Auckland357 get an education on US Police Departments then Regulatory Boards. Take your confusion off SM

  8. Funny, GOP didn’t have a problem taking on the unions of teachers, air traffic controllers, pilots, or anyone else.

    1. @cj p “beta”? I’m guessing that’s some boogaloo boy fascist stuff and since your comment has nothing to do with this thread, I’m guessing you’re a bot and your programmer was paid in rubles, “cj p”.

    2. Scott Coon
      those are professionals that have been unionized for a long time some jobs have unions and people are really lazy and can’t get fired for doing nothing all day.

    1. The military have way more accountability than cops. No solider would getaway with doing half of the things these guys do

  9. This maked me sick! Makes me feel like there are more than a few bad apples. Why, why would it take 2 sandwiches made of feces to get fired? Why can you call someone the N word. How are they going to change the police policies?

  10. Why is just being respectful just beyond some people.
    Some of these cops need counseling and firing

  11. When it’s the police unions fighting for the “rotten apples” wouldn’t that imply they’re ALL rotten?…

    1. I don’t think the rotten apple analogy works best in recent weeks. I prefer seeing a rat or a cockroach analogy; you see one however there is a dozen more you don’t see.

    2. Why would they want to keep the bad ones to begin with? Is winning the fight the only thing that matters to them?

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