Cop Killer Suspect Killed | Karen Cross Expelled from PNP | TVJ Midday News - Sept 28 2021 1

Cop Killer Suspect Killed | Karen Cross Expelled from PNP | TVJ Midday News – Sept 28 2021


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  1. Mix and match vaccines at whose detriment sir? Are you therefore aware that you will be held culpable if anything untoward happens to anyone? I do not trust this utterance!

    1. If you’re expecting them to be held accountable, they won’t be… If you tske the sots & have life insurance they will Not pay out upon your death as the shots aren’t approved, don’t believe me? Call & ask your life ins co whether they will pay out when you take an EXPERIMENTAL UNAPPROVED SHOT.

    2. Who is this man thou jah jah fi him life pass by alteady so him nuh care bout nothing kmdt him need fi tek all 5 shot then him family then him fren them

  2. So you have finally given the recovery rate? It’s too late, you have already caused people to believe that you do not want to see the light shining at the end of the tunnel @ TVj

    1. @chopa life tru tru….police owed a bagga money and a get dissed by various governments from how long. Yet, on the island enforcing government badness and madness.

  3. That Duppy should be gone long time. From the time that BARBARIAN try to nail Dayton Campbell. That woman sin deh ride him .

  4. The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “O Allah, make what is within me better than my outward appearance and make my outward appearance righteous. O Allah, I ask You for the righteousness of what You give to people of property, wives, and children without being misguided or misguiding others.”

    1. Allah is a moon worshipper and thus a false prophet. Following strange doctrines were among the reasons our forefathers got kicked out of the land. Drop the crap.

  5. Troublemakers take notes..! 3 no matter what you how long you have been a supporter, you are still in no way a good pnp more than anyone else. Time come for discipline to be restored…

  6. I want to asked the Jamaican people a very serious question if a man is a suspect in the murder of a police officer, what rights does the police have to go and killed him? If a man is a suspect it doesn’t mean that he is the one who committed the murder, I am following this type of killing by the police for sometime now. Everytime that the police claimed that they went for a person whom is a suspect in the murder of police officers that person always loss his life and that’s totally wrong because if the police listed a person as a suspect, it means that they are not sure that that person is the killer because if they were sure that, the person is the killer there is noway that they could had said that the person is a suspect because they would be sure that the person is the killer. So tell me when since it becomes acceptable to the Jamaican people for the police to killed people who are suspected of a crime? Remember that the law says a man is innocent until he is found guilty so how comes police officers in Jamaica are acting as judges and excicutioners most of you Jamaicans are hypocrites because you sits down and watch this government and the police slaughter these youths in coldblood and you all played a blind eye but I hope that whenever, it reaches your door steps you don’t cry, and some of you think that you are untouchable and this goes for all the media houses in Jamaica you media personalities sold out the people of Jamaica because you failed to tackle the government of Jamaica about all these brutal murders committed against the poor by the police,TVJ I am talking to you please do some thing to save this nation from the blunder and bloodshed. The police is killing more innocent people for the year more that the gunmen and there is still not a reduction in crime, it is clear that this government doesn’t have a crime plan so they are constantly drinking the blood of the poor. I also want to tell all journalist and you people at T,V,J something you think that because you lived in the up town area it won’t have an effect on you do you think that you are untouchable remember what this government had done to Kieth Clark I am sure that you remember, please exposed them and their cunning and dirty deeds now you are the ones who have the power to do it so please don’t be late I beg you please

  7. Lol he was never a good hunter to end up miss his step and fell in a pit oh please that guy should always watch his step in bushes

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